How to Get Free Bumps on Vinted & Boost Your Sales

How to get free bumps on vinted

Bumps on Vinted boost your sales but they usually come at a cost. However, there are ways that you can get free bumps on Vinted which we’ll discuss below.

What Does Bumped Mean on Vinted?

Before we jump in, let’s define what a bump is. Bumps are a way to promote the items that you’re selling on Vinted. They’re part of a paid feature that will make your listings appear more frequently and higher up in buyers’ newsfeeds/item feeds. They’ll also appear higher up in search results.

Vinted bump item can you get it free now
Bumps normally come at a cost, but you can get them for free.

Despite this being a paid feature, there are ways that you can get free bumps on Vinted. You get all of the benefits of a bump for no cost. So now we know what Bumped means on Vinted, let’s jump in and see how we can get them for no cost at all.

How to Get Free Bumps on Vinted

You can get free bumps or the same effect that a bump provides on Vinted in a few different ways. Getting around the paid-for feature and getting free bumps comes in a few different flavours but each are effective in their own right.

Let’s jump in and check out the strategies to get free bumps on Vinted.

1. Free Bumps for New Accounts

Vinted wants you to buy bumps. That’s a simple concept, but it also means they’re wanting to promote them to you. For this reason, especially for new accounts, you will find that Vinted will actually offer you free bumps.

Just keep your eyes peeled in your inbox for these personal promotions and offers of free bumps from Vinted. They won’t last forever so make sure you use them before the offer expires.

This doesn’t only apply to new accounts. From time to time you can get free boosts in your inbox but at an admittedly reduced rate.

2. Delete & Re-Upload Your Listing

New listings benefit from a boost. Think of this as a “freshness boost”. Vinted will push newly created listings to the top of search for a period of time.

That means that if you create a new listing, or if you delete an existing listing a reupload it, you’ll actually benefit from a form of free boost on Vinted.

What we recommend here is that if after a week, your item still hasn’t sold, delete it. Then re-upload it again, with some minor tweaks on pricing or description to ensure it is unique. Your republished listing will then get a free pseudo bump. It will be as if it was bumped but without the associated cost.

3. Add More Listings

To be clear, we don’t mean to duplicate your existing listings. List completely new items to sell. Users have discovered that items that they’ve had listed for months suddenly start selling like wildfire immediately after they’ve created a few new listings.

This works similarly to re-uploading existing listings. Adding additional new items effectively works as a free boost on Vinted for all of your existing items for sale.

4. Using Vinted Bots/Extensions

The above options for republishing and adding more listings can get tiresome. That’s where Vinted bots/extensions come in. They can automate points 2 and 3 above to get you free bumps on Vinted with much less effort.

These bots/extensions come with a free plan that’s great for low-level users. Once you scale up your sales on Vinted though, the paid option becomes more interesting.

Two of the best such extensions that you can use to get your bumps for free are:

vinkit easy boost vinted
Vinkit makes free boosts easy on Vinted.

Regardless of which you choose, either will increase your productivity along with boosting your free bumps on Vinted.

Final Thoughts

You can avoid paying for bumps on Vinted in a few different ways. Most involve cleverly listing, de-listing, and/or re-listing your items. The savings will really add up if you regularly sell items.

Why pay for something that you don’t need to? Getting free bumps on Vinted, or at least getting the same effects is actually quite simple.

The methods are quite manual though so consider using the bots/extensions that we’ve mentioned to save yourself some time. You can then even use that freed-up time to earn more money on the side.

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