12 Best Places Where You Can Sell Used Golf Balls Today

How where to sell used golf balls

To understand where to sell used golf balls, you need to know who buys used golf balls. No matter where you’re from we’ve got the answers you need below.

Where to Sell Golf Balls Near You

If you have a bunch of golf balls that you aren’t using anymore you may as well sell them. But finding the right place to sell those golf balls near where you live can be tough. Depending on where you live, you may have more or less options available to you, but in most locations, you will be able to:

1. Sell Golf Balls to Your Local Golf Course

Many golf courses also operate as golf ball buyers. This is because have plenty of customers who generate demand for buying the balls. They’ll end up selling them on for more than they bought them for from you, of course, but this option keeps things simple.

First, get a list of all golf courses near you with our handy tool below: 

This will give you a list of all golf courses in your area. From there, just take down their phone numbers, and give them a call. Tell them that you want to sell your used golf balls and ask if they’re interested in buying.

Not every golf club will moonlight as a golf ball buyer, but a decent number of them should be happy to buy from you.

2. Sell to Your Local Driving Range

When thinking about where to sell used golf balls, you need to think “where do people tend to lose them?” The answer should be obvious – at the driving range.

People wing golf balls over the side netting at driving ranges all day long. This means that over time, the driving range will have less and less balls available. This is where you come in.

As with the golf course, use our tool below to find the nearest driving range:

And again, grab the list from our tool above, note down the phone numbers, and contact each driving range. Explain that you want to sell and enquire if they’re interested in buying from you.

3. Sell to Golfers That You Know

If you have a load of used golf balls that you want to sell, it’s likely that you know other people who play golf. Unsurprisingly, golfers are your biggest market as they are clearly going to be keen to increase their stash.

Simply ask the people you know, whether they’re friends, family, or colleagues. Agree on a price and sell your used balls to them.

You can also take a chance by asking golfers that are leaving golf courses. You’ll need to check on the rules in your area for selling in this way as you may not be legally allowed to approach people like this. The golf club itself may also frown on this behaviour!

4. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops have probably crossed your mind as an option. But do pawn shops buy golf balls? They absolutely do. You likely won’t get as much money selling at a pawn shop as you would from some of the other options, but it’s quick and easy.

5. Garage Sales & Car Boot Sales

If you selling other things, then it might be worth spinning up a quick garage sale or car boot sale (depending on your country!). This means that you can sell all of your belongings that you don’t want anymore all at the same time.

Again, you’ll reduce how much money you sell them for with this approach but the time you save may be worth it.

It also lets you set your own price and haggle with potential buyers to sell at a fair price.

6. Sporting Goods Stores

Sporting goods stores, especially those that have a large range of golfing equipment may be willing to buy your used golf balls. Not every store will offer this, but some do. They’ll then sell the balls on, in a “used bargain bucket” type display.

In fact, I once witnessed someone trying to sell their used golf balls at a sporting store. The store actually explained that they didn’t offer that service. Which is fair enough as not all stores do. But a customer overheard the discussion and offered (discretely) to buy directly from the guy selling them.

So, it’s worth a journey to go there in person as you may be able to sell to the store, or even to their customers!

If online options for selling are more what you’re looking for read on:

Where to Sell Used Golf Balls Online

So far we’ve focused on where you can sell golf balls locally, near to where you live. If you want to earn more money selling your used balls, then you should check out some of the online options below. 

7. LostGolfBalls

LostGolfBalls is a great option to sell your used golf balls in bulk if you live in the USA. They’ve been around since 1992 and have 21 locations as of writing. This is why they’re one of the best places to sell to online.

lostgolfballs header

Just head over to the site, email or phone them and they will arrange for someone to collect the balls directly from you and write a cheque out for you on pick up.

Note that the minimum is 5,000 balls. If you have under this amount they suggest that you combine your balls with friends/people locally.

When selling used balls in bulk, this is one of your easiest options.

8. Golf Ball Planet

Next up, we have a similar site, Golf Ball Planet. They work in the same way as LostGolfBalls but have a slightly larger catchment area – the USA and Canada.

The minimum amount of balls is also 5,000 so another good option for selling golf balls in bulk.

They’ve been active for 20 years, so you can rest easy knowing you’re dealing with an established company.

9. Golf Ball Buyer

Golf Ball Buyer isn’t as “corporate” as the previous two entries on our list but they are legit, big-time buyers. They’ve bought millions from people just like you over the years.

golf ball buyer header

The setup is similar in that they will provide you with a quote and come and pick the balls up personally, saving you the hassle.

They have a preference for 5,000+ balls but do explain that it is only a preference, so they’re not as strict as other sites.

10. eBay

What selling list would be complete without eBay? Of course, eBay is the world’s online marketplace for just about anything. That makes it the ideal place to sell just about anything online.

They will take a cut of your profits, but you’re protected by their seller protections program.

Just make sure to accurately list (and show) the number, quality, brand, etc. to ensure that you get the right price.

If you know how much your used golf balls are worth, go for a Buy it Now listing where you set the price. If you’re not sure how much they’re worth, go for an auction format where buyers will bid to determine the price.

Don’t stop with selling only golf balls. Check out our guide on what other items sell well on eBay and boost your profits even further.

10. Facebook Marketplace/Groups

Local Facebook groups and the marketplace are great for offloading things you don’t need anymore. Just drop a post or a listing explaining that you’re selling used golf balls and that you’re looking for a buyer.

Either state how much you want to sell the balls for or leave it up to the buyer by stating that you’re accepting offers.

The great thing about this method is that the understanding (generally) is that the buyer will come to you to pick up the items. So, you never need to leave your home to sell your stash of balls!

11. Craigslist

Craigslist is another global option for selling golf balls online. It works in a similar way to Facebook groups/marketplace. Just select your city on Craigslist, post your classified listing to sell your balls, and wait for people to contact you.

With Craigslist, you’ll either meet up or you can push the buyer to collect from you directly.

12. UK Specific Sites to Sell Golf Balls Online

It can be a problem that the major golf ball buyer sites are US-centric so we thought it only fair to expand our list to cover some more countries. Of course, the likes of eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook marketplace/groups are already global, but let’s look at dedicated sites too:

Selling Used Golf Balls in the UK

In addition to the global and general options, you can also sell your old golf balls in the UK using the following sites:

Just remember that you can also sell golf balls for cash in the UK using the physical locations in our list above, and the global online options too.

Selling Crafts Using Golf Balls

You can also get creative with your golf balls. Instead of selling them as-is, you can use them as part of a crafts project and then sell them on. Etsy is a great place to get some inspiration for what to create. We’re talking decorative handmade pieces, but don’t worry as they’re actually quite simple to make:

Create Golf Ball Keychains to Sell

There will be a minor cost involved to buy pre-made keyring chains and some small eye screws. Then, all you need to do is to drill a small hole into the ball, screw in the eye screw, and attach the premade chain. That’s it. You’ve now converted them into cool keychains for golfers. Jump back onto Etsy and you can sell your creations for much more than you would for selling them as used golf balls.

To fully understand the process with visuals, check out this golf ball keychain tutorial.

Customize Them With Decals & Sell Them on

For this crafty option, you’ll need a home inkjet printer (nothing fancy!), some waterslide decal paper, and decal bonder spray.

The process here is quite simple:

  1. Find or create a graphic online to add to the ball.
  2. Print it onto the decal paper and wait for it to dry.
  3. Spray with decal bonder and wait for it to dry.
  4. Cut out the graphics leaving as little space around them as possible.
  5. Clean the balls to remove any dirt/oils.
  6. Put the decal into a small bowl of warm water.
  7. Once it loosens, take it off the paper and place it on the golf ball in the location you want.
  8. Pat it dry with a paper towel.
  9. Use a Q-tip to gently flatten the edges of the decal on the ball and push it into any dimples.
  10. Allow them to dry.
  11. Finish with a final spray of decal bonder.

You can take this as far as you want. Offer personalized golf balls with decals featuring people’s names on them, names of golf clubs, etc. The only thing to be aware of is that these balls will be decorative only, so make that clear when you sell on Etsy or your chosen platform.

Just Get Creative

The only limit is your own creativity. You could create and sell customized golf ball bottle openers, corkscrews, or even garden decorations. The creative method is much more time-consuming than just selling them on in bulk, but it will also be infinitely more profitable.

If you’re even a little bit artistically inclined then why not give it a go and see if you can turn a decent profit?

Selling Used Golf Balls FAQ

You may have some specific questions when it comes to selling your golf balls or looking for buyers. Check out our handy FAQ below for the answers.

Absolutely, yes you can sell your old golf balls. Our list above shows a huge range of physical locations near you and places online to sell your used golf balls.

Generally, no golf ball hunting isn’t illegal in the UK, the USA, or any other country where golfing is popular. Just remember to be respectful, and adhere to any rules that the golf club or driving range may have. Make sure you’re not trespassing or breaking other laws relating to private property.

Generally speaking, the price range for selling used golf balls is from $0.05 – $1.00 per ball in the USA or £0.05 – £1.00 in the UK.

This will vary depending on your country, and the quality of the ball. This can be on a scale from AAAAA to A, or Mint to A. The actual condition is important in the price. Additionally, the brand and type of ball will come into play. Finally, how many you’re selling can also affect the price

As mentioned; golf clubs, driving ranges, pawn shops, other golfers (via Facebook groups, Craigslist, etc.), dedicated sites like LostGolfBalls and Golf Ball Planet, and even certain sporting goods stores.

Final Thoughts

By now you should have a good idea of the places that buy golf balls in your local area and online. There are options for those wanting to sell just a few balls or those looking to sell in bulk.

Don’t leave the balls laying around taking up space. Sell them today. Generate some extra cash while doing the good sustainable thing and giving some extra life into your possessions.

Get to it and release cash from your old golf balls today!

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