Apex Focus Group Review & Earning Guide: Is it Legit?

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Apex Focus Group Review

Apex Focus Groups claims that you can earn upwards of $700/£700 by taking part in focus groups, clinical trials, and surveys.

Is this too good to be true? Is Apex Focus Group legitimate or just a scam? Read our full review and earning guide to learn the truth about the site and whether it is a valid way to make some extra money online.

What you need to know

  • Time: Variable as it relates to focus groups, clinical trials and surveys.
  • Earnings: Apparently around $700/£700 for a focus group/trial. User reports show this is actually much lower.
  • Trust: Low trust. Misleading, non-transparent. 
  • Country Availability: USA flag Canada flag United Kingdom flag European Union Flag Australia flag India Flag Japan Flag (Global)

What is Apex Focus Group?

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Apex Focus Group might seem to obviously be a site that pays you to complete focus groups just going by its name. However, the reality is more than a little muddy. For now, let’s focus on what they claim to offer and then we can dig into the reality. From their front page they say that their market research services offer you the ability to earn via:

  • Focus groups.
  • Clinical trials.
  • Paid surveys.

Apex Focus Group ways to earn

So this all seems legit, right? Well, not exactly – while the site isn’t dangerous, it is a little misleading in what it actually offers you. Because of this odd situation, we’re going to jump straight to the legitimacy check for Apex Focus Group:

Is Apex Focus Group Legitimate?

The answer to whether Apex Focus Group is legit or not, is a grey area. To put your mind at ease, Apex Focus Group is legit in the fact that the site is not dangerous, not really a scam, and does forward you to valid earning opportunities. The important phrase here is “forwards you to”.

You’ll likely be used to good, legit earning opportunities like Swagbucks or Gain.gg where you earn good money and your earnings rack up on the site itself. This is not the case with Apex Focus Group.

What Apex Focus Group does, is that it forwards you to the signup pages of other sites that do allow you to earn. So for example for surveys, as soon as you sign up you will be sent an email with a link to a survey on Lifepoints. You’ll also receive links to join surveys on Toluna, Branded Surveys, and more. All of these sites are legit, but they are not associated with Apex Focus Group. And anything you earn on these sites will be associated with these sites only.

The story for focus groups is the same, you’ll be directed to the likes of Focus Group by Schlesinger again, a legit site itself but not in any way connected with Apex Focus Group. They even push publically available focus group signs ups toward you as if they were their own. Check out this from McCormick that anyone (at the time of writing can access) and sign up for:

apex focus group links to external panels
Apex Focus Group links to publically available panels as if it were its own.

So, what on earth is going on here? Is Apex Focus Group a scam?

Is Apex Focus Group a Scam?

We’ve learned above that something odd is going on here, but is Apex Focus Group actually a scam? Well, surprisingly, no Apex Focus Group is in fact not a scam but it is incredibly misleading and a pointless middleman.

What Apex Focus Group does is pretend that they are a marketing/focus group company. But in reality, their site is a low-content, no-benefit funnel to pass you through to the actual legit earning sites.

They earn money via affiliate sales and referrals, which in itself is fine. What I do not like is that they are structured in a way to make you think that these focus groups, trials, and surveys are somehow part of their business. Or that they are helping you in some practical way. The truth is that they are an affiliate site that disguises itself as a focus group site and simply copies details of valid focus groups etc. from other sites and sends you links about them. If you sign up, they earn some cash.

Our advice is to just go direct to Branded Surveys, Toluna, Focusgroup.com, etc. If you feel the benefit of being told which site to go to next, then by all means use Apex Focus Group but for most people, it is a pointless step in between you and earning money online.

How Does Apex Focus Group Work?

As we’ve outlined above, Apex Focus Group is an affiliate and referral site that will simply direct you to sites where you can sign up to take surveys, focus groups, etc. We suggest you just go to the sites directly but for those still interested in using Apex Focus Group:

1. Signing Up

The sign-up process is very short. In fact, you only have to fill out a few fields. Remember, what you’re signing up for here is daily (or more often) email blasts of affiliate/referral links. So think of this more like signing up for a newsletter rather than an earning opportunity site like Swagbucks.

apex focus group sign up registration
Apex Focus Group sign-up is one form, very simple.

I’m not even sure why they need your birth and gender information as the links they send are just generic redirects to other sites. Perhaps it is just to continue that veil of legitimacy? Or maybe I’m being unfair and behind the scenes they use it to filter what they send you?

After sign-up, there is no member dashboard, you don’t actually have an account or a way to log in. You just wait for the emails to come and click them.

2. There Will be Emails

Once signed up you’ll instantly be sent some emails. And by some emails, I mean a lot of emails. These will contain links to register for other sites such as Branded Surveys, Toluna, and more. You will then continue to receive such emails every day.

If you click the emails, they will take you to these valid sites and you can sign up and earn. On these legit sites, you will complete surveys, apply for focus groups, and more. All OK and above board.

There’s nothing else to mention here other than the fact that you could have just gone to these sites directly by yourself without signing up for their email blasts.

If you want a list of earning opportunities, we have a mega list of hundreds and growing. Check out our huge list of ways to earn online.

In all fairness though, some people may find benefit here. It gets you to valid sites where you can start to earn.

Just remember that each site will be a separate earning opportunity and none of them will be related to Apex Focus Group. Apex Focus Group will not pay you, these linked to sites will.

Who Can Join Apex Focus Group?

Literally anyone. There are no country restrictions as none of this information is collected on sign-up. There aren’t even any age restrictions. We managed to sign up with a date of birth in 2023!

Just remember that the sites they pass you to will be the usual survey and focus group sites that most will be familiar with. This means that the majority of opportunities will be those from the major English-speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. But there will still be opportunities for those from other countries.

Does Apex Focus Group Pay Out?

No, Apex Group doesn’t pay out a penny to you. But don’t worry, that’s not because Apex Focus Group is a scam. They simply pass you on to other sites such as Branded Surveys, Focusgroup.com, and more. It is these sites that pay you for completing the surveys and/or completing focus groups.

Of the sites that we have seen Apex Focus Group send emails about, all are legit and all pay you based on their own terms and conditions. Don’t assume that is always the case. If you get given a link to a site that you don’t recognize, come back to Earnologist and check our complete list of legit ways to earn online.

The main takeaway here is that Apex Focus Group are not the ones that will be paying you. You will be paid by the sites they refer you to though.

Apex Focus Group App

Unsurprisingly, there is no Apex Focus Group App. That’s because you never really have an account with them or a dashboard area and you aren’t paid by them. They just email you links to other sites that do allow you to earn online.

Apex Focus Group Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Introduces you to new earning sites.


  • Deceptive, not a focus group site.
  • Reports of spammy emails.
  • Can't earn anything directly.
  • A pointless middleman.

It should be clear by now that we do not recommend Apex Focus Group as a way to earn money online. First of all, what I dislike is their operating model. They act as a pointless middleman. They will send you emails telling you to join Branded Surveys for example. You can just do this on your own without the need for Apex Focus Group in the middle. For you, the user there is no real benefit to signing up.

Now, our rating wouldn’t be so low if they were honest about what they are. There is some minor value that they provide in terms of introducing people to new earning sites. But what drags their rating down is their lack of transparency and the misleading nature of what they do.

They claim to be a focus group and market research firm, but all focus groups and market research happen on other sites, in other apps. All they do is link to them. And when they link to them, and you click that link, Apex Focus Group gets paid.

Again, just to reiterate, this affiliate model is OK if it adds some value to the user (you) and if they don’t try to hide it. They do mention it in their terms and conditions but on the homepage, they disguise this model.

So while technically legit, they only email you links. That is the only purpose they serve. It’s not a site or service that we see any benefit in using.

Other Apex Focus Group Reviews

I’m a big believer in comparisons and looking at multiple sources of information. While I believe that our review of Apex Focus Groups is the most in-depth that you will find online, it’s useful to look at what others are saying about it. So let’s do just that.

Apex Focus Group Reddit

Reddit is a good place to get a feel for a site or an app. Interestingly Apex Focus Group does not appear very often. Even in the beermoney subs, it seems to be absent. This is a sign that it is not a recommended way to earn online.

Interestingly a lot of the results seem to be around Apex Focus Group hiring people via job sites as focus group takers. These listings now seem to have all been taken down, presumably due to the dishonest way the “job” was advertised:

Apex Focus Group Trustpilot Review

The reviews on Trustpilot for Apex Focus Group are concerning. As of writing, they are rated poor with 77% of ratings being 1 star. There is an overall negative sentiment in the reviews, of which an example can be seen below:

apex focus group trustpilot reviews
As of writing, most reviews of Apex Focus Group do not paint a very good picture.

Reading the reviews, you can see a lot of mention of scams and a definite feeling of fear from the reviewers. Now, as we’ve mentioned above it’s not technically a scam, more that it misleads people but you can see the effect of this approach on people that are unaware of what they’re actually signing up for. Luckily you know in advance what to expect.

Apex Focus Group Glassdoor Review

We mentioned earlier that for a time, Apex Focus Group attempted to list sign-ups on job sites. This seems to have opened them up as fair game on Glassdoor – these users, just like you viewed themselves as employees even though they were just being fed affiliate links to other sites.

apex focus group glassdoor review
The Glassdoor reviews of Apex Focus Group are in line with what we believe. Not necessarily a scam, but spammy emails and misleading users.

Similar Apps

Now, I’m not OK with Apex Focus Group’s approach and the hidden affiliate nature of what they do. So, instead of similar apps and sites, we suggest sites that cut them out as a middleman. These Get paid to sites will have you earning much faster and much more effectively:

Apex Focus Group FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full Apex Focus Group review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

No, Apex Focus Group is not a scam. It is however misleading. There is no danger in using the site, but all they offer in reality is to send you many, many affiliate and referral links to your email every day.

Apex Focus Group is real, in terms of it is a site that will send you emails to actual real earning opportunities. However, it is simply a middleman earning money off you clicking the links in the huge amounts of emails that they send you.

No, they don’t. It appears that for a time they listed job roles as “Focus group participants – data entry clerks”. This was and is a misrepresentation of what you’d do. In fact, you wouldn’t even work for them. They simply send you affiliate links to other survey and focus group sites. There never was any actual job positions.

They do not appear to have one. On their contact page they list an email address info@apexfocusgroup.com.

Final Thoughts

Apex Focus Group is a reminder to always be wary of incredible claims made by online earning websites. Apex Focus Group lists the potential to earn £700/$700 up to several thousands from individual trials or focus groups.

They position themselves as a focus group site and a market research firm but as we’ve shown in this review all they do is inundate you with endless emails containing referral and affiliate links to other sites where you can earn money.

There is nothing wrong with this model, and if they offered some benefit to you, their user, I would perhaps feel differently. But instead, they spam with low-content, low-value emails to earn money from your clicks.

That being said, if you do sign up for the legit sites that they send to you, you can make money. But that would be the same as going direct to the site anyway.

Altogether a very dishonest and non-transparent set-up. Your best bet is to avoid them altogether and go direct to the earning sites themselves.

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