Is Legit & Safe? is a legitimate get-paid-to site. Take a look below for how we determined this and what makes a legitmate, safe site to use for earning online.

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Legit: Yes Legitimacy & Safety Checks

We have determined that is legit and safe based on the following 3rd party resources:

+ Trustpilot gives a rating of: Excellent.
+ Google Transparency Report determines that no unsafe content was found.
+ The Whois record shows it was created in 2018, meaning that it is an established site.

Earnologist First-Hand Experience

As with all sites and apps that we review, we have signed up to and used it to earn money.

Our experience has been great and we have had no issues earning, being credited or withdrawing our earnings. Additionally, the site provides a live chat that enables you to directly talk to support/moderators. Any questions or queries that we’ve had, have been quickly addressed via live chat.

We have also created an in depth profit maximizing guide for, so make sure to check it out to boost your earnings. Social Checks

We have checked the below social media websites/apps for any mention of experiences involving not being paid, scammed, tricked, conned or otherwise with We found nothing to suggest that is anything other than a legitimate, safe money-making site.

+ Twitter: No reports of the site being unsafe/not legitimate.
+ Reddit: No reports of the site being unsafe/not legitimate.
+ Facebook: No reports of the site being unsafe/not legitimate.

Note: As with any website, service etc. there will always be people that have a negative view. Our social checks are to determine whether the site is legitimate and safe, not individual’s perception of the site or the services it offers.

Does Pay Out?

Yes, pays out to Coinbase or Gift Card when you choose to redeem. 

Earnologist can confirm that payouts to Coinbase have always been successful. Additionally, payout to wallet addresses such as LTC were also successful.

Below is the proof of payment for the Bitcoin we received into our Coinbase account from

Is Legit & Safe?
Payout from to Coinbase.

Sign Up To Today is one of our go-to GPT sites and is great for generating funds in the form of crypto. We've determined that is safe, legitimate and that it pays out.

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