Testerup Review & Earning Guide: Is it Legit?

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Testerup Review

Testerup claims to be a mobile app testing opportunity. They offer incredibly high payouts but is it too good to be true?

In reality, Testerup is not a mobile game testing site but actually has more in common with offerwalls such as ayeT Studios and Adscend Media. Does that mean that Testerup is fake or a scam or is it just a matter of semantics? Read on to find out more.

What you need to know

  • Time: Weeks to complete tasks and challenges across various mobile games.
  • Earnings: Low. You can earn $0.10 – $1.00 for moderately difficult tasks. But need to spend on iAP to complete anything beyond that. A very high minimum payout of $70.
  • Trust: Low trust. Generally misleading + account bans. 
  • Payout Options: PayPal.
  • Country Availability: USA flag Canada flag United Kingdom flag European Union Flag Australia flag India Flag Japan Flag (Global)

What is Testerup?

testerup main page header

Testerup (formerly Testery.com) is a self-proclaimed mobile game testing website that pays you to test games. The reality though is that this is a rather deceptive spin on what they actually offer.

You will do absolutely no mobile game testing. You will simply not be paid to test games for money. In fact, once you’ve registered they more or less drop the “testing” pretense altogether.

What you will do is play games, complete some tasks within the game, and get paid for it. This might sound very similar to other offerwall sites and that’s because that is exactly what it is. Why they feel the need to lie about being a game testing site rather than an offerwall or GPT site, I’ll never know.

They offer incredibly high payouts of up to $180 or more per game. Don’t get too excited though as there is a rather huge catch here. We’ll dig into that a little more below.

How Does Testerup Work?

For those who have used GPT sites and offerwalls before, the process is fairly simple. All you do is choose a game, complete certain missions within that game, and then get paid the stated amount for completing it.

There are some pitfalls here with Testerup and information that you absolutely must bear in mind. So, let’s take a look in more detail:

1. Signing Up

The sign-up process is relatively straightforward. You can register directly using your Google or Facebook account or just enter your email address and choose a password. It takes a few seconds and you’re in. You’ll need to verify your email address too as you would expect.

Unfortunately, seconds after signing up we were hit with an insta-ban:

testerup instaban suspension

During sign-up and the few seconds we browsed for we did not use a “simulator”, VPN, proxy or any other similar service. Our account was locked and that was that.

We need to review the site, so we registered again with different credentials, this time using an Android phone and mobile connection. We were able to register and log on in this way. But our first experience is a stark warning. Even without using a VPN, proxy, etc., we were banned for apparently using one. Imagine if you’ve earned $50 and are then hit with this incorrect ban/suspension. Not what you want.

2. Testerup Tests (Offerwalls in Reality)

So as we mentioned above, despite their claims, Testerup is in fact not a mobile game testing site. They are a very basic offerwall site. As you can see, once you log in you are presented with your “Offers” just like you would see in Swagbucks, Gain.gg, or Freecash.com:

testerup test offers
Testerup’s available offers (note offers, not tests).

The first thing you’ll notice is that you can apparently earn up to $180 for playing Coin Master when at its peak Swagbucks was offering $30. If it feels like there must be some sort of catch, that’s because there is.

Each app has a set of missions. These range from easy to incredibly difficult. For each game, you may have a task for $0.10 to get to level 5 or $0.50 to get to level 10 which are perfectly achievable. But, the majority of that $180 is locked behind tasks that are basically to spend money in-game (reducing how much you earn drastically) or to achieve something that cannot be done in time without spending a ton of cash in-game.

I want to make it very clear that at Earnologist we love offerwalls, but the offers you see in Testerup are again, just like the site intro itself, very deceptive. It is very difficult to earn much from it and if you’re not careful, in some cases you can even lose money.

Even if you do focus on the achievable tasks, at $1 or less each, it will take you forever to reach the massive payout minimum of $70.

To put this in perspective: Swagbucks has PayPal cashouts from $5, Gain.gg from $7.50 and QMEE even offers a minimum payout of just $0.01!

But, in all fairness, you can just play the long game and do the easy low-level tasks. There is no obligation to complete all tasks for the game, so Testerup does at least have that going for it.

3. Increase Earnings as a Premium "Tester"

Some tests are tagged as “Premium” and if you complete (and I mean fully complete) 5 of these premium offers you will become a Premium “Tester”.

(I feel like a broken record but I just don’t know why they feel the need to lie about this whole tester business… The lack of transparency irks me more than the high minimum payouts.)

Anyway, once you’re a Premium “Tester” you gain access to:

  • More games available to play.
  • Exclusive earning opportunities.
  • Higher paying opportunities.

Unless you throw a whole load of your money into in-app purchases you will never become a Premium “Tester”. This could be a nice little perk but it’s just a way to squeeze more money out of people who haven’t thought it through.

Who Can Join Testerup?

There don’t seem to be any limitations or restrictions on who can join Testerup in terms of which country you’re from. So it can be considered global.

However, they will only allow people who are 18 years of age or older to join. We were not personally prompted with any age verification though.

Testerup Payouts

You don’t do offerwalls for free, so, of course, you’re keen to learn if Testerup really pays you, what the process is, and how much you’re likely to make. So let’s take a look at just that:

Testerup Payout Process

As mentioned, the minimum payout for Testerup is an unbelievable $70. This is probably the highest we’ve ever seen and to be frank it is ridiculous. Most sites will payout from $5 to $10, sometimes less. Testerup (Formerly Testerly) and their $70 minimum means that your hard-earned cash is tied up in their site for an uncomfortable amount of time.

That said, if you do manage to reach $70, you can request the payout directly via PayPal. Their site claims that you will receive the payout in 24 hours.

There is also a very important point that before you can request a payout, you must verify your face. That’s right, your face. They claim that this is needed to improve the security and safety of the site but don’t explain in what way. Regardless, the face verification provider FaceTec does appear to be legit.

Does Testerup Really Pay?

Testerup does appear to pay at least occasionally, however, there are many reports of them avoiding or dodging paying out:

The top 2 Google Playstore Reviews report show that Testerup responded to non-crediting offers with an insta-ban:

testerup google reviews

The overwhelming consensus that I’ve found online is that many offers do not credit, and if you raise a support request, it often triggers a ban. In other cases after requesting a payout, there are reports that the user is banned. So you could potentially put hundreds of hours into Testerup and earn nothing if these reports are to be believed.

Warning: The $70 minimum means your cash will be “stuck” for months until you reach the payout minimum. If Testerup decides to ban you for no reason (as they did to us), or they go bust, your hard-earned cash is gone.

Testerup App

There is a Testerup App, and despite showing offers on their website you must use their app to earn any money at all. There’s nothing special here, but it does make it easier to get from the offer to download app on the same device.

testerup app screenshot

When compared to other apps for GPT sites it doesn’t really offer anything at all. It’s just a wrapper to hold the list of apps that you can earn from. It does the job I suppose.

Similar Apps

Even though they don’t want to admit it, Testerup/Testery are a GPT/offerwall site. We really do not recommend that you put any time or effort into Testerup and instead urge you to check out the other similar apps below or take a look at our huge list of big earning GPT sites.

Testerup Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • PayPal Payouts.


  • Deceptive, not a testing site.
  • Huge $70 min payout.
  • Reports of bans and non-payment.
  • Most offers require payment.

It should be clear by now that I am not a fan of Testerup (Formerly Testery) and its deceptive marketing. Any business that disguises what it actually is, is a massive red flag. It is not a mobile game testing site but a very simple offerwall.

It also claims that you can earn huge amounts of money, but hides the fact that you will need to pay a significant amount of money just for the chance to earn this much.

Then we have the $70 minimum payout. Wow. I would love to hear their reasoning here. This is not normal for a GPT site. You should be able to cashout at around $5 or $10. Testerup effectively locks your hard-earned cash away for months.

And finally, their VPN/proxy bans. As you saw at the start of this Testerup review, we were actually banned for just that reason. We didn’t use a VPN or proxy, however. As you’ll see in the “Is Testerup Legit” section below, there are reports of VPN/proxy bans as soon as someone raises a support request or payout. 

To sum up our Testerup review in one sentence: Earnologist DOES NOT recommend Testerup (Testery).

Is Testerup Legit?

While Testerup is legit, it is a shady site that is in no way transparent. Additionally, the site is set up in such a way that it actively works against your main objective of making money:

  • Any high-paying game missions require in-app payments. Some are effectively impossible even if you pay to win.
  • Most people will earn cents per game, some will even lose money.
  • The $70 minimum payout means you don’t have access to your money for months or longer. It is very difficult to reach this minimum.
  • There are many reports of VPN/proxy bans when users raise support tickets or try to cash out.

There are also reports of offers not crediting. Without more insight, it is impossible to tell whether this is by design or just due to a poor implementation and/or reliability. Either way, it’s a reason to stick with more reliable offerwalls like Gain.gg.

Is Testerup Real or Fake?

Again, Testerup is real but only in the sense that it is an active site, where you can potentially earn money by completing offers. But as we mentioned above, shady tactics mean that the site makes it hard for you to earn a profit.

So while yes, it is real, certain claims they make are fake or at best misleading:

  • They are not a game testing site, they are an offerwall site.
  • The high-earning amounts do not take into account the huge amount you need to invest into in-app purchases.
  • Reports of users being banned for VPN/proxy use despite not using those services and losing all earnings.

Testerup Reddit

Reddit is a great place to get real people’s experiences of a website. Browsing through Reddit on the topic of Testerup shows negative sentiment, apprehension and complaints.

For example:

To keep things balanced we were able to find one semi-positive comment for Testerup on Reddit:

Testerup FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full Testerup review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

Yes, Testerup was formerly called Testery, so they are in fact exactly the same.

The answer to this is, “Not really”. We can see that some people are able to earn and cash out. But Testerup is a borderline case. While not a scam, it is not an effective way to earn money online.

Remember, that Testery and Testerup are one and the same. Both are legit, but borderline. It is very difficult to earn enough to cashout, so while technically legit we advise against using this earning opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Initially seeing the claims made by Testerup that you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars is enticing. But as with most things, if it feels too good to be true, it often is.

The reality, of course, you see above. $70 minimum withdrawal, offers that don’t credit, reports of bans for questionable reasons if you lodge a support ticket, and very, very little evidence online of payouts. The one note we were able to find was that it took 6 months of extensively playing games to reach $70. Your time can be spent much more profitably with other GPT sites.

While Testerup is not a scam, it is not a site that I would use personally. I was hesitant to even link to the site in this review but because it is legit I feel that it should be included. However, this does come with the very heavy recommendation against Testerup as a practical way to earn money online.

That said, despite not being recommended by Earnologist, you can check out Testerup yourself.

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