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RentAFriend Review

RentAFriend is an unusual earning opportunity where you are paid per hour to be someone’s friend for a certain event or activity.

You may be asked to attend a party as a guest, take up a hobby with someone, or just be on the end of the phone for a chat.

In theory, it is a great way to earn money by being a friend, but does it work out in reality? Read on to find out.

What you need to know

  • Time: Your choice, but potentially hours per week.
  • Earnings: $10-$50 per hour, you set your own rate.
  • Trust: Trustworthy and legit, but you need to be safe when meeting up with strangers.
  • Payout Options: Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal (Arranged between you and your client).
  • Country Availability: USA flag Canada flag United Kingdom flag European Union Flag Australia flag India Flag Japan Flag (Global)

What is RentAFriend?

RentAFriend is, simply put, a website where people will pay you to spend time with them as a friend. This can range from going to the movies with them to going to a party or just meeting up for a one-on-one chat. In fact, it can be anything, so long as it doesn’t blur the lines towards dating or escort work.

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How Does RentAFriend Work?

You, as the person that accepts the RentAFriend job, set your own hourly rate. The site mentions rates of $10-$50 per hour, so if you are in demand as a friend you can earn a very good living wage for selling your friendship. For example, if you work 10 hours a week and charge $25 an hour that works out as $1,000 a month

All you do is set up your profile and wait. Someone looking for a friend will contact you with a proposal of what activity they want to do with you. If you accept, then you both negotiate an hourly price that they will pay you. Then you meet up and spend some time together. 

They will either pay you cash in hand or you can arrange a PayPal or bank transfer with them. RentAFriend does not process payments, so it’s just between you and your client to agree on a payment method.

This earning opportunity isn’t for everyone. Some may find it uncomfortable, but others will feel right at home. If you’re an outgoing person that enjoys socializing, this is an easy to way earn some cash on the side.

In Summary: Get paid an hourly wage to hang out with someone, be their friend, and by doing whatever activity they want you to do with them.

Examples of RentAFriend Jobs

The RentAFriend jobs available to you will depend entirely on who chooses to hire you. As mentioned, the client chooses the activity and chooses the friend. Once you accept their offer of a “job”, which is really just a social activity, then you arrange to meet up and start earning some cash by being their friend for the day!

Rented Friends Meeting For Coffee

Some examples of RentAFriend jobs or activities are:

  • Hanging Out
  • Cinema
  • Restaurant
  • Meet Friends
  • Plus One to a Party
  • Hobby
  • Sport
  • Picnic
  • Going to a Bar
  • Music Venue/Gig
  • Tour Guide
  • Business Event
  • Tutoring
  • Religious Event
  • Shopping
  • Hiking
  • Wingman/Wingwoman
  • Beach Trip
  • Bike Ride
  • Karaoke
  • Comedy Show
  • Move Marathon
  • Video Games
  • Food Festival
  • Party
  • Advice

In addition to the in-person RentAFriend jobs, since the coronavirus pandemic, the site also added virtual friend options. These options are still possible and include phone calls, zoom calls, pen-pals, FaceTime, texting, and more.

These virtual opportunities are a lot more comfortable in my view, but fewer people will be looking to pay for these sorts of jobs/activities. You’ll not be able to charge as much but you can still make money being a virtual friend from the comfort of your own home.

How to Make More Money With RentAFriend

Making more money with RentAFriend is mainly a matter of marketing and not selling yourself short. By promoting yourself as a good friend, and staying strong on a high hourly rate you can make sure you earn more cash with RentAFriend.

Good RentAFriend Profile Examples

As mentioned, your profile is your opportunity to market yourself as a good friend to potential clients. There are a few aspects of your profile that you can take advantage of:

  • Multiple profile pictures.
  • Offer to take part in as many activities as possible.
  • Write a long, friendly bio selling yourself as a good friend.

RentAFriend Profile Example 1:

If you look at the site, most people just add a single picture. This feels a little impersonal. Just adding more than one picture sets you ahead. Taking it one step further and showing a friendly face, or showing yourself taking part in fun activities, will help them visualize you as a friend. All in all, this means more demand for your services as a friend.

RentAFriend Profile Example 1
A good RentAFriend profile example with multiple pictures. Face blurred for privacy!

Remember this isn’t a dating site so looks don’t necessarily matter, but a nice smile and a friendly face will go a long way. People buy with their eyes, and as unusual as it is, you’re selling your friendship!

RentAFriend Profile Example 2:

Next up, pack the activities you’re willing to do with your client. Of course, be truthful but if you’re willing to spend time with the person doing an activity add it in.

RentAFriend Profile Example 2
The more activities you add, the bigger the chance that you’ll be picked as a paid-for friend.

Having a wide range of activities on your profile gives off a good vibe. It also means that you’re more likely to hit an individual’s requirements when they’re looking for a friend on RentAFriend. Be flexible to increase your earnings as a friend.

RentAFriend Profile Example 3:

Next up, probably the most important part of a RentAFriend profile – the bio. This is where you get your personality across. Be fun, be chirpy, and be bold. Sell yourself like crazy! Check out our top tier RentAFriend bio example below:

Hey there! My name is Sarah and I’m thrilled to be on FindAFriend. I love making new friends. Whether you’re new to the city, or just looking for someone to hang out with, I’m your girl!
In my free time, you can find me exploring new cafes, trying out different workout classes, and listening to live music. I’m also a big fan of board games, karaoke, and trivia nights – I’m always down for a good laugh and some friendly competition.
As a friend, I’m dependable, empathetic, and a great listener. I believe that good communication is key in any friendship, and I always make an effort to check in on my friends and make sure they’re doing okay. I’m also a big believer in building each other up and supporting each other through the ups and downs of life.
If you’re looking for a fun, easygoing friend, send me a message! We can grab a coffee first to break the ice and then explore the city, or just sit and chat about whatever is on our minds. Looking forward to meeting you!

Check Out Existing Profiles on RentAFriend

Head over to RentAFriend and browse the friends for sale that have already added their profiles. Combine what you find in the best profiles with the RentAFriend profile examples that we’ve provided above.

Price Your Services High

You set your own hourly rate on RentAFriend, so make the most of this. You don’t want to be a bargain basement friend charging only $10 an hour. Think about it, you could spend an entire day with a stranger and only get $80 in return.

If you up your rate to $25, that one day can earn you a whopping $200. Sure, at that rate you won’t get as many offers from those looking to pay for friendship, but it means that you’ll only need half the amount of hours to earn the same amount. As they say work smarter, not harder!

RentAFriend Application Process

To apply as a friend, all you need to do is head over to RentAFriend and make sure you choose to “Be a friend“. Just fill out the application form with your details, which will be reviewed manually. Once reviewed and accepted, you’ll be emailed to let you know that your profile is ready to be filled in.

From time to time the application process will be frozen. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to register your interest and be put on a waiting list. Once they re-open RentAFriend applications, you’ll be notified to join/apply.

While waiting for your application to be approved or while still on the waiting list there are hundreds of other ways to earn online.

RentAFriend Horror Stories

With something as “out there” as meeting strangers in exchange for payment, we thought there would be a mountain of RentAFriend horror stories online. But surprisingly, we’ve struggled to find any.

But when you stop and think about it, it does make sense that there wouldn’t be any or many bad experiences. The friend is being paid, so they’re going to make sure that they offer a good service to get paid and potentially rehired. The person renting the friend is going to be well-behaved as they’re paying a significant amount of money for some company. In a strange way, the financial aspect of the friendship reduces the possibility of any horror story endings.

In fact, even high-profile journalists have tested and reported back positively on renting a friend:

So as far as we can find, there are no RentAFriend horror stories or especially bad experiences. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen but at least it seems that it is a rare occurrence.

What Does RentAFriend Cost?

Signing up as a friend on RentAFriend costs absolutely nothing. The people who are looking for a friend pay RentAFriend a fee, and of course pay, you direct per hour of friendship.

But, as a friend, RentAFriend is 100% free, and you will never be expected to pay anything out of pocket. It is an earning opportunity where you keep all of the profits, and none of what you earn goes back to RentAFriend.

Is RentAFriend Safe? in itself is just a site that connects you with another person. There are no safeguards in place from their side, so it is down to you to make your RentAFriend experience a safe one.

Meeting Up With Strangers In Busy Public Place
When meeting up with strangers, it should always be in a public place where you and they are very visible.

The site recommends that you meet in a public place to ensure your safety. Also consider telling a friend or family member where you are going, who you are meeting with, and for how long. Having a Find My Phone app active on your phone also means that you can have someone you know to keep an eye on you to provide a layer of protection if the worst were to happen.

While meeting up with strangers does come with some risks, taking simple and sensible precautions makes RentAFriend a safe way to make money.

It is a judgement call though of course and you should only look into using this as a way to earn some cash on the side if you personally feel that RentAFriend is safe.

Is RentAFriend Legit?

RentAFriend is legit, and in fact, boasts over 600,000 registered members. To further add to this, it has been featured on major networks such as CNN and Fox News:

The fact that the service has TV attention shows its legitimacy as researchers, producers, and interviewers will have researched RentAFriend before featuring them.

It also has had international attention over the years, such as this piece on RentAFriend from BBC News in the UK and News.Com.Au in Australia.

There is no hiding when you’re in the public eye, so it is very clear that RentAFriend is legit.

Final Words

RentAFriend is an unusual way to earn money and takes a certain type of personality to be comfortable with it. You need to be friendly and outgoing but also understanding and ability to interact with people that may not be the best at socializing themselves.

Theoretically, you could earn thousands of dollars/pounds/your local currency with RentAFriend. You could even turn it into a full-time job if the offers to rent you as a friend come in regularly enough.

The major thing here is that because you’re dealing with strangers in person, you really need to be safe. Protect yourself, don’t put yourself into dangerous situations, and make sure that you are in a public place with them. Earning some extra cash is not worth sacrificing your safety for.

That being said, RentAFreind horror stories seem few and far between so don’t let the implicit risks scare you off. If done safely RentAFriend can really be a nice earning opportunity.

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