8,000+ Dog Walking Business Name Ideas & Name Generator

Dog walking business name ideas generator

If you’re asking your self “What can I call my dog walking business?” then you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the right dog walking business name is important and so is choosing the style or the positioning of the name.

Choosing a good name for your dog walking business will attract customers, increase revenue and help your business become successful.

We have approached this from two sides with our dog walking business name generator that can generate thousands of names, and on top of that several sections that will run through catchy, fun, unique, professional, traditional, and more types of business names for your new dog walking business. We have lists and lists of ideas and examples for you further on.

Combining these two approaches will enable you to come up with the very best dog walking business name for your situation.

Dog Walking Business Name Generator

Our dog walking business name generator just needs some keywords from you to produce thousands of combinations of dog walking business name ideas.

Enter your keywords below, such as “dog“, “walking“, “pup“, “leash” etc., hit generate and you will be given 20 unique dog walking business name ideas!

Clicking generate, again will give you another 20 catchy names. Feel free to use the names as they are generated or use them as the basis for some business name brainstorming. There are thousands of possibilities per keyword!

If you click on the name, it will check to see if that dog walking business name isn’t already taken, or rather that the website address isn’t already taken.

The Name Generator:

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Dog Walking Business Name Ideas

You’ve had a chance to try out the dog walking business name generator, so let’s look at the next step. If you want to make sure that you have a catchy dog walking business name or one that is positioned correctly for your market, read on.

We’ll look at how to identify keywords for your dog walking business name ideas and also give you a whole host of generated names from catchy, to funny, to professional and even niche and unique.

Remember to check out our MEGA guide for starting your own dog walking business from beginning to end!

Tips For Choosing Your Business Name

Below we list hundreds of dog walking business name ideas but of course, you will need to decide on some aspects of the name yourself. Our top tips for choosing your dog walking business name:

  1. Position it correctly: By this, we mean if you want to come across as fun or quirky, reflect that in your name. Or if you want to be seen as a professional outfit, again make the name convey that to customers.
  2. Relevance & Clarity: Make sure that if someone were to read your business name, they would know instantly that it had to do with dogs, dog walking, or pets.
  3. Memorability: You want the name to stick in people’s minds. This means that even if they don’t need a dog walker now when they do, your business name is at the forefront of their minds.

Keywords For Your Dog Walking Business Name

The best dog walking business names describe the business itself. The name lets people know what the business is as soon as they read it. So, how exactly do you do this?

With keywords.

To simplify things, head over to relatedwords.io and get a list of words related to “dog”. This will give you some base keywords that you can use in our name generator above or to get your creative juices flowing and devise your own business name.

So when we’re looking at dog or dog walking keywords at relatedwords, we get something like the bold words in the list below. You can then build a dog walking business name around those keywords:

  • Pooch -> Pawsome Pooch Promenade
  • Bark -> Bark Busters
  • Tail -> Tail Waggin’ Trails
  • Doggy -> Doggy Steps and Strides
  • Woof -> Woof Walkers
  • Canine -> Canine Companion Strolls
  • Hound -> Happy Hound Hikers
  • Walks -> Waggle Walks
  • Paw -> Paw Prints Pathways
  • Fido -> Fido’s Fun Frolics

This is a simple yet effective way to generate the best dog walking name ideas with hardly any effort at all. You don’t even need much creativity, just that spark of keywords and an understanding of how you want to position your dog walking business.

The Best Dog Walking Business Name Ideas

So, what are the best dog walking business name ideas? That is debatable and will entirely depend on how you want to position your business. We’ll walk through the options to let you find the best dog walking business name for your situation.

We’ll look at professional names, quirky, fun, and funny names, locally focused names, and more. Each of these as you will see leads to a drastically different set of dog walking business name ideas.

Let’s take a look:

Catchy Dog Walking Business Name Ideas

When we’re looking at catchy dog walking business names we’re mainly looking at alliteration. The reason for this is that it rolls off the tongue and more importantly, it is memorable and sticks in people’s minds. Having your business name on the tip of a person’s tongue is a huge advantage.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the catchiest dog walking business name ideas that use alliteration:

  • Paws & Pals Pet Walkers
  • The Wagging Way
  • Happy Tails Dog Walks
  • Rover’s Roamers
  • Leash Legends
  • Furry Feet Adventures
  • Walkies Wonderland
  • Tail Trail Trekkers
  • Pooch Parade
  • Wag-N-Walk
  • Bark Avenue Walkers
  • Pawfect Paws Pet Services
  • The Pawsitive Path
  • Doggy Delight Walks
  • The Waggle Wagon
  • Woof Whiskers Walks
  • Playful Paws Pet Walkers
  • Canine Cruisers
  • Waggle and Wander
  • Pawventure Pack
  • The Happy Hound Hikers
  • Wagtopia Walks
  • Rover’s Ramblers
  • Pooch Pals Pathfinders
  • Furry Fun Trails
  • The Bark Brigade
  • Wagville Walkabouts
  • Pawsitively Playful
  • WoofWise Wanderers
  • Tailwaggers Trekking
  • Walk ‘n Wags
  • Playtime Pup Walkers
  • The Doggy Discovery
  • Paw Power Partners
  • PupTrek Professionals

Remember, alliteration isn’t just effective for that “catchiness factor”, but also helps towards brand recognition, engagement & intrigue, and can help to build your brand’s association with your topic area (dog walking in this case).

Quirky & Unique Dog Walking Business Name Ideas

Quirky and unique dog walking business names work really well because it increases your approachability and endows a friendly brand personality. From a marketing perspective, it is a conversation starter. If your dog walking business name is very unique or weird, people will tell their friends about it. And word of mouth goes a long way.

Finally, it helps to differentiate you from your competition. Think about it, which dog walker would you check out first – “Paws Up!” or “John’s Dog Walkers”?

Let’s take a look at some examples of unique, quirky dog walking business name ideas:

  • Pawstronauts
  • Sniff-N-Stroll
  • Barkitects
  • Wagga Walkers
  • The Canine Caravan
  • Woofy Wanderers
  • Pawsome Pathfinders
  • The Barking Brigade
  • Fetch Frenzy
  • Bark and Roll
  • Ruff Riders
  • Pupventure Pioneers
  • Quirky Canine Cruisers
  • The Doggie Dasher
  • Pawsitively You
  • Bizzy Barkers
  • Pawdiculous Adventures
  • WaggleBops
  • Pawtopia Explorers
  • Sniffy Striders
  • Wagtastic Trails
  • Barkonomics
  • The Woof Wagon
  • Pawsome Pioneers
  • The Howlin’ Hikers
  • Fetch Fiesta
  • Barktastic Bouncers
  • Ruff ‘n’ Rollers
  • Pupventure Questers
  • Barking Boppers
  • Canine Capers
  • The Pawsitively Quirky
  • Tail Tornadoes
  • Pawsome Shenanigans
  • Waggle Whiz
  • Quirky Canine Explorers
  • The Pawdiculous Crew
  • WaggleHop Walkers

Quirkiness is quite easy to manufacture. Take a work such as “awesome” and merge it with dog-related words to make “pawsome”, “pupsome” etc. Play with the output from the dog walking business name generator above to create some quirky masterpieces.

Modern Dog Walking Business Name Ideas

Modern business names tend to be very short, snappy, and to the point. They come in a few different varieties such as single words, portmanteau, or compound business names, and often have mid-sentence capitalization or even first letters in lowercase.

Let’s take a look at some examples of modern dog walking business name ideas:

  • PawsomeFit
  • Woofit
  • Barkitect
  • TailMingle
  • Pawtential
  • Pupify
  • Wagster
  • Fetchify
  • Sniffscape
  • Walksy
  • PoochPulse
  • Leashly
  • furBuddy
  • Roverio
  • Houndify
  • HappyTailsy
  • WagNation
  • BarkWise
  • Pupster
  • Walkio
  • Tailend
  • Pawsperity
  • Woofaroo
  • Petzen
  • Pawzee
  • Rovera
  • Wagglez
  • Pawndle
  • Fetchology
  • pupNest
  • Wagsy
  • Pawsitive
  • Walkaroo
  • Barklane
  • Wooforama
  • LeashLab
  • Furbound
  • Wagology
  • Pawtastic
  • Pupify

As you can see, these sorts of names have a start-up, modern and trendy feel to them. What makes them even more useful as dog walking business names is that they easily convert into website addresses. We’ll look into the relationship between your business name and website address later on.

Professional/Traditional Dog Walking Business Name Ideas

A professional or traditional dog walking business name can also go a long way to promote a feeling of confidence with potential customers. It is a balance though. You’re not a bank or lawyer, so you can’t be too “stuffy” with your name but there are ways to bend it more towards the professional end of the name spectrum.

Firstly you can simply use words that elicit a feeling of professionalism or high class. So think of words like “elite”, “reliable”, trusted” etc. Work these words into any potential name ideas to easily legitimize the name.

Secondly, you can incorporate traditional business suffixes such as “group”, “services”, “limited”, “ltd”, and “&Co.”. This helps to make the business sound more official and professional.

Some examples of professional and traditional sounding dog walking business name ideas:

  • Pawsome Petsitters
  • Furry Friends Company
  • Rover’s Reliable Walkers
  • Trusty Tails Services
  • Canine Companions Ltd.
  • Happy Hounds Handlers
  • Bark & Beyond Walkers
  • Elite Pet Pathfinders
  • The Pup Prodigy
  • Noble Paws Group
  • Guardian Dog Walks
  • Wagging Tails & Co.
  • Tailored Tails Ltd.
  • Classic Canine Care
  • Posh Pooch Pedestrians
  • Premier Pup Pursuits
  • Regal Rovers & Sons
  • Top Dog Trotters Ltd.
  • Faithful Friends Walks
  • Trusted Tail Tamers
  • Pawsome Pathfinders Inc.
  • Canine Care Associates
  • TailWise Solutions
  • ProPup Walkers Ltd.
  • Trusty Trails and Services
  • Noble Hound Handlers Group
  • Guardian Companion Care
  • WagMaster Professionals
  • Classic Canine Ventures
  • Premier Pawsome Pedestrians
  • Royal Rovers Walks Ltd.
  • Faithful Four-Legged Services
  • Top Tier Trotters Inc.
  • Regal Retreats and Walks
  • Sterling Pawsome Partners
  • Noble Noses Enterprises
  • Professional Pet Pilots
  • Trustworthy Tail Tamers Ltd.
  • Royal Pooch Escort Services
  • Prime Pup Pathways Inc.

Try it out yourself. Take some of the name ideas you have and simply drop “group” or “&Co.” at the end of it. It really changes the feel of the business with one simple change.

Adding Your Name to Your Dog Walking Business Name

By introducing your own name into the dog walking business name you can create a much more homely feeling small business. People respond well to business names that are personable.

You can even build in some of our previous tactics such as alliteration or traditional business suffixes. Some examples below:

  • Pawsome Walks by Jack
  • Wagging Tails with Emma
  • Max’s Bark Buddy Services
  • Walker Will
  • Oliver’s Happy Hound Hikes
  • Fido’s Footsteps by Lily
  • Ethan’s Pup Patrol Adventures
  • Tail Treaders with Ava
  • Playful Paws by Mia
  • Canine Companion Walks – Benjamin & Co.
  • Walk with Walter and Friends
  • Bella’s Bark Brigade Handlers
  • Charlie’s Wagging Wonders Walks
  • Toby’s Tailored Walks by Toby
  • Luna’s Leash & Love with Luna
  • Cooper’s Pawsome Adventures and More
  • Daisy’s Waggle Walks by Daisy
  • Maxine’s Pawsitively Pawesome Trails
  • Rocky’s Reliable Walks – Your Trusted Companion
  • Stella’s Happy Tails Trekking Services

Dog Walking Business Names That Aren't Taken

You may be worried about re-using a name that someone else has used. Selecting a dog walking business name that isn’t taken is tough, but not impossible. First, you need to decide your criteria.

Are you wanting to select a name that isn’t taken in your local area? Are you wanting to select a name that isn’t taken in your entire country, do you just want to make sure that it isn’t trademarked, or are you wanting the name to be unique across the entire world (not recommended!).

When selecting a dog walking business name that isn’t taken we suggest focusing on the below criteria:

  1. Check that the name you want isn’t taken in your local area.
  2. Check that it isn’t trademarked.

For a local dog walking business, anything more is overkill and too limiting.

Check your dog walking business name isn’t taken locally:

Under the business type below, type in what you want to name your own business. This will then open a Google Maps page and if the business exists close to you, it will be displayed. If not, your name is unique in your local area.

Check the name isn’t trademarked:

Next, make sure that someone else doesn’t have rights to the name. You can use a trademark checker for your country to find out this information.

If you live in a country other than the above, don’t worry. Check the full list of all country trademark checkers/databases to find the trademark checker for the country you live/operate in.

Once you’ve run through both of the checks above, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your chosen dog walking business name is not already taken.

Website Names For Your Dog Walking Business

You should be looking towards getting a simple website set up for your dog walking business. This can be something that you can link to on physical flyers and promotional material. It can be there for information, also for testimonials from customers, an introduction to you and your business, etc. Or you could even take a few steps further and set up an online booking system for dog walking.

You’ll need to check your business name isn’t already taken as a domain name. You can check your domain name on Namecheap or grab the full package of domain name and web hosting package on Ionos.

If you want a less techy alternative, you can get your website set up very quickly with no technical knowledge by using Squarespace. You can actually have your website up and running in minutes with this approach.

Some examples below:

  • PawsWalks.com
  • WoofWalk.co.uk
  • BarkRoam.de
  • TailTrail.info
  • HappyHounds.net
  • DoggyStrides.com
  • WaggyPaws.co.uk
  • RoverPath.de
  • LeashMeUp.info
  • FurryFeet.net
  • PupVenture.com
  • WalkieBuddies.co.uk
  • Barktastic.de
  • TailWander.info
  • WagNation.net
  • PawsomeTrails.com
  • WoofyWalks.co.uk
  • FetchFrenzy.de
  • SniffyStrolls.info
  • Pawtential.net
  • CanineCompanions.co.uk
  • HappyTails.de
  • PupPerks.info
  • Wagtopia.net
  • BarkCraft.com
  • TailWag.co.uk
  • DoggoRoam.de
  • LeashyLife.info
  • Furbuddy.net
  • PawsParade.com
  • Woofaroo.co.uk
  • RuffRoute.de
  • WaggleHub.info
  • PupsterNet.net
  • WalksyWalks.com
  • Barklane.co.uk
  • Pawtastic.de
  • RoverPath.info
  • LeashLab.net
  • PawsOnDeck.com

Note how they are all relatively short domain names, and easy to spell and to remember. You need to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to get to your dog walking website!


You should have the perfect dog walking business name selected by now or at least have your brain brimming over with potential ideas. Just remember, you need to position the name in the way you want your business to come across. Do you want it to be fun, modern, traditional, quirky, cool, or funny?

Ensure that you use our generator to check domain name availability for your website. You can click the names it generates to automatically find out the availability. Even if you don’t want a website now, it is good to ensure that the domain isn’t taken (for now!).

So, with all that creativity in mind, head out and give your dog walking business the best name possible!

Don’t stop here – continue on with our mega guide for how to start a dog walking business.

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