Coinbase Earn Clover Finance (CLV) Quiz Answers

Coinbase Earn Clover Finance (CLV) Quiz Answers

$3 in free Clover Finance (CLV) is up for grabs on Coinbase Earn and all you need to do is answer the quiz containing 3 questions about the cryptocurrency. The only requirement is that you already have a Coinbase account.

If you don’t have a Coinbase account yet, sign-up with Coinbase and also get a bonus of £7 (or your country equivalent) when you deposit.

Now, the reason you’re here – the Clover Finance/CLV quiz answers!

Coinbase Clover Finance (CLV) Quiz Answers

Question 1: What can developers build with Clover Finance?
Answer: Dapps with cross-chain compatibility.
Question 2: What can you use to interact with Dapps?
Answer: Clover Finance Wallet.
Question 3: Clover finance wants to increase the usefulness and accessibility of …
Answer: DeFi.

$3 of CLV/Clover Finance is now yours, added straight into your Coinbase account with no transaction fees. A nice low-effort crypto gain!

We constantly add new answers as Coinbase Earn offers more quizzes so remember to check back!

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