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2000 candle business name ideas generator

Choosing the right candle business name is important to attract customers and help out with marketing. But how do you come up with candle business name ideas?

Below we have two options for you. First, we have the candle business name generator which will produce 20 candle business names every time you click generate! This generator has thousands of possible combinations, meaning thousands of possible candle business name ideas for you to choose from.

Secondly, we have some tips on how to select the ideal candle business name.

Using a combination of both, we have no doubt that you’ll leave this page with a brand new name for your candle selling business. 

Candle Business Name Generator

It’s simple, just enter a single word keyword below, such as “candle”, “wax”, “wick” etc. Then click generate and 20 amazing (and random!) candle business name ideas will be generated just for you.

Each time you click generate, you’ll get a new list of business names. You can use these names as they are or use them to brainstorm catchy candle business names. There are thousands of possibilities per keyword!

Also, just click on one of the generated name ideas to check the availability of that domain name for the business.

The Name Generator:

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Candle Business Name Ideas

Now that you’ve had the chance to play around with our business name generator, let’s look at what to do next. Creating the perfect, catchy name for your candle business is just a few steps away.

You’ll also need to consider how you want to position your business. Do you want to create a luxury candle business name, a spiritual candle business name or a quirky & fun candle business name? 

Keywords For Your Candle Business

The best business names describe the business and yours should be no different. You want someone to look at your business name and know instantly that it is a candle business.

So how do you do this?

You need to find keywords that describe your business. So, in this case, you need to find words that are related to candles and candle making. Grab a list of words related to candle from relatedwords.io.

You can then feed these words into our candle making business name generator above or use them to create your own. Some examples are:

  • Infinity Wax
  • Candle Emporium
  • Candlewick Station
  • Waxicity
  • HotFlicker
  • Luxury Wicker
  • Spiritual Candles

Local Candle Business Name Ideas

Do you want to make the business sound more local, or friendly? Just mix your generated words with your location to create your local candle business name ideas.

If you want your local candle business name to highlight that you’re based in a certain location then approach it like this:

  • American Waxicity
  • Stafford Candles
  • Candles in the Countryside
  • Liverpool Lights
  • West End Wax
  • Local Wax & Melts
  • English Flame
  • Scottish Whisp
  • Candles in Coventry
  • Wicks from Wisconsin

Alliteration goes a long way here too and helps people to remember the name of your local candle business. Remember you can also bring in extra adjectives here such as describing luxury candles or spiritual candles etc. in the name.

Using Your Own Name For Your Candle Business

Similarly, you can add to your brand recognition by linking your own name (or a pseudonym) to the business name.

Again, you can combine what you’ve learned so far to produce a ton of new unique ideas for your candle business name. Examples:

  • Linda’s Cute Candles
  • Hayley’s Hot Wicks
  • Waxy Wicks by Carol
  • Illuminate by Petra
  • Elaine’s Wax Creations

By introducing your own name you’re really making sure that you end up with a unique candle business name. And with a unique name comes recognizability and that stand-out factor.

Luxury Candle Company Name Ideas

We’ve already alluded to this but one characteristic of a candle business that promotes a positive view is luxury. Again, you can use relatedwords.io to generate some words related to luxury. From here, use our generator to use these words as your keyword. Then merge these ideas with your standard candle keywords.

Some examples of luxury candle business names:

  • Eloquent Candles
  • Luxury in Wax
  • Sensual Scents
  • Dream of Candelaria
  • CandleMoonlight
  • WickLuxe
  • Flicker Life
  • Deluxe Flame
  • Melts and Wicks
  • SilentScent
  • Candle Comfort
  • Lavished with Candles
  • Opulent Candles
  • Scentual
  • Vanity Candle Makers
  • The Couture Candle Shop
  • Stylish Scents
  • Prestige Whisp
  • Elegance in Wax
  • My Candle Boutique
  • Lit Life
  • Crackle Candles for Her
  • SophistiCandles
  • Bright Calm Candles
  • Her Candles
  • The Wax Box
  • Diffuser Depository
  • Candle Swish
  • LaWick
  • Elle Wax
  • Peacock Candles
  • Mood Light Flame

Spiritual Candle Business Name Ideas

Similarly, for pushing the idea that your candle brand is spiritual, grab some keywords. You can of course use relatedwords.io again or you can mix it up and use the similar relatedwords.org to find spiritual keywords.

So, let’s look at the very best spiritual candle business names ideas:

  • PhantasmaCandles
  • Spirits in Flame
  • Meditate Whisp
  • Scented Divinity
  • Divine Candles
  • Goddess Light
  • Sacred Scents
  • Her Love Candles
  • Scentlet
  • OmniWick
  • Soul Flame
  • Spectra Wicks
  • Holy Flicker
  • Candles to Meditate by
  • Lush Spirit Candles
  • Spirit Candles
  • Trinity Candles for All
  • Nature’s Flame
  • Natural Wicks
  • Mystic Light

And just like that, you have a wide range of spiritual-themed candle business ideas to mix in with your current company name brainstorming information.

Homemade Candle Business Name Ideas

If you want to go the more homely and personal route, you can think of homemade candle business name ideas. These will give a feeling of comfort and feel more like a small business. They can also be combined with locality above (using the name of your business location in the name) or stamping your own name on it.

Homemade candle business name ideas:

  • Homemade Melts
  • Homely Candles
  • Cottage Candles
  • Artisanal Candles by Carly
  • Local Lights
  • Handcrafted Waxes
  • Candles Handmade by Lisa
  • Crafted Candles
  • Candles From Home
  • Little Melts
  • Tiny Wick
  • Her Flames

Modern & Unique Candle Business Name Ideas

Many businesses don’t use traditional naming nowadays so get with the trend. Modern and unique candle business/company name ideas are typically going to be snappy, to the point, and often without spaces. Also, they’re unlikely to be actual words, often words merged together.

Unique & modern candle business name ideas:

  • Flamety
  • Wickster
  • Candlicity
  • The Candle Hut
  • WhispUp
  • ReCandle
  • AraCandles
  • Candella
  • Melty
  • Scentsia
  • UpScentey
  • My Little Candles
  • HooCandle
  • CandleCandle
  • Waxx
  • Scent24
  • 99 Candles
  • CandleIt

Instagram Name For Candle Business

Because Instagram is the king of online marketing, you need to make sure you have a perfect Instagram name for your candle business. The name should be snappy, and short and also include the focus of your business, in our case, candles. You can also choose common keywords related to candles such as wicks, wax, etc.

List of Instagram names for candle businesses:

  • CandleCrush
  • MeltMinded
  • WickWishes
  • WaxWhimsy
  • CandleCultureCo
  • MeltingMomentsCo
  • WickWonders
  • WaxWorksCompany
  • CandleCozy
  • MeltMyHeartCandles
  • WickItCandle
  • WaxenWonders
  • CandleChic
  • MeltedMagicCo
  • WickTasticCandles
  • WaxEnlightenment
  • CandleCove
  • MeltingMoodsCo
  • Wicklicious
  • WaxingPoeticCandles
  • CandleConnoisseur
  • MeltAwayCandles
  • WickandWaxCo
  • WaxWhisperer
  • CandleCascade

As you can see, the trend here is no spaces. The Instagram names for candle business should be very similar to the modern/unique candle business names from above.

Website Name For Candle Business

Of course, you should be looking to market your candle business online. For this you need a website, and for a website you need a name. You need to consider both the actual name of the website and the domain name of the website.

For the domain name for a candle business (or any business really), you need a quick, short and snappy name. Your candle business domain name of course needs to be unique, meaning no-one else has the domain name already. You can check your domain name on Namecheap or grab the full package of domain name and web hosting package on Ionos.

You can use our candle business name generator above, and each name idea will link to check the availability of the domain name.

Alternatively, we have some ideas for website name and domain names for candle businesses:

  • CandleGlowCo.com
  • MeltMyHeartCandles.com
  • WickItCandleCompany.com
  • WaxenWonderland.com
  • CandleCulture.net
  • MeltingMoodsCandles.com
  • WickWishes.com
  • WaxWhimsyCo.com
  • CandleLuxe.co
  • MeltedMagicCandles.com
  • WickliciousCandles.net
  • WaxEnlightenment.com
  • CandleEmporium.co
  • MeltAwayCandles.net
  • WickandWaxCo.com
  • WaxingPoeticCandles.net
  • CandleChateau.com
  • MeltingMomentsCo.com
  • WickTasticCandles.com
  • WaxWorksCo.com
  • CandleConnoisseur.net
  • MeltedMoodsCandles.com
  • WickandWonder.com
  • WaxWhispererCo.com
  • CandleCascade.net


By now you should have brainstormed lots of candle company names. Now it’s just a case of picking or combining them together. Do you want your candle brand to give off a feeling of luxury, quirkiness, locality, or being personal?

Keep playing around with our candle business generator above and grab as many candle business ideas as you can!

Good luck with deciding on that candle small business name!

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