How to Get Full Carpets For Free Today

How to get carpets for free

Carpeting your home is expensive but what if I told you that you can actually get carpets for free? We’re not talking about just scraps, but full free carpets to cover an entire room in your home. Read on to find out more.

What Types of Free Carpet Can You Get?

Our focus will be on getting full carpets for free, that is carpets that will cover an entire room in your house or even your staircase. We’re talking wall to wall, and effectively what you would get from any carpet store near you. This might sound too good to be true, but it is actually very easy to pull off.

There are also options to get free carpet scraps or carpet samples too. These are much smaller and only useful if you are wanting to carpet a small area at no cost.

How to Get Full Carpets for Free

As mentioned, it is possible to get a full-room carpet without paying anything. This can be a huge saving as a decent carpet will typically set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars/pounds. 

Before you begin, make sure that you’ve accurately measured the room that you want to be carpeted for free. There is nothing worse than grabbing a freebie and then finding that it is too small to meet your needs.

Now let’s jump right in and look at the very best ways to get full carpets for free.

Most people will pay full price when looking for a new carpet to replace their current one but there is no reason to pay a penny. With our guide below you’ll never need to pay for a carpet ever again. Let’s look at exactly how to do this.

1. Via Facebook Groups or Facebook Marketplace

Your local area will undoubtedly have a free or pass-it-on Facebook group. These are set up to allow people nearby to hand over items that they no longer need for free. It’s great because it means that fewer things make their way to a landfill and others don’t need to pay for a brand-new version of that product.

What you will find is that frequently people are giving away full carpets for free. They’ll have decided to get a new carpet and are left with the problem of what to do with their old one. And that’s where the pass-it-on-groups come in.

You’ll have to be picky here because it will be a mixed bag. However, you’d be surprised just how many people will be replacing carpets in their homes that look basically brand new.

Check the pictures to make sure that it is in good condition, and ensure that it is bigger than the area you want to carpet. That way you have some flexibility and can cut the carpet down to size.

It normally works on a first-come, first-served basis so as soon as you see a carpet listed for free, jump on it and get first in the queue to claim it.

Almost always, you will be expected to pick up the free carpet yourself, so make sure you’re able to transport it back to your home. And remember, once you have your new free carpet fitted you can list your old carpet for free to keep the freebie pass-it-on chain going!

2. From Friends & Family

Similar to the option above, if you have friends or family that are replacing their carpet, ask them if you can take their old one. Of course, any good friend or family member will be happy to give you the carpet free of charge. It benefits them and it benefits you.

What makes this even better is that you will already know the quality of the carpet. You can also inspect it in person and you know that you won’t have to compete with anyone else to get it.

If your friend or family member is especially kind, they’ll also help you to transport it back to your house.

3. Classified Sites Like Gumtree & Craigslist

In a similar vein to Facebook groups, Gumtree and Craigslist are great for finding carpets for free nearby. Gumtree has a dedicated freebie section and Craigslist has a free section that is split by city, making it easy to find carpets for free nearby.

gumtree free carpet stairs
Example of a good quality carpet for free on Gumtree.

The local nature of these listings makes it easy to find a full carpet at zero cost.

4. Freecycle and Similar Sites

Over the past decade, a number of sites have popped up that exist to reduce waste and promote sustainability. It’s very straightforward. People will list things that they don’t want anymore and offer them for free to anyone willing to collect them.

freecycle header

As with the other entries on this list, you will be shown (in our case) free carpets close by. So regardless of which country or city you live in, you should be able to find a nice selection of full carpets at no cost.

The best re-use sites for quality free carpets for your home:

Check out each and be picky! Just because you’re looking for a free carpet doesn’t mean that you have to accept low quality. Hold off until you find someone giving away a carpet that is still of fantastic quality – it’s way more common than you’d think.

5. Wherever Building Work is Taking Place

This option won’t be for everyone but often when a house, business, or office is being renovated or updated, they will often completely gut the place. That means that any fixtures, fittings, and yes, carpets will find their way into a skip or dumpster outside of the building.

We suggest asking a member of the building/renovation team if you can take the carpet off their hands for free. Most of the time they’ll be happy enough to do this as they can be charged per kilo to get rid of waste. So, you taking that carpet for free actually reduces their disposal costs.

As mentioned, this option won’t be for everyone as you may be uncomfortable asking the question, but if you can build up the courage, this is a fantastic source of a huge amount of free carpeting. You’ll also need to make sure you get to the carpet they’ve removed before they toss a load of debris on top of it!

Where to Get Free Carpet Scraps

If you’re not looking for an entire free carpet, but are just looking for scraps, or samples you also have a lot of options. Whether you’re wanting to patch up a small area, use it for crafts, or even to create your own rug, we have you covered.

Let’s look at how and where you can get free carpet scraps and samples.

1. Carpet and Flooring Stores

Depending on the carpet/flooring store, they may offer free samples, scraps, or offcuts. You’ll need to “shop around” to find those that offer these scraps at no cost as some will, unfortunately, try to charge you for them. Don’t get swindled into paying for them though as plenty of retailers will offer you the carpet scraps completely free of charge.

2. Online Retailers

Some online retailers, either online flooring or remnant stores will also offer free samples. However, be aware that while the sample itself will be free, you’ll likely need to pay for shipping. Because of this, we recommend that you only use this option if you’re unable to find a brick and mortar store near you that offers free scraps.

3. Friends & Family (Again!)

Friends and family to the rescue again! If you know someone who has recently had a carpet fitted, almost certainly the carpet fitters will have left some offcuts or spare carpet that wasn’t used.

Unlike the above 2 options, you’re likely to be able to get some decent-sized offcuts here.

If you don’t know anyone who has recently had a new carpet put in, ask on Facebook, Nextdoor, or any other social media site/app that has some kind of locality to it. Just pop a message on explaining that you’re looking for free carpet scraps and ask people if they have any spare. People will likely jump on the offer as the scraps will just be wasting space in a cupboard or the attic etc.

Freebies Are Great, But Also Consider a Side Income:

Free Carpet FAQ

Whether you’re looking for free carpet squares for the classroom, crafting, or anything else, there are a few options available. As with carpet scraps, you can get free carpet squares from flooring & carpet stores and certain online retailers. Friends and family who have recently had a new carpet fitted will generally have offcuts left over that you can cut into squares.

As discussed, you can get carpets for free via pass-it-on sites like Freegle, pass-it-on Facebook Groups, or even friends and family who have had a new carpet fitted and no longer need the old one. Other alternatives are, if you have good floorboards, to simply remove the carpet and clean, paint, treat, or polish the underlying wood.

Final Thoughts

Carpets are expensive, but because they’re so hard to dispose of, that means that you have a world of opportunities open to you to get your home carpeted for free. We’ve looked at the options above utilizing social media, pass-it-on sites and even speaking to friends and family.

Never pay for a carpet again and with our tips get good quality carpets at zero cost. It’s a no brainer really. Even if you just use the free carpet for a short period of time, it can be a great stop gap while you save or make some extra cash.

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