adBTC Review & Earning Guide: Is it Legit?

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adBTC Review

adBTC ( is a very minimalistic site that has earning opportunities in the form of viewing ads of different formats. This can either be by viewing video ads or staying on a certain site for 30 seconds.

There is also a passive element which is autosurfing which cycles through websites/ads and pays you for your views.

That all sounds great and an easy way to earn online but is adBTC really a legit way to make money? Find out all in our full review and earning guide below.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Clicking Links, Viewing ads, Watching videos.
  • Time: Variable and depends on your own activity.
  • Earnings: Quite low. You can expect to make around $1 a day.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, but shortlinks throw an awful lot of spam ads at you.
  • Payout Options: Payeer, Cryptocurrency (BTC).
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia adBTC Review & Earning Guide: Is it Legit? Japan (Worldwide)

What is adBTC?

adBTC Review Header New

adBTC, also known as is a site that pays you to view ads, both video-based and in-website. The idea is that advertisers pay to have you view these videos, ads on their website, etc. for a specific amount of time. And in turn, you are paid in either Bitcoin or cash that can be withdrawn through Payeer.

While not the highest earning of sites, there is the possibility to earn here. Their passive earning options are the better choice where possible.

Users from certain countries like India, Pakistan, and Indonesia are likely to find more value with adBTC than those from other countries.

They also have a very unique referral system that we’ve not seen elsewhere.

But is it legit, does it pay out and is it worth your time? Read on to find out more in our adBTC review and profit maximization guide.

Is adBTC Legit & Safe, or is it Scam?

Before we get into things, it’s important to verify whether an earning opportunity is legit. We’ve spent time using adBTC and can confirm that it is 100% legit, it is not a scam, and does pay out. But note that it is not a big money maker.

That being said, because of the earning opportunity (viewing ads), be prepared to be spammed senseless on some sites, especially with shortlinks. Although that is to be expected as you are earning by viewing ads after all!

adBTC Trustpilot Rating

Now let’s look at the wider consensus on Trustpilot. As you can see below, adBTC gets an Average rating on TrustPilot, currently sitting at 3.5 out of 5.

adBTC Trustpilot rating

While this isn’t fantastic by any means, when you look into the reviews, you can see that the vast majority of negative ones are related to the user’s account being banned. In the site’s terms of use, it does mention that adBTC automation scripts, proxies, VPNs, and multi-accounts per person are not allowed and are bannable offenses. If I had to guess, I would assume that they ran afoul of these rules.

In short, don’t try to game the system and your account will remain active.

How Does adBTC Work?

As we’ve covered above, adBTC is a very minimalistic site in terms of design, and that is also true of its functionality. And that isn’t a bad thing.

All you need to do to earn is to ensure you have your adblocker off, then simply choose the type of ads you want to view. Complete the criteria and you’re paid instantly into your adBTC balance.

It is very important to note that the more ads you view, the higher your rating. Advertisers can limit ads to those with a certain rating or higher. So, the more you use the site, the more ads that become available to you.

However, not all links/ad types are equal and you need to pick carefully to ensure you’re not wasting your time (more on this later).

Create an Account For adBTC

As you’d expect, signing up is quick and easy. Just head on over to the adBTC login page and register with your email address. You can also choose to log in directly by using your Google Account.

Additionally, once you’ve signed up for adBTC you will need to update your settings for withdrawal such as a BTC address, or Payeer account. You can do this at any time though, so let’s move on to how to earn money with adBTC and more importantly, how to maximize those earnings.

Remember, you can only create one account for adBTC as multi-accounting will get you banned quickly.

How to Use adBTC to Earn Money & Crypto

We’ve covered what adBTC is at a high level and generally how you earn money from it. So now, let’s look at each earning opportunity in detail. We’ll also cover tips to ensure that you make the most of your time and pull out as much profit as possible. You can earn in the following ways:

  1. Surf ads.
  2. Video ads.
  3. Active window surfing.
  4. Autosurfing (passive earning).
  5. Shortlinks.
  6. Referrals and Selling Referrals.

1. Surf Ads

The first way to earn is via Surf Ads. Essentially you get paid for viewing a website. You’ll be presented with a link to a website and told up front what you will earn by visiting it. Just click the link and once the page has loaded, you will see the following:


adBTC What Are Surf Ads


The page will have a bar added at the top with a countdown in green. This is how long you must wait on the site until your earnings are credited. Once the time reaches zero, you will have to prove that you’re physically there, viewing the site:


adBTC what Are Surf Ads 2


In this case, we had to click one of the two gift icons. And that’s it, your earnings are credited directly to your adBTC account! Just close that window and you can select your next ad.

One final point to note here is that there are two types of Surf Ads. They function the same, but one will pay you in Bitcoin, and the other in Rubles (don’t worry, that can be withdrawn to Payeer and converted into your local currency).

2. Video Ads

Now, we have the video ads. This works in a similar way to Surf Ads but you don’t even need to do the final confirmation step.

Just click on a video from the list (this is constantly updated)

adBTC What are video ads review

As you can see, the requirements are to view a video for 30 or 45 seconds. Note that you will always be paid in Rubles here, not Bitcoin. Again, remember that these Rubles can be converted to your local currency after withdrawing to Payeer.

Once you click the link, a video will appear. Now when you click to play the video a countdown will start. This is in the browser tab itself, so keep an eye on it and just close the window once it changes to done:

adBTC Video Ads Tip
Don’t close the window until the timer is finished.

It’s a very simple way to earn money by watching videos, or at least for clicking play on a video.

Note: There are many more profitable ways to earn money by watching videos. Check out our full list now.

3. Active Window Surfing

This is very similar to Surf Ads but you don’t need to go back and select a new ad each time. Just open the Active Window surfing to begin. A page will be displayed with a timer on the top. Once the countdown is done, you click to confirm you’re still there and the next page will load. And this simply repeats.

You Have Watched All Available Ads on adBTC

In this area of adBTC you may instead see the message that you have watched all available ads:

adBTC You Have Watched All Available Ads
But what do you do if you’ve watched all available ads in the active window surfing area?

As it explains you can come back later, but the most important piece of advice here is to get your ranking up higher, by viewing ads in other areas and remaining active.

4. Autosurfing

Autosurfing is a completely passive way to earn on adBTC. You just click the link and every 15 seconds a new page will load. Just keep the tab open and you will earn crypto as it automatically loads each new page.

You may see the same message around having watched all available ads. Again, just go over to another are to get your rating up and come back later.

Shortlinks are probably the most painful way to earn on adBTC and we advise that you don’t deal with them. But if you’re interested, you’ll need to select a shortlink from the list:

AdBTC Review Shortlinks
Shortlinks payout in Rubles.

You will then be shown the most advertisement-infested page you have ever seen in your life. You will then need to:

  1. Wait for a counter to go down.
  2. Click the first button.
  3. Click the second button.
  4. The next page loads.
  5. Then repeat the above steps 2 or 3 times.

This process can take a minute or two. You will earn only 0.02 rubles on average which is $0.00022 USD. That means to earn $1 from shortlinks, you’d need to view 4,545 of them and this would take you 75 hours… not a good use of your time.

5. Referrals and Selling Referrals

If you refer others to use adBTC you will earn 10% of their earnings, and if they choose to purchase ads, 5% of their advertising spend. It’s a decent way to earn a bit of additional passive cash.

Where it becomes interesting is that you can sell your referrals to others for cash/Bitcoin or you can buy from others in hopes that they’ll generate more money for you.

There is an entire referral market that you can take advantage of:

adBTC Make Money Referral Market
The referral market is an intriguing way to boost your earnings by buying or selling referrals.

How Much Money Can You Make?

You are unfortunately not going to make very much money with adBTC. We’ve done some quick calculations and by our testing, you can earn around:

  • 10 satoshis per minute, which works out to $0.0045 USD per minute.
  • 0.02 Rubles per minute, which works out to $0.00022 USD per minute.

Those are some seriously low rates. This is why we suggest you focus on the passive options such as autosurfing. That way you’re earning when you’re not even actively at your screen.

How to Get Paid by adBTC?

Payout Options

You have 2 main options for cashing out with adBTC – crypto and cash.

The first is a payout of BTC (Bitcoin). This can be paid out directly to a BTC wallet, or via FaucetPay. The second is in Rubles, which you can cash out to Payeer, and then convert to your local currency before withdrawal.

Once you request a withdrawal it will be processed in 3 business days, so a reasonably quick turnaround.

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal from adBTC depends on your withdrawal options. Transferring directly to a BTC wallet is the highest at a whopping 150,000 satoshis, and FaucetPay is the lowest at a much more reasonable 500 Satoshis.

If you’re withdrawing cash to Payeer, the minimum withdrawal is very good at only 1 Ruble ($0.011 USD).

adBTC Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Low payout threshold.
  • Passive earning options.


  • Very, very low pay.
  • Ads can redirect to very spammy sites.

adBTC is a strange one. On the surface the large amount of opportunities to earn makes you feel like this would be a good use of your time. But in reality, for each action you take whether video view or ad view, you are earning fractions of 1 USD cent. That’s right not fractions of a dollar, but fractions of a cent.

This may be OK/practical for users in certain countries but for the vast majority, it will be wasted time for little benefit.

If you are going to earn on adBTC, we advise that you focus on passive earning options such as autosurf. That way, you’re not wasting you’re time and your earnings are ticking up in the background.

adBTC does redeem itself slightly with low payout thresholds, meaning that you can safely give it a try and pull your earnings out quickly if it’s not for you.

By all means, give it a go. Just understand that you won’t make that much money from it.


There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full adBTC review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

While it may be tempting to use scripts on adBTC, we advise against it. It is against their terms of service and there are multiple reports of them banning users for this behaviour.

Final Thoughts

For most, using adBTC won’t be worth your time for how much you’ll earn. Users from certain countries like India, Pakistan, and Indonesia may still find value here though.

The plus points are that it is easy work – just viewing ads and there are even passive earning opportunities through the likes of autosurf. That added to low minimum payout thresholds does make the low earnings more tolerable.

By all means check out adBTC and give it a go. At worst you can cash out a handful of cents, at best it may be a side earner, albeit a low-paying one.

Our advice is to check out the more profitable ways to earn by passively viewing ads in our huge list.

Mega List of Ways to Earn Online

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