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CreationsRewards Review

CreationsRewards is a get-paid-to site that allows you to earn in a variety of ways. There are paid surveys, offerwalls, and cashback as you would expect. You can also earn money from watching videos which is a nice touch.

But is CreationsRewards legit and worth your time or is it one to pass on? Find out all in our detailed review and earning guide below.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Get-paid-to site: Surveys, offerwalls, play games, watch videos, cashback, and more.
  • Time: Variable and depends on your own activity.
  • Earnings: Moderate depending on the amount of surveys and offers you complete.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, but very slow payouts.
  • Payout Options: PayPal.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Australia

What is CreationsRewards?

CreationsRewards Review Header

CreationsRewards is a typical get-paid-to site that offers a huge amount of ways to earn online. It takes earning opportunities such as surveys, offerwalls, playing games, watching videos, and cashback and bundles them all into a single site.

It is a very long running and well-established site that has been in operation since the year 2000.

The interface is a little dated but does that mean that it’s one to avoid or should we not judge a book by its cover? Let’s find out more in our deep dive review of CreationsRewards, including how to maximize how much you earn.

How Does CreationsRewards Work?

CreationsRewards is a standard GPT site offers many ways to earn some cash on the side. It operates in a very similar way to Swagbucks for example. CreationsRewards offers the following ways to earn online that we’ll do a deep dive into as we progress through the review.

  • Surveys.
  • Offerwalls (Download apps, play games).
  • Watch videos (HideoutTV etc.)
  • Cashback.
  • Daily free cash.
  • Magic Receipts.
  • Referrals.

You earn CR points for completing any of the above. CR points work out at around 200 points per $1 (USD). Once you’re credited for the above, and earn enough CR Points you can request a withdrawal directly to your PayPal account. And it’s that easy.

First, let’s break down these earning opportunities on CreationsRewards and see how to make the most of them, and avoid any pitfalls.

CreationsRewards Sign-Up Bonus

If you sign-up to CreationsRewards you will get a $5 bonus. But be aware that this will only be applied to your account if you earn a total of 5,000 points within 60 days of signing up.

The good news is that you should be able to do this with a single decent offer on their offerwalls. Take this into consideration as it can make CreationsRewards more profitable, at least for your first offerwall offer.

How to Earn With CreationsRewards

1. Earning with Surveys

First up, we have paid surveys, the bread and butter of GPT sites. CreationsRewards offers a, quite frankly staggering amount of surveys/survey routers. We counted 15 in total. This really boosts your options in terms of grabbing the highest-paid surveys.

But a word of warning, some of those survey routers come with a bizarre constraint. These are under the “daily surveys” section. You can only complete a single survey from these survey routers every 24 hours. I’ve never seen this kind of odd limitation before and I simply can’t understand why it is in place. Why CreationsRewards wants to limit your earning potential via surveys is completely beyond me.

CreationsRewards Review Surveys

This does not apply to all survey routers but about half of them. My advice, avoid the survey routers with this limitation in place. Use CPX Research or other routers in CreationsRewards “Survey Walls” sections to make sure you don’t run afoul of this 24-hour restriction.

Across all surveys, you can earn between 80 and 160 CR, which works out as between $0.40 and $0.80 per survey which is in line with what you’d earn on other sites.

Earn More With CreationsRewards Surveys

General survey rules apply here. Make sure that your profile on CreationsRewards is fully filled in as this can increase the amount of surveys that you’re offered. Similarly, if available fill your profile in, in the relevant survey routers.

Always be consistent. Don’t lie to try to get qualified for more surveys, as they track your prior responses. You’ll end up getting banned from the survey routers.

Avoid the daily surveys that we’ve mentioned above. If you complete more than one in a day you’ll only get credited for the first one. Stick with the “Survey Wall” instead and answer as many surveys as you want.


  • A huge number of ways to earn.
  • Free daily cash.
  • Earn by playing games.
  • Earn with surveys.

2. Offerwalls

CreationsRewards review offerwall selection

Next up on CreationsRewards, we have offerwalls. Offerwalls are usually the highest-paying option on GPT sites and CreationsRewards is no different. They offer some familiar offerwall partners such as OfferToro and AdGateMedia. However, as of writing, there were only 6 available offerwalls which does limit earning potential.

If you’re not aware, offerwalls will pay you well for downloading an app or mobile game, usually completing a series of goals (get to level X). Effectively you’re being paid by CreationsRewards to play games.

If you can’t find good enough offers on CreationsRewards’s offerwalls we suggest taking a look at the big players in GPT such as Swagbucks,, Lootup, and more.

3. Watching Videos

Watching videos is a fantastic passive way to earn on CreationsRewards. They hook into HideoutTV, as many other GPT sites do. The process is that you leave videos playing passively on your laptop/phone etc. and you’ll rack up points on HideoutTV. These points can then be transferred to any GPT site and converted to cash.

For a full breakdown of how this works check out out HideoutTV review/guide.

4. Cashback

CreationsRewards pays you cashback on purchases you make online from a variety of websites. This will typically be a percentage of however much you spend. This section is currently only available to those who are based in the USA.

CreationsRewards cashback review usa
CreationsRewards cashback is only available for those in the USA.

So, the process is as follows:

  1. Go to the cashback section of CreationsRewards.
  2. Click the vendor you want to shop with.
  3. You’ll be passed through to that vendor.
  4. Make your purchase.
  5. You’ll be created with X% of what you spent back on CreationsRewards.

Just remember to turn off any adblockers as it can sometimes interfere with the tracking of cashback.

5. Extra Cash With Daily To-Do List

This seems to have been copied directly from their competitor Swagbucks. In no way a bad thing as you have another opportunity to get some easy free cash. If you complete all of your tasks in a day you earn 50CR which works out as $0.25. It’s not a huge amount but it is free cash for doing tasks you would already be doing to earn:

CreationsRewards Review ToDo List
Most daily tasks are easy to complete.

Getting 300 points at inBrain surveys may be a struggle as you will likely need to run through several surveys. The to-do list also highlights a couple of extra very easy ways to get free cash on CreationsRewards – namely trivia and scratch games.

6. More Extra Cash With Daily Bonuses

This is another earning opportunity taken right out of the Swagbucks playbook. You will earn extra CR points (and therefore extra cash) daily by earning enough points to reach your goals.

CreationsRewards review daily earning goals
Daily earning goals are nice top-ups to reward you for earning.

You don’t need to do anything special here, just earn as you normally would and reap the rewards of the daily bonuses from CreationsRewards.

7. Daily Trivia

You’ll only earn 1CR each day on CreationsRewards for answering the daily trivia but it takes a few seconds to quickly Google the answer and respond. As above it also adds to your daily to-do list for 50CR.

CreationsRewards review daily trivia
Daily trivia pays 1CR per day and takes only seconds to answer.

8. Scratch Games

For this, you’re going to need to download the CreationsRewards mobile app which we’ll go into more detail on later on. Within the app is a section where you can earn each day by scratching off free virtual scratch cards. There’s no skill involved, just scratch them off each day to win.

CreationsRewards daily scratchers free

Despite their very dated look, it is free cash at the end of the day so make sure you visit the mobile app each day to redeem these freebies.

One thing to note is that the CR points you get from the scratch cards do not count towards your daily goal.

9. CreationsRewards Promo Codes

Apparently, CreationsRewards releases promo codes on their social media platforms on Twitter & Facebook but as of writing these accounts have been inactive for several years. There is a possibility that they will be reactivated in the future, but as of now, there does not appear to be any source for promo codes for CreationsRewards.

10. Magic Receipts

Another way to earn that CreationsRewards has “borrowed” from Swagbucks is the concept of Magic Receipts. The idea is simple. You make in-store purchases, upload them, and earn free CR points.

It’s important to note that this is only available in their mobile app and it is USA only. So, if you live elsewhere you will not be able to take advantage of this earning opportunity.

11. Referrals

Finally, you can earn by referring others to join CreationsRewards. As you’d expect, you’re given a personal link that you can then share. If someone signs up through your link you’ll earn 10% of their earnings for life. Remember, that CreationsRewards pays this percentage so the earnings of the person you referred are not affected at all.

How Much Money Can You Make?

While CreationsRewards has a lot of ways to earn, your rewards for doing so are slightly lower than other GPT sites. For example, below we can see the reward on CreationsRewards in CR points for Magnet Miner on OfferToro:

CreationsRewards review offerwall example

So that works out as 8192 CR points, at 200 points per USD, making it worth $40.96. Comparatively on Swagbucks, via the same offerwall OfferToro, you would earn the equivalent of $46. Not a huge difference but it shows that in a lot of cases, you’ll earn a bit more on other more profitable GPT sites.

The actual amount that you can earn from CreationsRewards is of course entirely dependent on how many offers you do, how many surveys you answer etc. It is purely based on the time and effort that you put in.

Note: It is always worth comparing the same offers across different GPT sites as some will earn you more than others for exactly the same tasks.

How to Get Paid by CreationsRewards?

Now for the big problem. CreationsRewards states that once you request a payout it can take 1-4 weeks, with an additional note that in some cases even 90 days! This is very, very poor. In my opinion, a week is just about acceptable but CreationsRewards payout timelines are terribly unfair.

There is only a single payment method available which is PayPal. Not a problem for me, but bear that in mind if you were hoping for alternative payout options. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $5 which is good in comparison to other similar sites.

The payout structure works as follows:

Payout Amount CR Points Needed
$5 PayPal
1,020 CR points
$10 PayPal
2,040 CR points
$25 PayPal
5,100 CR points
$50 PayPal
10,200 CR points

More Ways to Earn

Is CreationsRewards Legit, Safe and Real?

Yes, CreationsRewards is a legitimate GPT site that allows you to earn some extra cash online. In fact, CreationsRewards has been in operation since the year 2000, which is 8 years longer than its most well-known competitor, Swagbucks. The long history of the site gives confidence that it is not just a “rug pull” or scam site.

One thing to bear in mind though is their overly long payment processing schedule. This is set at 1-4 weeks, with a caveat that it may even take up to 90 days (3 months) which is painfully slow. This has resulted in claims online that the site is a scam, but in reality, it is just a very poorly set-up payment process that you will simply need to wait on. That being said, we have seen reports of users never being paid or having their accounts terminated before payment concludes.

So, while the site is not a scam it does come with risk in that you cannot be certain that you will be paid for your time, or if you are you will have a significant wait for payout.

Is There a CreationsRewards App?

Yes, CreationsRewards has an app available on both iOS and Android. It’s a nice addition and is actually a lot more modern feeling than the website itself. For the most part, it is the same as the website but structured in a much more user-friendly way.

CreationsRewards review mobile app

It also offers a unique earning opportunity to USA members only – magic receipts, where you are paid to upload pictures of your physical receipts from in-store purchases.

CreationsRewards Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Tons of survey routers.
  • Free cash every day.
  • Mobile app available.


  • 1-4 weeks for payouts.
  • Reports of non-payments.
  • Only 6 offerwalls.
  • Dated website.

I really wanted to like CreationsRewards as it has all of the pieces that make up a great GPT site. It has a huge, huge amount of survey routers, it’s hooked up to HideoutTV for video earnings, they offer free daily cash etc. Admittedly though their Offerwall offerings are poor. And because offerwalls are the major cash resource of GPT sites, this really brings things down.

In addition, you will earn less than you would for completing identical tasks on other GPT sites. This isn’t a deal breaker as such but over time it will mean that you’re leaving money on the table.

Where CreationsRewards really drops the ball is their payout process. I don’t know how they justify 1-4 weeks (and up to 90 days even) from a user requesting a payout to actually being paid. It’s quite frankly absurd. And when combined with reports of non-payment, it makes CreationsRewards a risky proposition.

They get some points back for having a mobile app which is handy, but not enough to overcome the problems with low earnings, terrible payout timelines, and reports of non-payment.

My suggestion would be that if you’re still interested in CreationsRewards, to blast through the $5 sign-up bonus, withdraw and then move onto more profitable GPT sites.

CreationsRewards FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full CreationsRewards review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

Yes, there is a CreationsRewards available for both Android and iOS.

You can only join CreationsRewards if you live in the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada. There is also an age limitation whereby you must be 18 years old or over to join. Finally, you cannot join if another member of your household already has an account.

Final Thoughts

CreationsRewards is an acceptable GPT site but generally speaking you will be able to earn more money elsewhere. They have improved recently, by trying to adapt the “Swagbucks formula” but are let down by their own abysmal payout scheduling.

Our advice would be to only join if you’re after that $5 free signup bonus, complete an offer or two to claim it, and then move on to any of the other top-tier GPT sites available online.

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