Money Making Website Legit Checker

It is very important to know which money making websites are legit, safe and actually payout before signing up. Your time is valuable and we don’t want it wasted with scams or sites that don’t payout.

We check the legitimacy of each GPT, Survey, Cashback, Microtransaction and every other money making site we compile on Earnologist to save you time.

Our Methodoligy for Checking Money Making Site Legitimacy

Because knowing whether a money-making opportunity is legitimate is incredibly important before you jump in, we take our legit checks very seriously. In fact, if a site is not legit, it will be excluded from our money-making lists and appear in a seperate “sites to avoid” list. Any reference to these non-legitimate sites will not feature any links towards the site to avoid our readers from accidentally navigating to it and signing up.

What we Check for Each Site

First hand investigation & checks:

  • We personally sign up to every site
  • Perform a detailed investigation/review
  • Confirm that they actually pay out

Second hand investigation & checks:

  • Trustpilot reviews
  • Google transparency report
  • Website age
  • Social checks (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit)
  • Media & Business Mentions
Site NameLegit Check LinkLegit? Legit Checker LinkYes
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