How to Make Money Online with Angelfish Opinions: A Complete Guide

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Angelfish Opinions pays you to take part in online and offline focus groups, market research and interviews from leading British brands.

From the BBC to the National Trust, Ikea and everything in between, there are huge incentives to take part.

Earning Methods: Focus Groups, Interviews
Payout Options:
Bank, Gift Card, Cash in Hand

Available on: Website (Email) 
Country Availability: List of The Best Survey Sites That Actually Pay

What you need to know:

  • Time-Two-Tone

    Time Consideration

    Variable: Minutes, to repeat focus groups lasting an entire year!

  • Money-Two-Tone-Two


    Massive earnings. Typically £50 or more, we've even seen some for £150! Hugely variable, depending on what sort of research you take part in. Payment in cash for physical focus groups, also bank transfers and gift cards.

  • Reliability


    Reliable & trustworthy. No issues found.

What is Angelfish Opinions?

Angelfish Opinions is one of the leading market research and focus group sites that pay you for your opinions and views. They work with large companies like the BBC and IKEA.

Focus groups, online communities and interviews can either be in person or online via zoom etc. This gives you plenty of options and a huge ability to earn just by sharing your views.

With each study, you are looking to earn a whopping £50-£150. Mostly you’ll be doing a 1-week diary or a 60-minute zoom interview. Everything will be made clear when you receive the invite so that you can ignore the zoom interview research if it’s not your sort of thing!

How to Sign Up

angelfish header

The sign-up for Angelfish Opinions is a single pager and the questions are not too invasive. They want your name, contact details, some ethnicity info, your location (first part of your postcode e.g. GL50) and whether or not you have children.

It’s important to be honest here as some research will be targeting people from certain parts of the country or people who have kids etc.

How to Earn More Money With Angelfish Opinions

Angelfish Opinions is a very simple set-up, but as always there are ways to ensure that you earn more money, or earn money faster with them.

1. Set up Email Alerts or Check Angelfish Emails Regularly

Angelfish is unusual as you will only be notified about new research (market research, focus groups, interviews) via email. There is no on-site portal to check.

angelfish email new research example
Angelfish emails you about new research opportunities regularly.

You can get multiple invites per day, so being aware of this means that you can be first in line for any opportunities to earn.

2. Be Honest in Your Profile & When Applying for Research

Your profile information will determine what sort of research you will be invited for. So it is crucial that you’re honest so that you don’t waste your own time.

angelfish profile info
Angelfish profile information.

If a researcher is looking for men, aged 20-30 who have kids and you’re a woman aged 30-40 with no kids – then a falsified profile sign-up will only waste your time.

Similarly, when you apply for an offered research opportunity, you’ll be asked to reconfirm your details just in case. Again, make sure you’re truthful – especially if you’re applying for a local, or in-person study!

3. Go for the Best Time & Effort vs Value Option

There are some big-ticket earning opportunities with Angelfish Opinions, but it is important to consider the time and effort you will put in for how much you’ll earn.

Take the following invite we received from Ikea:

Ikea 7 Day Diary
Ikea 7 Day Diary Research.

The important points here are:

  • 7 days (A short time)
  • Online diary (Low effort)
  • £65 earned (High payment)

And then a similar invite from a UK Charity:

4 week online community
4 week, online community study.

The important points here:

  • 4 weeks (A long time)
  • Online community (Moderate effort, more than a diary)
  • £80 (High payment)

Of course, you can apply for both, but if your time is limited, the Ikea 7-day study is a much more profitable use of your time.

4. Refer Friends

This isn’t your usual generic refer a friend, this is referring a friend for a very specific research survey.

In the example below, you can see that you get £10 for every person aged 16-25 that you refer and that takes part in that specific study:

refer a friend

These requests will come through into your email inbox in the same way as the studies that you’ve been selected for. So keep an eye out and if you know someone that meets the criteria, share the email & link with them!

Minimum Payout & How to Get Paid by Angelfish Opinions

There are no minimum payouts, probably because you get ~£50 at a minimum for each project  – you simply get paid upon completion of the research.

So if it’s a 7-day online diary, once complete within a few days the funds will be in your bank account or the gift card code in your email.

If you get one of the rare in-person studies, you can even be paid cash in hand on the day by Angelfish Opinions/the researcher!

Is it Worth it?

This is probably the easiest earning opportunity to say, yes absolutely Angelfish Surveys is worth it!

The massive payouts of £50-£150 mean that so long as you get accepted onto the project/research you will be pulling in a decent chunk of cash each month.


Sign Up To Angelfish Opinions Today

A fantastic, high-earning opportunity for doing online diaries or zoom interviews. A genuine must-have for any UK online earner!

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