14+ Best Places to Sell Used Board Games Today

Where to Sell Used Board Games

To understand where to sell used board games, you need to know who buys used board games. No matter where you’re located we’ve got the answers you need below.

Options for Selling Board Games

At a high level, you have two major ways to sell your used or old board games that you no longer want. You can either sell used board games online, or you can sell them locally, near where you live.

You’ll earn more for board games that are complete and in good condition, but you can even sell incomplete board games for parts, and spares or even use them to sell creative crafts.

Below we’ll look at all of the places where you can sell your old board games for profit both online, and near you.

Where to Sell Board Games Locally, Near You

If you’ve racked up a load of old, used board games as many of us do, you may be looking to offload them to free up space or to make some cash from them.

However, finding the right place to sell your board games nearby can be tough. Essentially it boils down to finding out who buys board games near you.

Depending on where you live, there may be more or fewer options available to you but with our guide below you will absolutely find somewhere to cash in and sell those old, used board games for cold hard cash.

1. Sell to Board Game, Tabletop Game or Hobby Stores

Many board game, tabletop game or hobby stores are board game buyers in addition to being sellers. We suggest that you pick your best used board games to sell here. They will likely be more discerning than other places but will pay top dollar for board games that are in good condition.

If you have any vintage board games to sell or rare board games, they will likely snap these up, again at a very decent price. This is probably your best option to pull in the maximum amount of profits.

First, get a list of all board game/tabletop game stores near you with our handy tool below: 

This will give you a list of all board game and tabletop game stores in your local area. Simply check through the list that our tool provides and note down their phone numbers. Give them a call and see if they are interested in the used board games that you’re looking to sell.

Not all stores will be buyers of board games but a good amount of them will be.

2. Sell to Used/Retro Video Game Stores

This one might sound a bit odd, but many used video game stores have now started branching out into buying and selling used board games too. The move towards digital for video games has meant that they have needed to redefine their definition of “games” to remain profitable.

So, now, as long as your used board games are in good condition, they have become the perfect place to sell them. One good example is Cex in the UK, which now also buys used board games in their brick and mortar stores.

Again, regardless of where you are, you will be able to find video game stores where you can sell board games using our handy tool below:

The same process again, take a look at the list of stores that our tool provides. Note down phone numbers and give them a quick call to see if there is any interest in the used board games that you want to sell.

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3. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are a catch-all for selling your unwanted stuff. But do pawn shops actually buy old used board games? Absolutely they do! You’ll just need to make sure that the condition is good. You’ll also need to make sure that you know the value of your board games beforehand as pawn shops are known for underpaying those who don’t know the value of what they have.

Again, we suggest calling ahead to check that they are interested before you lug a whole load of board games down to the physical store.

4. Cafe's, Coffee Shops and Pubs

This option to sell your used board games is a little off the beaten track. However, if you’ve been to smaller local cafes or coffee shops (i.e. not Starbucks etc.) you will have noticed that may have a selection of books and yes, board games along the shelving on the walls. Similarly, this can also be seen in typically older, local pubs.

Next time you’re there just ask if they’d be interested in freshening up their selection of board games. You likely won’t get as much cash as you would by selling it on to a shop that sells board games but depending on the owner, you may be able to sell for a nice chunk of cash.

Depending on where you live, there are even niche board game cafes such as The Uncommons in New York which would be ideal places to sell your used board games.

5. Garage Sales, Yard Sales & Car Boot Sales

If you selling other things as well, then it might be worth spinning up a quick garage sale or car boot sale (depending on your country!).

You won’t make as much selling your used board games this way but it does let you bundle in all other unwanted items too. Additionally, you can set your own price and aren’t dependent on what a store will offer you.

6. Flea Markets

Taking it a step up from yard sales etc. are flea markets. Again, this is a good option that allows you to sell more than just your old board games. And as before, you get to set the prices which could mean more money in your pocket.

The downside is that you typically need to rent a table which could impact how much you earn. To offset this, you could speak to someone who already has a stall at a flea market and request they sell on your behalf (for a cut of the profits). Alternatively, if their store is geared up to sell board games, they may also be interested in buying board games from you, to later sell on themselves.

If online options for selling are more what you’re looking for read on:

Where to Sell Used Board Games Online

We’ve looked at where to sell your old board games near you, locally but of course, there are many, many options for selling your used board games online too. In some cases, you could earn even more than you would from brick and mortar stores.

Let’s take a look at the online options for offloading your board games:

7. BoardGameGeek (BGG)

Sell Used Boardgames board game geek

BoardGameGeek is as its name would suggest, a site focussing on board games. They also offer a variety of ways to sell your used board games directly through the site to other members.

Their marketplaces are huge and growing especially due to the closure of one of their major competitors, BoardGameCo.

The options available are:

The BGG Marketplace

The BGG Marketplace is a place where anyone can sell their used board games at a set price. I.e. You set a solid price that the buyer must pay. Listing is free but once the sale is complete, BGG take a 3% commission. This is a lot less than eBay fees for example.

GeekList Auctions

BoardGameGeek also has another option with is very eBay-like and that is the GeekList auctions. You set a starting bid for your used board games and other members will try to outbid each other to win. It’s slightly more risky than the marketplace as you do not know the total amount of cash you will make for selling your board game until the auction is complete.

8. Noble Knight Games

sell used board games noble knight games

Next, we have Noble Knight Games. Here, you won’t be selling to other individuals, but instead directly to Noble Knight itself.

From their selling page, you can find a list of instructions. But essentially, you need to ensure that your used board games are complete and simply email the list off to them to receive a quote.

The really great thing about Noble Knight is that they will pay for any shipping costs which really helps you to boost your profits from selling your board games. Once they have your board games, they’ll pay you via PayPal.

While it is based in the USA, they do allow you to sell your old board games from anywhere in the world which is a massive plus point.

9. CeX

CeX Where to sell used board games

CeX, originally a used video game and electronics shop has now also branched out into buying and selling used board games.

You can sell your board games to them online, or if you’d prefer in their brick and mortar stores. Whichever option you choose, we suggest visiting the site first and it gives you a breakdown of which board games they buy and how much cash they will offer you. This is a massive plus as many stores will require you to ask for a quote first.

To boost what you get you can opt for a voucher, but of course that would mean using it to buy for something else that they sell.

CeX is available in the UK, across Europe, and some locations in South America. Unfortunately, CeX no longer operates in the USA.

10. eBay

Of course, old reliable eBay is another option if you want to simplify the process of selling your used board games online. You benefit from millions of customers and unlike other options, you can even sell incomplete used board games. You will of course need to state this, but many people are looking for spares for existing games that they have.

They will take a cut of your profits, but you’re protected by their seller protections program.

Be as accurate as you can with your description, add plenty of images, and consider using their promotions to get your board game listings to the top of the list.

If you already know the value of your board game, go for a buy-it-now. Or If you want buyers to ramp up the price, go for an auction-style listing.

Don’t stop with selling only board games. Check out our guide on what other items sell well on eBay and boost your profits even further.

11. Reddit Board Game Exchange

If you don’t know, Reddit is one of the largest discussion boards on the internet and has a Subreddit for just about any interest. And selling your used board games is no different. r/BoardGameExchange is the perfect subreddit to use to connect with buyers for your old board games.

For protection, trades with members are tracked and they have “flair” associated with their username so you can be confident that they have successfully completed trades in the past without issues.

12. Facebook Marketplace/Groups

Local Facebook groups and the marketplace are great for offloading things you don’t need anymore. As with the other options, be as descriptive as possible and include images of the board game(s).

You should expect people to haggle a little but make sure that you don’t sell your used board game for less than it is worth!

The great thing about Facebook Marketplace/Groups, is the expectation that the buyer picks up the item from you. That means no travel costs or shipping costs.

You can even leverage certain “Free”, or “Pass it on” groups to snag free board games that you can then sell on. We’ll cover that in more detail a little later in the article.

13. Craigslist

Craigslist is another global option for selling board games online. It’s not as well structured as eBay and in fact, has more in common with the Facebook Marketplace.

The process is simple. Just list your used board games, info and pics, and the price you’re looking for.

Again, expect a bit of haggling here. And like Facebook Marketplace, because it is locally targeted, the expectation is that buyers will come to you for pick up.

14. Mercari, Vinted etc.

Mercari, Vinted, and OfferUp are three examples of eBay competitors. They work in a very similar way where they allow you to sell, in our case, board games to buyers.

Vinted is effectively global while Mercari and OfferUp are more USA-centric.

We suggest you check them out as you could pay less in seller fees than you would for eBay.

In fact, Vinted is especially interesting as it has zero seller fees. Check out our article on how to get more free boosts on Vinted to supercharge your listings.

Selling Crafts Using Board Games

We’ve looked at selling your complete used board games, but what about the incomplete sets? We all have board games with missing pieces, but nobody would want to buy those, right? Wrong! You actually have a whole load of options, the first one being to create creative craft items using the pieces that you do have.

Scrabble Art

If you have an incomplete Scrabble board game, perhaps with a damaged board or some missing tiles, you can still make some cash from it. Consider Scrabble art that is becoming increasingly popular.

etsy scrabble art used board games sell
An example of how to sell your used board games that are incomplete.

The best place to sell Scrabble creations like this is on Etsy, known for its handmade listings.

Framed Board Games

You can take this concept even further and look at simply framing your used board games to sell. You can even just frame parts of the board for an overall quirky feel.

The best way of handling this is a 3D box frame that let’s you add real depth to your creation:

monopoly shadow 3d box sell
You can create cool products with just a used board game and a picture frame.

Just Get Creative

You can really do almost anything when it comes to quirky crafts. You’d be surprised what sorts of creations you can make that people would love to have in their home.

Check out what used board game pieces you have, figure out how to use them in a crafty way and sell on the product for some cool cash.

The interesting thing is that people will often pay more for a board games used in a creative way than they would for the complete game itself!

Selling Used Board Game Spares

If you’re not into crafts, you can still make money by selling incomplete used board games as spares or replacements. Your best option here will likely be eBay. Make sure you’re honest in what you’re selling and clearly state spares/replacements.

People will happily hand over their money to replace their incomplete set rather than having to buy a brand-new game.

With the help of Facebook pass it on groups, you can even turn this into a mini-business. Snag the free incomplete board games that people list on there, and sell on as spares. What you can even do if you’re able to source enough free incomplete board games is to combine them to create a complete board game and sell it on at full value!

Where to Sell Vintage Board Games

If you have vintage board games that you want to sell, you really need to be more selective in terms of where you are selling them. Many vintage board games sell for a very high price so you need to make sure that you first check and fully understand the value.

BoardGameGeek and Noble Knight Games, as we’ve listed above are your best options as they are board game focussed. You will be selling to experts who are much more likely to understand the inherent value of them.

Or, once you’re aware of the value of the vintage board game that you’re selling you can use eBay buy it now and set a solid price. Remember that not everyone is a board game collector so you’ll likely need to wait weeks or months before you get a “bite”. Just make sure to hold off until you get your asking price.

Things to Consider

When selling your used board games it is essential to know what you have. The factors involved in what price you can sell your board game for are numerous:

  • Condition: Of course board games in good condition will sell for a higher price. But remember even with missing pieces or damage you can sell as parts/spares.
  • Can it still be bought new: If the game is no longer produced, this will inflate the price. This is especially true for older board games.
  • Rarity: How rare or sought after is the board game? Even if it is still in production, quantities may be limited. And if it is a collector’s item, expect the price to skyrocket.
  • The “new” price: Check out what a brand new copy of the game retails for. You won’t be able to charge more than this of course.
  • Demand: Is it a popular game? More potential buyers, mean that the price is driven up.
  • Original or knock-off: Original games are more valuable. If you have a cheap knock-off/off-branded version of a popular game you likely won’t earn that much from it.

In summary, make sure you understand the value or the worth of your used board game. Don’t sell yourself short, but also don’t over-inflate the price as you may never find a buyer for your used board games.

Where to Sell Vintage Board Games

You may have some specific questions when it comes to selling your board games or looking for buyers. Check out our handy FAQ below for the answers.

Yes, many people are looking for spares or replacement parts. Just make sure that when you’re selling that you clearly state that it is incomplete.

Yes, you can sell board games on Vinteed. Many people think it is only for clothes, but selling used board games is allowed.

Yes, board games sell very well on eBay. Often people assume that because board games are old fashioned that they will be hard to sell. But the fact is that children still play board games and there are plenty of board game collectors out there.

Final Thoughts

You should now be aware of the very best places to sell your used board games near you, locally or online. Make sure you shop around before selling as some options will pay out more than others.

It is also crucially important to understand what your used board games are worth before you sell, especially if they are vintage. Don’t let someone take advantage due to not knowing what your board game is worth!

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