The Truth About Making Money With ChatGPT

The Truth About Making Money With ChatGPT

By now you’ve likely read or heard that you can make money with ChatGPT. Not just that, but you can make money by doing nothing other than feeding the AI a prompt and cashing in on its response exactly as-is.

The reality is a little less magical. You will need to do a little work to reach your goal. The reason for this is that ChatGPT detectors are able to determine if the text is AI-generated or written by a human. We’ll look into why this is so important below.

However, don’t be too downhearted because despite the detectors there are some truly exciting ways to earn some extra cash with ChatpGPT. You just have to be a little smarter in the way that you use ChatGPT to earn yourself some money.

The Lies About Making Money With ChatGPT

Before we look into how to make money with ChatGPT, we need to look at and understand the lies that are circling around involving using ChatGPT to earn money.

Understanding the lies helps us understand the limitations. From this, we can reliably and correctly see how ChatGPT can be used to make money.

But first, let’s look at those myths one by one and see what each teaches us.

Lie #1 You Can Reliably Use ChatGPT to Write Entire Articles for you

Early on I was astonished that you could ask ChatGPT to write an article on a subject and it would just spit it out perfectly. I spend between 2 to 4 hours, often longer researching, writing, and editing every article here on Earnologist. The idea that I could cut that down from 2-4 hours to 30 seconds lit up that lazy, greedy part of my brain that everyone has.

Imagine that, an entire article that you could just copy and paste, click publish, and then done! I was sure this was life-changing. I imagined that I could create hundreds of articles a month, inform my readers on a scale I’d never imagined and yes, make money with ChatGPT allowing me to reap the rewards of ad revenue.

But it was and is too good to be true. There are many problems with this approach.

Now, of course, you can use ChatGPT to write articles for you but publishing them on your blog or selling them on freelance sites like Freelancer or Upwork is a very bad idea.

Firstly, you can and will have your text detected by ChatGPT Detectors. This will either be manual checks from those who are buying your articles or automatic detection by search engine algorithms. The result will be the refusal of customers to pay, being removed from certain platforms, and even being removed from Google search rankings.

Lie #2 You Can Get Around ChatGPT Detectors

First, let’s look at AI writing detection. Initially, the ChatGPT detectors were OK at best. You could get around the ChatGPT detectors by asking ChatGPT to “write in a way not typical of AI”, “vary sentence structure, length, etc.” and so on.

Early on, this was enough to trick the detectors. But after a few weeks, the next generation of detectors such as ChatGPT Zero were released. They had more intricate ways of detecting AI text.

Let’s look at an example. I used the trick of telling the AI to write in a certain way so it would avoid the ChatGPT detectors:

ChaGPT Prompt Get Around Chat GPT Detectors
This ChatGPT prompt does a good job of tricking the first generator of ChatGPT detectors.

And as you can see, this was enough to get around the Hugging Face ChatGPT detector:

Hugging face chatgpt detector
Using the prompt, I was able to get around the ChatGPT detector from Hugging Face.

However, over New Year of 2022/2023, a Princeton student created ChatGPT Zero, the first of the next generation of ChatGPT detectors.

Using the same output as we used with Hugging Face above, we can see that ChatGPT Zero is able to detect that ChatGPT/AI was used:

ChatGPT Prompt Perplexity
ChatGPT Zero detects ChatGPT output.

As you can see, it uses calculations of perplexity and also “burstiness” (not pictured) to determine whether it was produced by a human or ai. To put this in perspective, high perplexity indicates it is human written and low perplexity indicates it is AI written. Below is the result of my own writing (the text of this article in fact):

ChatGPT Human Perplexity
Human written text has a much, much higher perplexity.

So, a single individual was able to make a cast-iron ChatGPT detector while on his Christmas/New Year break. He is further refining it into a product for sale to educational institutions and companies. Just think how far this detection can and will improve.

Lie #2 teaches us: You cannot get around the ChatGPT detectors. And they will get even better over time.

Lie #3 Google Can't Detect ChatGPT Generated Text

What people should be saying is that “Google doesn’t punish you… yet”.

Google has infinitely more resources than an individual so it is likely that they already have, or are close to having their own more intricate AI detectors in place. I’ve heard people cry “But my articles written by ChatGPT are ranking in Google”. That may be true. For now. Once Google can accurately identify sites that use AI-created text, you better believe that they will come down hard on them. I foresee a similar situation as Google Panda where they cracked down on BlackHat SEO practices.

If you are not being stung by Google yet, it is only a matter of time. It is not worth the risk.

Lie #3 teaches us: Sooner or later, Google will ding you with an AI-generated text penalty. This will at some point in the future tank your search engine rankings.

Lie #4 ChatGPT Knows Everything

It really feels like it does though doesn’t it? You can ask it to write an article on any topic no matter how obscure and it will generate the article.

But, the thing with ChatGPT is that it does not know everything. In fact, it has rather limited knowledge. What it is great at, is convincing people that it knows everything.

Take the example below:

ChatGPT Incorrect Calculation
ChatGPT gets calculations wrong.

For the record, ChatGPT is completely wrong here. Even Grandpa Google can tell me the correct answer is 677.69232 cm without breaking a sweat.

Lie #4 teaches us: You cannot depend on ChatGPT’s “facts” and articles being correct.

So How Do You Make Money With ChatGPT?

As we’ve seen above you simply cannot make money with ChatGPT by having it write out complete articles and copying it word for word. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of ways to really make money with ChatGPT.

Even after you clear past the lies, the opportunities to make money with ChatGPT are huge. 

You just have to use what we’ve learned and be realistic with your expectations.

Let’s take a look at how you can make money with ChatGPT.

#1 Use ChatGPT to Assist You in Writing Articles

Wait, didn’t we just say not to do this!?

Not entirely! As we’ve learned, because of ChatGPT detectors we can’t just copy and publish what it spits out. Similarly, we can’t rely on it being 100% accurate. But what we can do is use ChatGPT to assist us with writing articles in many, many ways.

We can make money with ChatGPT by using what we’ll call its “article assistant” functionality. This will save you insane amounts of time and will mean that you can write more articles, much more quickly. This in turn means that you can sell more articles more quickly, or publish more on your own blog more quickly, to generate more traffic more quickly.

ChatGPT can reduce your time spent writing articles and increase your profitability in a number of ways:

  1. Brainstorming: Ask it to generate 100 articles ideas on a certain topic or niche. This gives you many starting points and means you don’t need to brainstorm at all.
  2. More brainstorming: Paste in an article you’ve written and ask it to generate 100 ideas for new relevant articles that you could link to (and write).
  3. Capture your audience: Ask it to write an attention-grabbing, SEO-optimized title for your article. Increases your traffic.
  4. Rewrite what it writes: Ask it to write an article for you. Take the article and rewrite the whole thing in your own words. This is harder than it seems as you will subconsciously leave a lot of it as it is. My advice is to read a section that it has written, minimize it and then write it in your own words. Easy.
  5. Research: Find an article similar to the one you want to write. Paste it into ChatGPT and ask it to summarize the key points. Use this as a base for your article.
  6. Outlining: Give ChatGPT an article title and ask it to outline into headings, each with a summary. Then you can use this structure and summary to rapidly write your article.
  7. Breaking writer’s block: Ask for an introduction to your article. Rewrite it of course, but it gets you started on the article with no effort.

#2 Use ChatGPT to Write a Children's Book

While people you’re selling articles to, and search engines themselves will be overly critical of AI-generated text, book giants like Amazon won’t care one iota.

If you look at how many terrible, low-effort books there are on Amazon you’ll understand why AI-generated text is safe here.

However, that isn’t to say that your book will be low effort. ChatGPT is actually quite a creative author so long as you guide the story it is writing.

For example, don’t tell it to “write a story about space”, tell it to “write the first chapter of a children’s book about a boy called Tim who has woken up in space on a deserted space station. He makes friends with the ship’s AI which is badly damaged and a bit silly. The boy explores the station with the AI as they try to figure out where everybody went and why there is no one there. End the chapter on a cliffhanger. Add a good amount of speech and detailed descriptions. Make it funny. Give the character’s strong personalities and make sure there are a few jokes in there too.”

In fact, here is chapter 1 using that exact prompt above:

ChatGPT Story prompt
ChatGPT Space story prompt

Now you can ask it to rewrite and expand certain sections, add specific events, remove events or details and so much more. It’s almost like molding clay in a bizarre way.

You may need to do some minor copy editing here or there as well, and of course, create a simple cover with public domain/royalty-free images, but you should be able to get a complete children’s book created in a day. From there, you can get a book published on Amazon for free using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. So you can potentially list a new paperback and an eBook every single day.

In fact, there are success stories about people creating books with ChatGPT already, such as “Alice and Sparkle” among others.

Other ways to earn by writing books with ChatGPT

If you’re not comfortable writing the whole book, you can use it for the following:

  • Outlining.
  • Write just the blurb.
  • Idea generation.
  • Create unique names for characters and places.
  • Ask for different ways to develop the plot.
  • Ask it to generate chapter names by pasting in the chapter’s contents.

Again, the applications here are huge. You can use ChatGPT to make money by writing entire books or reducing the time it takes to write a book, meaning you can write more books, and earn more cash.

#3 Use ChatGPT to Advertise

Another great way to make money with ChatGPT is to use its advertising chops. It’s surprisingly good and generates slogans, click-bait titles, enticing advertising script, and even eye-catching social media posts.

I used ChatGPT to write a funny Google Ad for itself.

Using it in this way will drive more traffic to your site, product, social media profile, physical business, etc. And with zero effort. What’s more, ChatGPT detectors are irrelevant here because who cares if your Google Ads blurb is AI generated?

ChatGPT can help you earn more money with:

  • Writing titles and descriptions for ads on Google, Bing, etc.
  • Write titles and content of newsletters to your subscribers – make sure to proofread it though.
  • Generate name ideas for your business or products.
  • Write a video script for a video ad for your company.
  • Ask it to write engaging social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit.
  • Write proposals for freelance sites such as Upwork, but obviously not for doing the work itself!!

All in all, ChatGPT can be used to do a lot of the heavy lifting with advertising. With a bit of effort, you can even have it become your alter-ego on social media.

ChatGPT Twitter Post
ChatGPT generated a Tweet for me.

#4 Help You Get or Improve Your Job With ChatGPT

This way to make some cash with ChatGPT is a little different from the others. ChatGPT is also an accomplished roleplayer believe it or not.

You can ask it to pretend to be your manager, an interviewer, a business associate, etc., and set the scene. Play out some conversations to practice for real life. Of course, it won’t be able to replicate it fully but it can steady your nerves and may even help you earn a little bit of extra cash.

job interview handshake

For example, potentially beneficial uses are:

  • Roleplay with ChatGPT playing your manager and ask it for a pay rise.
  • Roleplay with ChatGPT playing an interviewer. Make sure to tell it what the role is so it can ask industry-specific questions.
You may have your own specific scenarios, just make sure to give it as much detail on the situation and the person that you want it to roleplay as.
Additionally, you can use it for tedious tasks such as ask it writing cover letters, emails following up on interviews, or even “cold call” email proposals for work.


ChatGPT is not the magic bullet that people make it out to be but it is an incredibly useful tool.

While you can’t just dump the text it generates directly (in most cases) it can be used to make money in a variety of ways. The financial benefits are mainly related to reducing the time it takes you to brainstorm, research and write content.

Using ChatGPT to make money as we’ve described above is a surefire way to get extra cash in your pocket. Just make sure to avoid the pitfalls and the lies around ChatGPT. 

Use ChatGPT to make money sensibly, intelligently, and carefully!

One final thought, think of ChatGPT as an assistant that will save you a boat load of time. By saving you time, ChatGPT makes you money. Its value is not in relacing you. Yet…

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