How to Make Money Online with Branded Surveys: A Complete Guide

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Branded Surveys InfoBox

Branded Surveys pays you directly into PayPal or via gift cards for answering surveys online.

Due to profile matching the disqualification rate is low. Additionally streaks reward you for answering more surveys,

A nice mix of quick surveys (1-4 minutes), and longer more profitable surveys (30 minutes)

Earning Methods: Surveys
Payout Options:
PayPal, Gift Card, Prepaid Card

Available on: Website, App (iOS), App (Android)
Country Availability: List of The Best Survey Sites That Actually Pay List of The Best Survey Sites That Actually Pay List of The Best Survey Sites That Actually Pay

What you need to know:

  • Time-Two-Tone

    Time Consideration

    Variable: 1-30 minute surveys.

  • Money-Two-Tone-Two


    Again, variable but we were able to reach the $5 payout minimum within around an hour. PayPal & a host of gift cards including Amazon are available.

  • Reliability


    Reliable & trustworthy. No issues found.

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is a modern, clean survey site that pays you for your views. Your profile determines which survey’s you’re offered which really helps bring down the disqualification rate.

The payout threshold is also very fair at just $5 (500 points) for PayPal and a range of gift cards.

Note: While you can cash out at $0.01/£0.01 for Amazon gift card payout, you can only do so once you have 500 points.

How to Sign Up

The sign-up process is simple, just head over to Branded Surveys (Using this link nets you $0.50 sign-up bonus) and fill in your details.

Once you’ve signed up, head to “Payout Options” in the side menu. From here, select how you want to receive your payouts. For PayPal, you’ll need to verify your email. Note, that you can change your payout option at any point so don’t worry too much about your initial selection.

How to Earn More Money Online With Branded Surveys

Despite being a very clean, straighforward site, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you earn more money with Branded Surveys. Check out how to maximize your earnings below:

1. Fill in Your Profile Completely (Via Dashboard Tasks)

This is always a recommendation for survey sites as it helps to ensure that you get more surveys, and more importantly more relevant surveys that you won’t get disqualified from.

Branded Surveys handles this profile info collection a little differently. And what’s more, they pay you to fill in your profile.

There is a profile section but you will also be prompted in your dashboard area with tasks to fill in profile information:

branded surveys complete basic profile
Branded Surveys pays you to fill in basic profiles information.

On top of that, in the same dashboard area, you will often get “extended profile” tasks that pay higher than the basic profile questions. They don’t take long (5-10 questions on a single page):

How to Make Money Online with Branded Surveys: A Complete Guide
Extended profile questions are a quick way to boost your Branded Profiles earnings.

2. Utilize Weekly Streaks/Build Up Your Levels

Branded Surveys has a concept of levels in the form of “Branded Elite”. Don’t be tricked into thinking this is a premium/paid for option because it is not. Simply, as you complete more surveys, your level increases from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold.

If you complete a certain number of surveys per month, you climb the ranks. The benefit here is that the higher your level, the higher percentage bonus you receive for completing surveys:

Branded Surveys Branded Elite
The more surveys you complete per month, the higher the bonus you receive.

As you can see above, once you start out in Bronze, you’ll get a decent 5% bonus once you complete 12+ surveys a month.

Once you’ve levelled up to Gold, that same 12+ surveys a month nets you a generous 15% bonus. And once you hit 30+ in a month that jumps up even further to a 19% bonus.

So it really pays to make sure you hit these targets each month in order to earn more money with Branded Surveys.

3. Pick the Most Profitable Surveys

This isn’t just as simple as selecting the surveys that pay out the most points. You will want to work out earnings/points per minute to make the most effective use of your time.

branded surveys quick surveys
Pick the most profitable per minute surveys.

In the example above, it’s pretty clear that the 50 points for 3 minutes is the most profitable. However let’s look at some other examples we’ve encountered:

  • 33 points, 5 minutes = 6.6 points per minute.
  • 189 points, 15 minutes = 12.6 points per minute.
  • 110 points, 8 minutes = 13.75 points

So in these examples, the medium-length survey of 8 minutes is more profitable for you per minute.

The calculation is simple:

Points/Survey Length in Minutes = Profit per minute

The higher the profit per minute, the better the use of your time it is.

Premium Surveys

Again these premium surveys show up on your dashboard and should not be ignored. We’ve found these surveys to be quite long but can often have a much better profit per minute.

branded surveys premium surveys
Premium surveys often have a higher profit per minute than standard surveys.

You can see the points on your dashboard but only see the survey length after clicking through.

3. Daily Polls

There’s not much to say here, but just make sure you log in each day to take part in Branded Survey’s daily polls. You net 5 points for a single click, not bad!

branded surveys daily poll
A quick 5 points for a simple poll.

4. Rank in The Leaderboards

There is some stiff competition here but if you push yourself you can hit the leaderboards and earn:

  • 50 points for the daily leaderboard
  • 200 points for the weekly leaderboard
  • 300 points for the monthly leaderboard

On top of that, daily, weekly & monthly a random person is chosen to earn 50, 500 & 1,000 points respectively. So even if you’re not top of the charts, there is still a chance to earn big.

Interestingly the leaderboards show how much money it is possible to make per day if you’re dedicated:

branded surveys leaderboard
Leaderboards show how much you can earn per day.

So taking a look at the top earners, you could potentially earn around 2,500 points a day ($25 a day), and if you can keep that up for a month you could earn a whopping $775 a month from Branded Surveys.

Minimum Payout & How to Get Paid by Branded Surveys

As mentioned, you must first reach 500 points ($5) in order to cashout from Branded Surveys. In our experience, this is easily manageable in a day (or even an hour).

Once you’ve hit the 500, go to “My Payouts” and click to redeem.

Just make sure you’ve chosen your preferred payout method (PayPal or a specific gift card). We always suggest PayPal if available as cold hard cash is a much safer bet than typing yourself to a specific gift card.

Is it Worth it?

Survey sites are not all created equal, and with Branded Surveys, the low disqualification rate and the clean interface means that you can easily make a nice chunk of money quickly.

The low payout threshold also means that you should be able to cash in every day (or multiple times a day).

Branded Surveys is one of our favourite survey sites at the moment, so sign up today below and get earning!


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A clean, modern survey site with a low DQ rate, high paying survey, and low payout threshold. What's not to like? Jump in now!

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