Merch by Amazon Organization Name Help


Merch by Amazon Organization Name - What Should It Be?

During the sign-up process for Merch by Amazon, you are asked to fill in various details. As a side-note, see our Merch By Amazon Approval article for help on what to add for each field to speed up the approval process.

Typically people stumble when they see that Organization name is one of the required fields. This becomes especially difficult if you are not an organization signing up for Amazon Merch, but actually an individual. Don’t worry though as most sign-ups are from individuals so the solution to this is also commonly known.

So, What Exactly Should You Use?

If you’re a company, obviously you use your company name. However if you are an individual you can simply use your full name, a nickname or any random name you feel like. The truth of the matter is that it actually doesn’t matter at all.

The Organization name is only used internally within Merch by Amazon. It will not appear on your t-shirt listings or anywhere publicly. It also does not matter from a payment perspective. So don’t overthink it, don’t worry and just pick something. Personally, I believe that your full name is best just to keep things simple.

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