How to Be a Clothing Product Tester From Home

How to become a clothing product tester

Being a clothing tester from home is rapidly becoming a lucrative sideline for people across the globe. This is due to the increasing demand for clothing testers by large brands and from sites that collate jobs/opportunities for clothing product testers into one location.

The steps to be a clothing tester are simple, and it comes at zero cost to you. But, finding the right company or provider to work with can be a challenge. Below we’ll look at the best opportunities for clothes testers both in terms of volume (amount of clothes available for testing) and quality (high-quality clothes).

This is a worldwide opportunity meaning you can take advantage of these free clothes from any country.

What is a Clothing Tester?

Before we jump into the list of opportunities, let’s look at what a clothing product tester actually is. The process is simple. You sign up with a provider, which may be a brand or company directly, or a site that consolidates clothes product testing needs from a range of companies.

You will then receive clothes to try, test and review. This review can either be privately back to the company itself or publically on a shopping site like Amazon. You will receive the clothes for free, delivered directly to your home, so there is no investment needed at all here.

Depending on how you look at it, you’re either paid to test the clothing or to be a clothes reviewer. But the end result is the same regardless.

After you’ve completed your testing and reported back on how you feel about the product, then the item of clothing is yours to keep! From here, you can either add it to your wardrobe, saving yourself some money, or even sell it online on eBay for example to generate some extra cash.

So, while you often won’t be paid directly, you can earn money just by selling the clothing you’ve tested.

But where do you go to actually become a clothing product tester?

Remember, there are other non-clothing tester opportunities available too:

Clothing Tester Jobs

We’ve researched many clothing tester opportunities to bring you only the very best options. While we’re not exactly sure we’d consider clothing tester jobs, to actually be jobs as such, but they are definitely what we’d consider good opportunities.

Just imagine it, you could get paid to try on clothes, whether it is a cash amount or just the free clothing itself.

With our list of vetted and checked, clothing product tester sites below, you know that you won’t be wasting your time or signing up for anything that won’t actually give you free clothes to test.

#1 Be a Clothing Tester With Adidas

Adidas has re-opened its clothing tester website for new applicants. This is available currently for both those living in America and in Europe. There is an application process that you must follow such as giving information about your body measurements so they can send you correctly sized clothing to test.

An Adidas clothing tester must be 18 years of age or older. It also hints that you must be an active person to be accepted as there are minimum weekly activity requirements.

The great thing about Adidas is that you know that clothing will be of high quality.

If you’re relatively active and over 18, why not apply as a clothing tester direct with Adidas?

#2 Be a Clothing Tester With Reebok

We have a sneaking suspicion that Reebok’s clothing tester program is run by the same company as Adidas due to the nearly identical sign-up site!

The process is the same as for Adidas although currently, sign-ups appear to be restricted to the USA. Hopefully, this will change soon.

Reebok clothing testers are again expected to be 18 years old or over and be fairly active for testing. They provide you with the opportunity to be a clothing tester and/or a footwear tester.

#3 Be a Clothing Product Tester With Amazon

Where would our list be without an entry from shopping giant Amazon? Amazon Vine is probably the internet’s best-kept secret. Amazon sellers list their products for free on Vine for shoppers to claim, test and review for free.

How to Be a Clothing Product Tester From Home

You can restrict yourself to just being a clothing tester on Vine, or you can just grab whatever product you want. We say, why limit yourself!?

You simply choose what you want to test and it is sent to you free of charge. The expectation is of course that you leave an honest review on Amazon for the clothing product that you tested.

The one catch here is that acceptance into Amazon Vine is by invitation. To get an invite you need to have left a considerable amount of reviews on Amazon for products you’ve bought in the past. So, head to your shopping history, review everything, and cross your fingers for that invite.

Once you’ve secured that invite, you’re part of probably the largest testing community online. Truly this is the clothing tester’s holy grail.

#4 Be a BzzAgent Clothing Tester

Next up, we have the BzzAgent app which enables you to be a clothing tester for a huge range of different brands. Unlike those targeted to a single brand such as Adidas & Reebok, this really opens up your options.

bzzagent clothing tester products

While you can limit yourself to just being a fashion and clothing product tester with BzzAgent, you can branch out. You can grab free products to test from a range of categories like beauty, DIY, Outdoors, Nutrition, Music, and more.

The expectation from BzzAgent is that after you’re done with testing the clothing, that you “Spread the Bzz” on social media, a specific review site, or just to your friends and family.

Don’t miss out on other earning opportunities – our fully checked, filterable, huge list of ways to earn online grows day by day.

#5 TestingTime: Be a Clothing Tester & More

TestingTime works in a similar way to BzzAgent in that it consolidates many testing opportunities into one site. Again, you can niche down and just focus on being a clothing tester with brands such as ASOS available. Alternatively, you can branch out and also test products for Google, Heineken, HelloFresh, and more.

Over time the brands available will change, but there should be a steady supply for you. Being an apparel tester, a footwear tester or even a sportswear tester is a breeze with TestingTime.

#6 Be a Product Report Card Clothes Tester

Another great option for testing clothes and apparel is Product Report Card. Again, this gives you the opportunity to not only test clothes, footwear, or other apparel from home, but also gives opportunities to test food, appliances, and more. And on top of that, they also pay you to participate in focus groups, either online or in person or by taking online surveys.

So, not only will you get some free clothes to test but you can also be paid for other simple tasks too!

#7 Social Media Clothing Promotion

If you have a decent social media following or are prepared to grow your following you open the option to connect to brands via social media.

If you can get a few thousand followers on Twitter or Instagram, you will find people reaching out to your with free products to promote. They will be smaller stores of course rather than big brands but still, you get free clothes to test and normally you’re paid to then promote them in your posts.

Because you’re interested in being a clothes tester, make sure your social media presence heavily leans on fashion and apparel-related content. Small brands will start reaching out and offering you free clothes. You can also speed things up by contacting them first, initially just to promote their clothing (that you get for free), then as you expand you can also start asking for a fee on top of the free clothing.

#8 Become a Clothes Reviewer

You can also become a clothes reviewer. Seems impossible? Well, it’s actually incredibly simple. All you need is the following:

Starting out, you should write blog posts and articles on the topic of fashion. You can even review clothes you already have just to get your content started. Once you have a good amount of blog posts, you can start reaching out to smaller websites offering to review the clothes that they sell.

Of course, you can frame it that you’re a clothes reviewer and their product/site/store will get visibility from the articles you write about their products. From their side, it’s a no-brainer to have over some free clothing to get a review.

#9 Search for Brands Directly

Above, we’ve seen that big hitters like Adidas and Reebok offer clothes testing opportunities. We can’t list every single clothing brand’s program here, because of course brands and opportunities differ from country to country. What you can do, is research this a bit further yourself. If you want to be a clothing tester in the UK or a clothing tester in the USA/Canada then you’re covered with our list above. But if for example, you’re wanting to be a clothes tester in India, Australia, or elsewhere then you might need to do a little legwork yourself.

Head over to Google and search for “Your favorite brand name” + product testing. If they already have a program that you can sign up for, go for it!

nike clothes product testing search

You can potentially specify a little more and search for “Nike clothing testing in the UK” or “Nike clothing testing in New Zealand” for example. Play around with the wording to get the results you’re looking for that are specific to your country or region.

You can even try synonyms such as “apparel tester/testing”, “clothes tester/testing”, “sportswear tester/testing” and so on.

If they don’t offer product testing, you can still fire an email to their support address and ask if there are opportunities available. It may be a long shot, but if you don’t try you’ll never know.

Can I Really Get Free Clothes as a Tester?

As we’ve covered above, deciding to be a clothes tester is a clever way to get free clothes. Many brands or sites will let you keep the clothes or sell them if you want.

However, some want you to send the clothing items back after a few weeks. But even then you’re effectively getting to rent free clothes. So just because it is temporary doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. You get to rotate your wardrobe with new clothes every few weeks.


As we’ve seen, clothing testing from home is a legit way to grab some free clothes, and maybe even make some extra cash by selling them when you’re finished testing.

If you’re not based in the USA or the UK, then apparel testing may take a little more effort but is still possible. As we mention, a Google search for specific brands can help uncover opportunities for testing clothing from home.

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