List of Netflix Hacks that Actually Save You Money

Netflix and chill save

Netflix has become as much a part of monthly costs as your gas and electricity bills. It’s unfortunately no longer possible to get Netflix for free since they discontinued their free trials, but you can still save or even earn money with Netflix with our list of best Netflix hacks.

#1 Earn Money by Watching Netflix

Our first Netflix hack for saving money on your subscription is more accurately a method to make money just for watching your favourite shows on Netflix.

YouGov, one of the highest-rated online earning sites that we’ve reviewed on Earnologist pays you for your Netflix viewing list through YouGov Safe, a chrome browser extension with a single click.

yougov pays you to watch netflix
YouGov Safe: A single click to earn from your Netflix viewing data.
What’s more, is that you can use this Netflix hack to earn money from your viewing data every 7 days

But, is YouGov Safe, well… Safe?

We’re selling data here, albeit just Netflix viewing data but we should be aware of exactly what you’re selling. The good news is that YouGov is a highly respected organization with full transparency on how they operate:

  • All data uploaded via YouGov Safe is anonymized.
  • You trigger each data set to sell, this is not a continuous upload.
  • They only collect the data that you yourself can see in your Netflix viewing history & even save a copy of that data for you to view:
what yougov saves from netflix
The contents of the data file that YouGov extracts from your Netlfix history.

So as you can see, just two pieces of information, the title and the date you watched it, nothing earth-shattering.

And let’s face it, your viewing data on any streaming site is already sold to advertisers and agencies so you may as well cash in on your data with our money-making Netflix hack.

This Isn’t Just a Netflix Hack

In addition to being able to sell your Netflix data you can also pick and choose to sell the same to YouGov from other services:

  • Disney+ viewing history
  • Apple TV+ viewing history
  • YouTube viewing history
  • Prime Video viewing history
  • Amazon Shopping history

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#2 Save Money on Netflix With Very Cheap Netflix Gift Cards

This Netflix hack for saving money on your subscription can cut your costs by up to 25%. We all tend to go for the easy option with Netflix and simply sign-up for our monthly subscription and forget about it.

But what if you could get £100 of Netflix credit for just £80 (or your country’s equivalent?).

Grab Much Cheaper Netflix Gift Cards on eBay

eBay doesn’t cross most people’s minds when they consider their Netflix subscription but you can save up to 25% by purchasing gift cards.

cheap netflix gift cards on ebay
Buy cheap Netflix gift cards from eBay.
In most cases when you buy the gift card, the seller will simply send you a screenshot of the scratched-off gift card code so no need to wait for it to be delivered.

Grab Slightly Cheaper Netflix Gift Cards on CDKeys

If there are no gift cards currently listed on eBay, then CDKeys is another option for cheaper Netflix credit.

CDKeys doesn’t have as deep discounts as eBay but you can save around 4-5%.

#3 Get Cashback on Your Netflix Subscription

You likely have your Netflix subscription hooked up to your regular bank account. This Netflix hack uses the concept of cashback, which is money back on your purchases that certain credit cards offer.

Using Amazon’s Credit Card Cashback Initiative

A few cashback credit cards have been released over the past few years, one of our favourites being Amazon’s cashback offering. You receive cashback on all purchases (not just Amazon purchases) which can be redeemed as Amazon credit.

List of Netflix Hacks that Actually Save You Money

This means, that you are able to convert a percentage of how much you spend on Netflix (and everything else, too remember!) back into usable funds in the form of Amazon credit.

Using Any Other Cashback Credit or Debit Card

Of course, any cashback card makes sense for this Netflix hack. The percentages will differ but any amount back in your pocket is a win and effectively reduces your Netflix monthly costs.

#4 Free Netflix with Other Subscriptions

A lot of subscriptions, namely broadband, TV packages, phone/SIM contracts, etc. will come with introductory offers for new customers.

These introductory offers often come with a few months of free Netflix or other subscription-based services.

Swapping when your contract runs out is a crucial money saving/making tip anyway as you will get a better deal and reduce your monthly costs. Also, if you go through a cashback site like Swagbucks or Quidco you will get a nice chunk of cashback up to several hundreds of pounds/dollars depending on the offer.

#5 Do You Really Need The Most Expensive Netflix Subscription?

Netflix costs keep creeping up each year so it’s worth reviewing whether you need the level of subscription you’re on.

netflix plans comparison
Netflix price comparison (UK).

Above, we have the UK pricing but what is offered is valid wherever you’re located.

Some things to consider in terms of whether you can downgrade:

  • Do you have a 4K TV? If not, you do not get the benefits of UHD, so could step down to Standard (HD).
  • Do you watch on 2 or fewer screens at the same time? Again, you will save by moving down to a standard subscription and will lose nothing.
  • We do not recommend this but if you really don’t care about HD, you could step down to basic with just SD (Standard definition).

#6 If You're Not An "Everyday Watcher", Let Your Subscription Expire

You may not think you fall into this category if you do watch Netflix every day but remember there may be instances where you do not/cannot watch Netflix for a period of time.

The idea here is to simply cancel your subscription renewal until you want to/can watch and resubscribe.

If You Don’t Watch Netflix Every Day

Let’s say you only watch every few days. If you allow your subscription to expire, then you could save a few days’ worth of Netflix costs a month.

For example, your subscription expires on a Sunday and you don’t renew. You don’t feel like/have time to watch Netflix until the following Sunday, so simply renew when the Netflix urge takes you!

This way you’ve saved 6 days worth of Netflix costs for the month.

If You Are Unable to Watch Netflix for a Period of Time

Perhaps you’re going on a holiday abroad, travelling with work, staying with friends (so will watch their Netflix!). Whatever the reason, let Netflix expire and don’t pay for times when you’re not going to watch it.

Set A Reminder a Few Days Before Your Netflix Billing Date

If you set a reminder on your phone, you can be alerted in time to cancel (temporarily). This means you get the nudge to reconsider your subscription each month and prevent yourself from paying when you don’t need to.

#7 Share Your Netflix Subscription

It’s not uncommon for multiple people in the same house to have their own Netflix subscription/account. But why pay multiple times for something you can share?

friends fistbump

House-Sharing With Friends

House-sharing with friends is the most common multiple Netflix account scenario. So let’s look at what you can save with an example of 4 friends living together:

  • 4 friends, each paying for Standard Netflix at £9.99 each, so £39.96 between them each month.
  • Instead, imagine a group subscription for Premium (to ensure 4 screens can be watched at the same time). That’s £13.99 a month, or just £3.50 per person per month.
  • That’s an overall saving of £6.49 each per month or £25.97 for the group of 4.


Use as many of the Netflix hacks above in combination to save (and earn) as much money as you can. There is no need to pay more than you need to and remember a lot of these tips will apply to other subscriptions services that you pay for.

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