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Cookie business name ideas generator

Coming up with cookie business name ideas is your first step towards starting your own cookie baking business. But coming up with those ideas is tough. We’re here to help you to come up with the perfect cookie business name.

First, we have our cookie business name idea generator. There are thousands of possibilities that can be generated based on the keyword you enter.

Next up, we have lists of cookie business name ideas raging from cute, to funny, to quirky and of course professional. Let’s jump in and get those cookie business names generated for you! 

Cookie Business Names Generator

Enter a relevant cookie-based keyword below, such as “cookie”, “chip”, “biscuit” etc. Once you click generate, 20 random and insightful cookie business name ideas will be generated for you.

Click generate as many times as you want, or until you find a business name that suits you. Our cookie business name generator is capable of producing thousands of unique business names per keyword!

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Cookie Business Name Ideas

Our cookie name generator should have given you some food for thought and a whole bunch of ideas to brainstorm on. If you need some more, even more specific names for a cookie business, then read on.

The next step is to position your cookie company correctly. Do you want the business to be marketed as quirky, fun or cute? Or do you want it to be more modern and professional? Either way, we have some fantastic cookie business ideas below organised into subcategories.

Keywords For Your Cookie Business

An easy way to market your business is to make sure that it has a name that describes the business itself. Having that instant recognition as soon as someone reads your business’ name is crucial.

So what is the best way of doing this?

The first step is to get a list of keywords related to cookies. This in itself can actually be tough to process yourself, so save some time and grab a list of words related to cookie from relatedwords.io.

You can then either feed these keywords back into our cookie business name generator to produce thousands of possible ideas. Or if you want you can go the manual approach and brainstorm names for a cookie business with the keywords you grabbed above.

Some example cookie business name ideas:

  • Crispy Delights Cookies
  • Sugar Rush Baked Goods
  • Homemade Treats Cookie Co.
  • Chocolate Chip Avenue
  • Oatmeal Dreams Bakery
  • Munchies Monster Cookies
  • Baked Bliss Delights
  • Delicious Bites Bakery
  • Cookie Craze Co.
  • Sweet Dough Bakery
  • The Crispy Cookie Co.
  • Sugar & Spice Baked Goods
  • Heavenly Homemade Cookies
  • Chocolate Chunk Confections
  • Oatmeal Raisin Bakery
  • Munchies & More Cookies
  • The Baked Cookie Bar
  • Sweet Treats Deli
  • The Crispy Bite Cookie Co.
  • Sugar & Sprinkles Bakery
  • Homemade Cookie Haven
  • Choco Chipper Bakery
  • Oatmeal Craze Cookies
  • Munchies Munch Bakery
  • The Perfect Cookie Co.

Local Cookie Business Name Ideas

Making your small business location clear in the name will ensure that you’re marketing to a more targeted group of local customers.

The other benefit of a local cookie business name is giving it a more homely, handmade, and friendly feel. It also ensures that you rank well for local searches in search engines if you are considering setting up a website for your cookie business too.

  • The Cookie House London
  • Melbourne Munchies Cookies
  • Golden Gate Cookie Co.
  • Sydney’s Best Cookies
  • Cookie Emporium Vancouver
  • Toronto Treats Cookies
  • Edinburgh Cookie Co.
  • Auckland Sweets and Treats
  • Chocolate Chipper Dublin
  • Brisbane’s Cookie Corner
  • Glasgow’s Famous Cookies
  • The Cookie Jar Wellington
  • Perth Pastry Shop
  • The Big Apple Cookie Co.
  • Savannah’s Sweet Shop
  • Houston’s Cookie Crush
  • New Orleans Cookie Co.
  • Mile High Cookies Denver
  • Tampa Bay Treats
  • St. Louis Cookie Co.
  • Santa Barbara Cookie Co.
  • Madison Munchies Cookies
  • San Francisco Sweets
  • Asheville’s Amazing Cookies
  • Jersey Shore Cookie Co.

Even if your business branches out nationally, the local twist on the name gives you that “small business feel” that lots of customers are drawn to. You can go as local, or as “not local” as you want. Consider your town, city, region, state, or even country.

Using Your Own Name For Your Cookie Business

You can also use your name or a pseudonym or alias to further capture that feel-good, local small business aura. Injecting your own name into your cookie business name is a great idea and helps to ensure that your cookie business name is not already taken.

Combine the results of our generator, with what you’ve learned above and the possibilities are endless. A pseudonym is a good idea if you’re wanting to go for alliteration and your real name doesn’t map well against any keywords!

  • Sara’s Sweet Treats
  • Jacob’s Cookies Co.
  • The Cookie Emporium by Emily
  • Baker Ben’s Bites
  • Kaitlyn’s Kooky Cookies
  • Don’s Delicious Delights
  • Grandma’s Cookie Jar by Grace
  • Maria’s Magic Cookies
  • Steve’s Sugar Rush
  • Candice’s Cookie Corner
  • Pete’s Perfectly Baked Cookies
  • Cookie Crafters by Caroline
  • Henry’s Homemade Cookies
  • Lucy’s Little Bites
  • Joe’s Jumbo Cookies
  • Cookie Cottage by Charlotte
  • Sam’s Scrumptious Sweets
  • Allie’s Amazing Cookies
  • David’s Decadent Delights
  • Jenna’s Joyful Cookies
  • Fred’s Famous Cookies
  • Lisa’s Lovely Cookies

Adding your own name to the mix (pardon the pun!) is a fantastic way to make sure that your brand is recognizable. Don’t underestimate the power of brand recognition, even for small, local businesses.

Clever Cookie Business Name Ideas

Our generator should be able to help you out here, along with the keyword research you’ve already done. When thinking of a clever cookie business name, your first stop should be puns. Secondly, you can look into alliterative names or try using other “poetic devices” for your cookie business name.

We’ve brainstormed some example clever cookie busines name ideas below:

  • Cookie Crumb Heaven
  • Crumbly Delights
  • The Dough House
  • Batter Up Bakery
  • Flour Power Cookies
  • The Cookie Jar
  • The Baked Batch
  • Cookie Corner
  • The Crispy Cookie Co.
  • Chewy Chips Cookies
  • The Chocolate Chunk Co.
  • The Cookie Crusade
  • Crumbly Confections
  • The Snickerdoodle Stop
  • Buttery Bliss Bakery
  • The Gingerbread Guild
  • Bite-Sized Bakery
  • The Sweet Spot
  • The Crumbly Cookie Co.
  • The Munchies Emporium
  • The Cookie Connoisseurs
  • Doughy Delights

Just make sure that you don’t inadvertently use double entendres or word combinations that may offend potential customers. Take your time and analyze your chosen business name thoroughly. Run it by friends and family too, to spot any potential issues with the name.

Biscuit Business Name Ideas (UK)

Remember, that you need to know your audience and your customers. If for example, you live in a country such as England, Scotland or elsewhere in the UK, you’ll know that cookies are more typically called biscuits. So for that reason, it may make sense to localize the word itself. That is, you’ll need to generate biscuit business names rather than cookie names.

A lot of the keywords will be the same, but it means that you also have that additional, location-important keyword, “biscuit” at your disposal.

Some catchy biscuit business name ideas for you:

  • The Biscuit Baron
  • Biscuits & Brews
  • Flour Power Biscuits
  • Tea & Biscuits Co.
  • British Biscuit Co.
  • The Biscuit Baker
  • The Crumbly Cottage
  • The Biscuit Boutique
  • The Ginger Nut Factory
  • Sweet Bites Biscuits
  • The Crispy Crumb Co.
  • The Biscuit Box
  • The Shortbread House
  • The Biscuit Barrel
  • The Savoury Biscuit Co.
  • The Biscuit Brigade
  • The Butter Biscuit Bakery
  • The Biscuit Barn
  • The Biscuit Butler
  • The Chocolate Chippery
  • The Biscuit Bonanza

Just remember, that your location is important and a non-usual words in your country, cookies in this example, could put potential customers off. Use the UK’s love of tea and biscuits to generate some amazing biscuit business names!

Cookie Business Names That Are Not Taken

It should go without saying that you should make sure that your cookie business name is not taken already. This can lead to confusion, and if the business name is trademarked already, could even lead to legal issues.

So how do you avoid this?

Most countries should have a listing of trademarked business names that you can search. Once you decide on a name (or a few potential names) for your business, run it through one of the tools below to ensure that your cookie business name is not taken.

Alternatively, just do a quick search for “your country” + trademark search and you’ll be able to find your own country’s trademark database website.

Secondly, you should also check that the domain or website URL for your cookie business name is not taken. You can very quickly check domain/URL availability for free over at Namecheap.

Modern & Unique Cookie Business Names

The current trend with businesses and startups is to use a less traditional approach to naming. Modern and unique cookie business names are no different. You should look to make the name short & snappy, and if it contains multiple words, to simply remove the space.

Unique & modern cookie business name ideas:

  • Cookify
  • Crumbly
  • Doughjo
  • Biteology
  • SweetCore
  • CookieFlux
  • Munchology
  • Craveify
  • SugarLuxe
  • WhiskWish
  • Cookieology
  • Craveables
  • Bakedify
  • DoughDelight
  • SweetTreatz
  • CookieCrave
  • MixMunch
  • Bakeology
  • MunchMaven
  • SweetHive
  • Doughlicious
  • MunchMansion
  • SweetSpotz
  • BatchBites
  • Ovenly

The other benefit of not including spaces in your cookie company name ideas is that they will very easily convert to a domain name with no changes. So looking at the list above, for example, Ovenly becomes ovenly.com without any thought. If you have spaces then you’ll need to consider mashing the words together in your domain name which can make it hard to read. Or taking the not-recommended approach of having dashes in your domain name which can make it look spammy.

Niche Cookie Business Names

Cookies are already pretty niche, but you can “niche down” even further to capture a very specific part of the market.

What we’re talking about here is basing you cookie business on a more specific group of customers. So here you can think of generating dog cookie business names, vegan cookie business names, gluten-free cookie business names, and so on.

You just need to include that micro niche in your names. So, for example for dog cookie business names:

  • Pawsitively Tasty Treats
  • Woofie Bites Bakery
  • Happy Hound Cookies
  • Canine Confections Co.
  • Tailwaggers Treats
  • Barkery Bites
  • Good Dog Cookies
  • Furry Friend Treats
  • Puppy Paws Pastries
  • K9 Kitchen Creations
  • Snickerpups
  • Chewy Chums
  • Woofables
  • Droolius Delights
  • The Biscuit Bandit
  • Wiggly Waggles Treats
  • Bow Wow Bites
  • Doggie Delish
  • Four Paws Treats
  • Pawfection Treats Co.

The way to come up with dog cookie business names follows the same concept but we’re targetting both cookie-related keywords and dog/dog treat related keywords.

Taglines for a Cookie Business

By now you should have solid business name. But what about a tagline for your cookie business? Using the same concepts of keywords, you can easily create a catchy slogan or tagline for your cookie company.

Take a look at a few examples we’ve rustled up for you below:

  • “One bite of our cookies, and you’ll be hooked for life!”
  • “Indulge in our heavenly baked delights.”
  • “Life is short, eat the cookies first.”
  • “Experience the ultimate cookie pleasure.”
  • “Handcrafted with love, devoured with joy.”
  • “Where every bite is like a warm hug.”
  • “Cookies that taste like home, wherever you are.”
  • “Bite into happiness with every cookie.”
  • “Taste the difference of fresh, gourmet cookies.”
  • “Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with our artisanal cookies.”

Additionally, if you’re looking for some inspiration for your cookie taglines, give ChatGPT a try. If you didn’t already know, it’s a very sophisticated chat AI. It can rattle off a hundred different slogans for you in mere seconds. Try asking it to “Give me a list of 25 taglines for a cookie business”. If you want to learn even more ways that you can use ChatGPT to earn money or support your business, check out our Making Money With ChatGPT article.


You should have the perfect name for your cookie business and a catchy tagline to go along with it. If you’re still trying to come up with cookie business name ideas, remember we have our cookie name generator at the top of the page.

Before going all in on the name, remember to do a bit of testing. Check in with friends and family, or even strangers to get their view on the name you choose. Ask them to be brutal and also listen to their criticisms. All of this combine will mean you end up with the perfect name for your small business!

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