How to Make Money Online with AnswerPoints: A Complete Guide

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AnswerPoints is a minimalist, no bells and whistles site for earning money by answering surveys.

You won’t get as many surveys as you would on other sites, but it’s a low-effort income stream that can be picked up as and when needed.

This should not be your main survey site to make money from online but certainly should be an additional survey sideline to increase your earnings.

Earning Methods: Survey

Payout Options: Gift Card

Available on: Website
Country Availability: UK

What you need to know:

  • Time-Two-Tone

    Time Consideration

    Variable: 1-30 minute surveys.

  • Money-Two-Tone-Two


    Again, variable and surveys are not that frequent. Payout is via Amazon gift card only, £5 minimum payout.

  • Reliability


    Reliable & trustworthy. No issues found.

What is AnswerPoints?

AnswerPoints is a minimalist, clean site that pays you in Amazon gift cards to answer survey questions. You won’t get as many surveys as some other sites, but it works as a good additional chunk of survey income online. It is important to note that this online earning opportunity is only available to residents of the UK.

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The payout threshold is good at just £5 (500 points) and is available as Amazon gift cards.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for AnswerPoints is very straightforward. Grab a free 50 points (£0.50) by using this AnswerPoints Sign-Up link. Add in a few details and you’re ready to go.

Because the payout is via Amazon gift card only, there is no need to enter any payment details which is a plus for those that worry about entering bank or PayPal details online.

How to Earn More Money Online With AnswerPoints

Because of the minimalist nature of AnswerPoints, you don’t have a profile. That means that the options for increasing how much you earn with AnswerPoints are down to snagging surveys as they come in.

1. Keep an Eye on Your Emails

Answerpoints, unlike other sites, will actually notify you via emails when a survey is available for you. That means that you’re best off keeping an eye out for AnswerPoints emails or even setting up email notifications on your phone.
AnswerPoints FAQ
From the AnswerPoints FAQ


2. …But Don’t Rely on Emails!

Point 1 is a good way to ensure that you grab surveys when available but don’t become overly reliant on it.

We’ve experienced that sometimes when we log on to AnswerPoints, even if we haven’t received an email from them, surveys are available.

For this reason, we suggest that to make the most money from AnswerPoints (by answering more surveys), you need to log on and check every now and then. It’s only a few seconds of your day and can boost you closer to that £5 payout.

3. Ignore the Quick Polls

You will see that in addition to the available surveys on AnswerPoints, you also have the “Quick Poll” on the side.

answerpoints quickpoll
Ignore the Answerpoints quick poll.

This is not a paid poll and will not earn you any money. Just ignore it and focus your time on the “Available Surveys” section.

Minimum Payout & How to Get Paid by AnswerPoints

As mentioned, all you need to do is get to 500 points (£5) in order to cash out from AnswerPoints.

Once you’ve hit the 500, go to “Rewards” and click on the Amazon gift card to redeem.

Just make sure that you don’t select the £250 gift card prize draw because of course that’s not a guaranteed payout.

Is it Worth it?

AnswerPoints is a low-earning site. Not because it underpays but because you won’t get many surveys each week. That being said, if you’re comfortable juggling a few survey sites, you should add AnswerPoints to the mix. Dipping into quick surveys during your downtimes can net you an easy £5 with minimal effort.

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How to Make Money Online with AnswerPoints Surveys: A Complete Guide

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