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Skale Coinbase Answers Learn and Earn

SKALE is now on Coinbase Learn and Earn, but rather than figuring out the answers to earn free SKL, let us provide the answers for you.

The Skale Coinbase answers below will net you a cool $3 worth of Skale, direct into your wallet.

All you need is a Coinbase account to earn by answering the Skale questions.

Skale (SKL) Coinbase Quiz Answers

Question 1: Who can deploy a blockchain with SKALE?
Answer: Any Ethereum application.
Question 2: How can SKL holders receive rewards?
Answer: Delegate SKL to a validator.
Question 3: The SKALE network is built to support…
Answer: An internet of blockchains.

It’s that simple. Just use the Skale answers above and you’ll have $3 worth of free crypto in seconds.

From there it’s your choice:

  • Keep it as SKL.
  • Convert it into another crypto on Coinbase.
  • Cash it out into your bank account.

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