How to Make Money/Crypto Online with Verasity: A Complete Guide

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Earn free cryptocurrency (VRA) online with Verasity by watching videos online. The time investment is minimal and you can collect your free crypto earnings after only a few minutes.

There are some things to consider to reduce your time investment and increase your daily earnings.

Earning Methods: Cryptocurrency, Watch Videos.
Payout Options: Cryptocurrency.

Available on: Website.
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money/Free Crypto Online with Verasity: A Complete Guide Japan

What you need to know:

  • Time-Two-Tone

    Time Consideration

    Quick. If you focus on 30-second videos.

  • Money-Two-Tone-Two


    At a rate of $0.05 per VER, assuming 3 active campaigns limited to 5 VER per day, you can earn $5.25 per week for 7.5 minutes of "effort".

  • Reliability


    Reliable & trustworthy. No issues found.

What is Verasity?

Verasity consists of a few components, namely the cryptocurrency itself (VRA), the Verasity wallet that you will use to store your earned VRA crypto and the Verasity enabled video sites where you will actually earn your VRA crypto from. So let’s look at each component:

VRA Cryptocurrency

This is the cryptocurrency that you earn by having videos streaming on your device. Each video watched will earn you 1 VRA, even if that video is only 30 seconds long. At the time of writing the price of 1 VRA sits at around $0.05 – you can check the current live price of VRA on Coin Market Cap.

The benefit of earning in, and holding cryptocurrency is that the $0.05 you earn from watching a video can increase in price over time as, in this case, the adoption of VRA increases. But understand that the price can go down as well as up.

Verasity Wallet

Firstly you’ll need to sign up for the free Verasity wallet where as mentioned, your earned VRA will be stored. The process is simple, just head over to the VeraWallet site and sign up as you would with any other site. Once you’ve confirmed by email, you’re good to go.

Verasity Video Earning Sites

At any time, Verasity has a variety of campaigns running on third party sites. These sites start a campaign that holds VRA. When you watch a video on one of these sites, you will earn 1 VRA, which is directly and instantly transferred to the Verasity Wallet you set up above.

How to Sign Up

The sign-up process is effectively as detailed above. Just sign up for a free Verasity Wallet. Once you go to one of Verasity’s video partner sites, you’ll log in to the embedded video app with your Verasity Wallet details. We’ll describe this process below.

How to Earn More Free Crypto Online With Verasity

Now that you have your wallet set up you’re ready to start watching videos and earning VRA. To find the current/up to date list of sites that have active campaigns, head over to Verasity’s active campaigns page, scroll down and pick a site!

Now let’s look at how you can extract the maximum amount of VRA in a short a time as possible.

1. How to Earn Free Crypto (VRA) by Watching Videos (Make sure you log in!)

The process is simple, assuming you’ve taken a look at the Verasity active campaigns, you should now have chosen a partner site and selected a video to watch.

The crucial point here is that you must log in to the video player (not the site itself!) to earn your VRA. The process is:

Step 1: Choose your video on the partner site

In this case, we’ve used As you can see below, once you start playing the video, a small trophy icon is displayed in the top right corner of the video.

verasity earning enabled video
Notice the trophy icon in the top right. This indicates that the campaign is active and you will earn VRA from watching this video.

Step 2: Click the trophy icon and log in

Now, just click the trophy icon and log in with the details you used to sign up to your Vera Wallet with. This will link your video watching earnings to your wallet and transfer them automatically and instantly after each video view.

verasity video login
Simply sign in to have your VRA earnings transferred directly to your wallet.

Step 3: Take note of the max VRA earnable per day

Each campaign limits how much VRA you can earn per day. Normally this is 5 VRA per day per campaign. So once you’ve watched 5 videos, stop until the next day as you will not earn beyond that limit. You can then go back to the campaigns list and choose another to earn the max available from there too.

verasity video campaign limits
For this campaign you can earn 5 VRA per day, meaning 5 video views.

Step 4: Watch videos

Once you’re logged in, just watch 5 videos on the site and after each view, you will earn 1 VRA which is instantly transferred to your wallet. You can click the trophy icon again to keep track of your progress.

Step 5: Move to the next video when the trophy icon turns green

When the trophy icon turns green, that means you’ve been paid your 1 VRA, so move on to the next video!

Once you’ve understood the above the process is simple, watch videos and earn free cryptocurrency.

2. Watch the Shortest Videos You Can Find

This is incredibly important because Verasity video watching campaigns pay you crypto per video watched, not by time watched. So effectively you will earn 1 VRA for watching a 30-second video or 1 VRA for watching a 30-minute video. Obviously, we need to go for the 30-second videos to increase our profit vs time.

Again for this example, we’re using as it has many nice short 30 seconds clips.

verasity video short clips
Short 30 second clips speed up your free cryptocurrency earnings dramatically.

3. Earn From all Available Campaigns Each Day

Head back to the Verasity active campaigns page again and choose your next campaign. Note that some sites listed share the same campaign, so once you get to the site, click that trophy icon and check that you have available VRA to earn from that campaign.

Minimum Payout & How to Get Paid by Verasity

As mentioned, when you watch videos to earn free cryptocurrency with Verasity, the VER you earn is transferred instantly and directly to the wallet you set up.

From here, you have two options:

  1. Keep the VER crypto in your wallet as an investment and wait for its value to increase.
  2. Sell your VER to convert it into your local currency.

The reality is that currently, it makes sense to HODL (keep your VER). VER is an Ethereum token, meaning that you must pay Ethereum gas fees for transfers, or to convert into another coin/token. The price of these gas fees currently make trading, especially small amounts impractical. This is because you’d likely pay more in transfer fees than your VER is worth.

But don’t worry, Ethereum is currently undergoing an upgrade to ETH2 which will see the gas fees reduced to mere cents rather than the high dollar amounts it is currently. So your best bet is to hold onto that VER, keep earning via watching videos and wait for the ETH2 rollout which will again make transfers, and therefore cashing in for FIAT (your local currency) practical again.

Is it Worth it?

If you’re in the long haul it is worth it – free crypto simply for watching a few 30-second videos. Selling VER at the moment is impractical as explained above but with the upcoming Eth2 rollout, that will change. So if you’re willing to wait then this is a very lucrative way to earn free crypto, but patience is key.

This won’t be for everyone because of these reasons but at 1 VER per 30-second video, it’s worth it to build a free holding of a crypto token with a very valid use case.

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