10 Places to Buy Postcards Near You Today

Where to find and buy postcards nearby

Postcards are becoming more difficult to find as the years pass, so let us help you out with the best places to buy postcards near you today.

Where to Buy Postcards Near You

Even though postcards are becoming less common in stores, there are still plenty of places to buy them from. Rather than waste your time seeking them out, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to buy them in person nearby, or online.

Postcards are a great, personal way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them. When personalised, they can also work as fun ways to market your business or website.

Before we move on to the best specific places to buy them, you can use our handy tool below to find places near to you that sell postcards:

Find Postcards Near Me Tool

This handy postcard near me finder tool will give you a list of all stores in your location that sell postcards. It will even show whether postcards are in stock and when that information was updated:

buy postcards near me
Our postcard finder tool will automatically identify any locations that sell postcards near you and present them on Google Maps.

Now, let’s break down the best types of stores that you can use to narrow down your search for the perfect postcard to purchase in your area.

1. Greeting Card Shops/Stores

Greeting card shops aren’t only great places to buy cards and gift wrapping, They’re also fantastic places to buy postcards. Depending on your location they may sell local themed postcards or more general, decorative ones:

  • Local-themed postcards: These will feature any interesting local attractions or picturesque views in the area. Great for sending to those that live elsewhere or who have recently moved away.
  • Decorative and artistic postcards: More general, but artistic. They can be abstract colours and shapes or even pictures from famous artists.

Some examples of greeting card shops by country that sell postcards:

  • UK: Card Factory.
  • USA: Hallmark.
  • Canada: Carlton Cards.
  • Australia: Card & Caboodle.

2. Buy Postcards at Bookstores

Bookstores are another great location to buy unique postcards that you won’t find elsewhere. You can often grab postcards related to specific books, local attractions, or those with decorative themes. If you can’t find them on display, ask a member of staff as they may keep them behind the checkout.

where to buy postcards bookstore
Bookstores are a great place to check.

Bookstores by country that sell postcards in your area:

  • UK: Waterstones.
  • USA: Barnes & Noble.
  • Canada: Chapters Indigo.
  • Australia: Dymocks.

3. Stationary Stores

Next up, stationery stores are fantastic for more artistic postcards. Typically these will be focused towards those wanting to use them as part of crafts. You can even find blank postcards that you can add your own design to.

In addition to buying them separately, you may even find postcard craft sets that give you everything you need to create your own set of postcards.

The types of postcards you’ll find for sale:

  • Blank postcards: You can buy and then design your own postcards to add a bit of artistic flare and personality.
  • Postcard sets: Either pre-created or again design your own variations.

Stationery stores by country that sell postcards individually and in bulk:

  • UK: Ryman.
  • USA: Staples.
  • Canada: Grand & Toy.
  • Australia: Officeworks.

4. Convenience Stores & Supermarkets

Convenience stores and supermarkets will often have small displays where you can buy postcards. Check out stationary sections, look out for rotating displays, or at the checkout counter.

  • UK: Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s.
  • USA: Walmart, Walgreens, 7-Eleven.
  • Canada: Mac’s Convenience Store.
  • Australia: 7-Eleven.

5. Souvenir Shops

If you live in a big city, or even a smaller town with a tourist scene then souvenir shops will be packed with local or more tourist based postcards to buy. If you want to buy postcards that showcase your local area then you won’t find a better selection anywhere.

Because we tend not to visit souvenir shops where we live, or when we’re away we’re not sure where they are it can be hard to locate them. Use our Souvenir shop finder below to locate good sources for tourist postcards near you:

6. Art Galleries & Museums

Art galleries and museums are good places to buy very unique postcards. You’ll find ones that are based on historical events or time periods. You may even find some fun dinosaur or space-themed postcards if the museum has a current exhibit based on that.

Art galleries of course will have much more artistically themed postcards for sale. These are great to add a bit of zing to the message you’re wanting to write to a friend or family member.

postcard stand art gallery
Artsy postcards are available in most art galleries.

Occasionally, they may even offer the postcards completely for free. So, make sure you check them out to potentially save some money.

7. Post Offices

Post offices are of course great places to check out for postcards. Some even offer them pre-stamped which removes a bit of the hassle. You can even take a pen with you to buy, fill out, and post the postcard there and then in the post office.

The types available will depend based on your location but you should be able to find something that meets your needs.

  • UK: Royal Mail Post Office.
  • USA: USPS (United States Postal Service).
  • Canada: Canada Post.
  • Australia: Australia Post.

If online options for buying postcards are more what you’re looking for read on:

Where to Find & Buy Postcards Online

We’ve focussed on where you can buy postcards near you, but sometimes buying them online can be much more convenient. These are the best locations to buy postcards online:

8. Etsy

Etsy is a great source for handmade products, which makes it the perfect place to buy really unique postcards. You’ll be able to browse through and pick the design that works for you. You may even be able to request that what they create is personalized in some way.

9. Buy Postcards on Amazon

What list would be complete without the retail giant Amazon? Amazon probably has the largest selection of postcards available for sale. Almost all are available in bulk as well. Some examples:

  • Blank postcards so you can design them yourself.
  • Positive affirmation postcards which are great for sending a positive message to friends and family.
  • Retro postcards in a sepia tone with a vintage charm.

Of course, there is much more available, and you’ll likely find a postcard for any occasion. 

10. Postcards from Zazzle & Other POD Services

Buying postcards can be tough as you might not be able to find exactly what you want. That’s where Zazzle and other similar print-on-demand services come into play.

You can select from a huge range of pre-created postcards, modify them or even create your own designs from scratch.

What makes this even better is that you can even use print-on-demand services to create and sell your own postcards. A good option to make some extra side cash.

Tip: Check out the best options for earning money with print-on-demand services.

Where to Get Free Postcards?

So we’ve covered where to buy postcards online and in person nearby, but is it possible to get completely free postcards? Absolutely!

Tourist Information Centres

Tourist information centres sell postcards of course, but many offer free, complimentary postcards too. If it’s not clear whether they offer them for free or not, just chat with a representative and they should be able to direct you to any that are available for free.

Hotels and Hostels

At the front desk or reception area, hotels and hostels often have small displays with free postcards. These will likely be advertising local attractions, so will have a touristy feel. They may also offer some nice non-tourist, decorative postcards too.


Postcrossing allows you to swap postcards with others from around the world. It’s not entirely free as you will need to provide one in return, of course. But it means that you’re able to get free access to postcards from all over the world and from different cultures.

postcrossing free postcards
Postcrossing lets you get postcards from all over the world.

Buying Postcards FAQ

To help answer the most common questions about buying postcards, we’ve put together this handy FAQ.

Some CVS stores, usually only those in big cities do sell postcards. They’re usually found near the front of the store. Smaller CVS stores or those in smaller cities and towns often do not sell postcards.

Again, only some Walgreens locations sell postcards. If they are available in-store, they will be displayed on a stand near the checkouts (or self-checkouts).

The best locations to buy postcards in bulk are online, most notably on Amazon or eBay. In-person, you can buy bulk postcards from stationery stores, usually as part of a crafting or design set.

Final Thoughts

You should now have a good understanding of the best places to buy postcards from, near you. There is a huge amount of choice both in person and online to suit your needs. So despite the decline of postcard sales, there are still a lot of options available.

If you’re still struggling scroll back up and use our “Postcards Near Me” finder tool. It will zoom in on the very best locations in your area to grab some cool, vintage, or even unique postcards.

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