How to Easily Make Money Selling Bookmarks Online

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Can You Really Sell Handmade Bookmarks?

Making money selling handmade bookmarks online is a surprisingly easy task. Thanks to handmade markets such as Etsy, the demand for anything handmade has grown dramatically over the past few years. This means that it is a very profitable venture.

A lot of crafts take time and effort to produce but making and selling bookmarks online is probably the easiest to get moving with instantly. This is one crafty way to earn that is very simple to get started with.

So, to answer the question yes you really can make money selling bookmarks online. But the more important question is how to make more money selling your bookmarks. Today we’ll look through ways to boost your income from this surprisingly profitable idea.

Note: Handmade and personal products are rising in popularity so don’t just focus on bookmarks. Figure out what other handcrafted items you can create and sell online.

Will Your Bookmarks Actually Make Money?

The great news is that they really do. Take a look at the bookmarks section on Etsy and you’ll be surprised how many sell there, and the important fact that they sell for a decent chunk of cash.

What sells ranges from the downright simple and minimalistic (plain black card), to more intricate transparent designs. There are so many possibilities that it would almost be impossible not to make a good chunk of money selling your bookmarks.

Let’s look at some of the basic, more creative, and even low-effort bookmarks that you can make for profit.

Ideas for Making Bookmarks

I suggest taking a look at Etsy, or a quick Twitter search to see what types of bookmarks are popular at the moment. Get a feel for the styles, materials, and designs that are trending. Once you have a good understanding of this you’ll find it much easier making money from your bookmark designs. Typically though you can’t go wrong with the following evergreen designs when considering which style(s) you’re going to use for the bookmarks you will sell online:

  • Plain, solid-coloured with minimal designs.
  • Retro-styled designs.
  • Personalized with names.
  • Cute cartoon characters.
  • Phrases or even quotes from books.

Bookmarks that Sell Well

It’s all well and good explaining what sells, but let’s take a look at which bookmarks sell well online.

Bold minimal design

First up we have bold and minimalist designs. You can use only one or two colours and they are typically just printed on card stock. This means no design knowledge is needed, just a printer, some text or images, and some card stock:

Solid minimal card bookmark
Bold simple designs work well on bookmarks. Great for adding a book quote to.

Washi Tape Bookmarks

Next up, something a bit more crafty, but still very easy to create. The washi tape bookmark. The fun designs on washi tape are brilliant for creating quirky bookmarks that you can sell for some extra cash:

washi tape bookmark
Washi tape if you want to sell quirky bookmarks online.

Patterned Bookmarks

Next up, we have the patterned bookmarks. These can be retro designs, cute and cartoony, or whatever you want. Again, very easy as they can just be printed straight onto card stock:

pattern bookmarks
Pattern bookmarks look great and are simple to make.

Engraved Leather Bookmarks

Now for something a bit more interesting. Engraved leather bookmarks. Don’t think that these are beyond your skill level because they’re easy to make. All you need is some faux leather, a Cricut, and some leather stain:

engraved leather bookmarks
Leather engraving looks great and is a nice spin that will help you sell more handmade bookmarks online.

Bent Metal Wire Bookmarks

Finally, this one is my favourite because it is so unusual – the bent metal wire bookmark. All you need is some tough metal wire, some wire, some round nose pliers, and a tiny bit of practice.

bent metal wire bookmark
So simple, just a piece of wire, a few minutes to bend it into shape with some pliers, and then you’re selling a really unique bookmark before you know it.

There really are no limitations here. Selling handcrafted bookmarks is only limited by your own imagination. You can work with material, cross-stitch it, use pressed flowers, use resin, and make them 3D. Let your creativity guide you.

What Supplies Do You Need When Selling Bookmarks Online?

crafting with paper

As you’ve seen above you can use just about anything to create the bookmarks that you’ll sell online (or offline). Let’s look at the basics of what you will likely need:

Basic Materials to Create & Sell Your Own Bookmarks

  • Cardstock or other types of paper for the base of the card.
  • Scissors or paper cutter.
  • Decorations materials, such as stickers, ribbons, stickers, washi tape, glitter, stamps,  sequins, etc. for extra style.
  • Glue or another adhesive.
  • Inks, paints, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Envelopes for the cards (or paper to make the envelopes.

Additional Supplies to Make Your Life Easier

You’ll be able to unleash your creativity with the supplies above. And you will create high enough quality items so that you can sell your bookmarks online. However, if you want to make your life easier, the designs better, and overall more professional then look into:

  • A Cricut machine will help you to cut out your designs with absolute accuracy.
  • Stamps to quickly add detail
  • A printer to quickly get your design onto card.
  • Materials such as silk, felts and leathers to line the bookmark with. This will give it a higher quality finish and feel.
  • Novelty hole punches.

Where to Sell Handmade Bookmarks Online?

Etsy is the perfect marketplace to sell your bookmarks. It is well known as the go-to place for handmade and unique products. This means that you’ve got a ready-made audience who are eager to buy your handmade bookmarks.

Etsy selling bookmarks online
Etsy is the perfect marketplace to sell bookmarks online.

You’ll need to make sure that your bookmarks are found by customers on Etsy. This means that you’ll need to understand the basics of SEO (Search engine optimization). That sounds a lot but in reality, you’re looking for keywords that people are searching for in relation to bookmarks. Make sure to include them in your title and description.

Secondly, your product photos need to “pop”. You don’t need to be a professional photographer and it’s easy to get a good shot of your item with nearly no effort.

There are other alternatives to Etsy, such as Facebook Marketplace and Amazon. They should not be ignored, but your focus should be on Etsy for the reasons mentioned above.

Promoting Your Bookmarks

Social Media

Social Media is king when it comes to marketing, so it should come as no surprise that your best bet is to promote (link to) the bookmarks you’re selling online. 

But don’t just focus on selling, also look to get involved. Take a look at crafting related hashtags and get involved in some discussions which. If your comments are insightful or funny, people naturally gravitate to your profile and see the links to the bookmarks that you’re selling.


Also, think about freebies. You’re selling bookmarks, so of course don’t give them away for free, but you can give some free printable designs so people can make their own.

Start a Blog

Much like social media, a good blog can drive traffic to the bookmarks you’re selling. Think of starting a crafting journey, or tutorial-based blog. Then, you can link through to your products mid-article or at the end.

Any bit of traffic toward your bookmarks is beneficial. And you can also some extra side cash by having adverts or referral links on your blog.

Don’t go over the top with marketing and promotions. Remember that Etsy as a platform will bring a lot of customers without you doing anything. The above concepts are ways to add more traffic. Your time is absolutely better spent on creating those bookmarks to sell.

Similar Ways to Make Money

Now that you’ve dipped your toe in and are ready to sell your bookmarks online, think about other similar products that you can create:

When you dive into the world of handmade products, you have so many routes to take. Start at Etsy, and once you have your bookmark ideas nailed down, go down the rabbit hole and see what others are selling. Your handmade product fortune awaits!

Check out our profit-boosting mega guide on Amazon Merch. You simply upload designs, Amazon lists them for free, prints them on clothing, ships them and deals with returns. And you get paid. Probably the easiest craft opportunity out there!

Sell Your Bookmarks Now, Don't Hesitate

There is no time like the present. It’s likely you already have the crafting supplies you need but if not, head over to our old pal Mr. Amazon and grab those crafting supplies in bulk.

Once you have what you need, get creating. Be bold and get your handmade bookmarks listed for sale. You now know exactly how to make money selling bookmarks online. Every moment you hesitate is moment of lost profits!

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