20Cogs Closing on 30th June 2022: What Can You Do & How to Withdraw

20cogs closing june 2022

20 Cogs Closing as of 31st June 2022

20Cogs has announced that it will be closing forever on 30th June 2022. It is a money-making site that allowed you to earn from free trials, surveys and gaming. What makes this closure especially difficult is that you cannot withdraw unless you have completed 20 tasks.

Below we look at what the 20Cogs closure means for you and how to get your hands on your hard-earned cash before it closes forever.

20Cogs Closing Down Information
20Cogs Closing Down

20Cogs Important Closure Dates & Deadlines

  • ASAP: If you have not logged in for 6 months or more, your account will be closed.
  • 30th June 2022: 20Cogs will close forever.
  • 31st July 2022: Payouts will no longer be available.

Let’s look at what you need to do and when to make sure you don’t lose your 20Cogs earnings:


How do I Withdraw from 20Cogs Before it Closes Down?

Concerned about how to complete offers or how to withdraw from 20Cogs before it closes down forever? Make sure you take these actions and be wary of the deadlines above:

Log in ASAP

Ensure that you log into your 20Cogs account. If you have not logged in for the past 6 months your account will be terminated:

20Cogs Account Termination
20Cogs account termination after 6 months of inactivity.

Complete Offers NOW, Before 30th June

30th June is your deadline for completing offers so make sure that you have enough time spare to complete up to your 20th Cog.

Bear in mind that it takes time for a Cog/offer to show as completed (green). It is unclear at this point if pending cogs will turn green after 30th June, or will simply be counted as not complete.

Keep An Eye On Cog Completion & Request Cashout Before 30th July

Once all of your Cogs have turned green, you can request a cashout. So, make sure you check daily before 30th July.

If by 20th July, some of your Cogs/Offers are still pending, we suggest raising a support ticket with 20Cogs. Their support is high quality, and perhaps with the site closure, they will be able to push your Cogs through to green to ensure you make the payout deadline.

How do I Withdraw from 20Cogs if I Don't Have 20 Green Cogs?

The answer unfortunately is that you are very unlikely to be able to withdraw. The one downside to 20Cogs has always been that 20 Cogs must be green before you can withdraw.

That being said, if you have completed 20 offers, but some are pending, rather than green, you may be able to get support to assist.

Create a (friendly!) support ticket with 20Cogs to request that your pending Cogs are turned green or to enable your payout button. There’s no guarantee but at this stage, it is your only option.

Is it Still Worth Completing 20Cogs Offers?

It depends on how many completed Cogs/offers you already have. Remember, you must have 20 completed Cogs/Offers to withdraw.

  • If you’ve completed 0 offers: DO NOT start now.
  • If you have completed less than 10: Cut your losses, it is unlikely that you will complete all of the offers in time.
  • If you have completed 10-15 offers: It’s a personal judgement call. It may be possible, but still unlikely.
  • If you have completed 16-19 offers: Still a bit of a gamble but if you start on the offers NOW there is still a chance.

Highlighting the Dangers of High Wihdrawal Limit Money Making Sites

20Cogs has an unusual limitation with withdrawals that we’ve mentioned before. 20 Cogs must be completed. Additionally, the next Cog cannot be started until the previous is done. This effectively locks your funds in a sort of high withdrawal limit trap.

Many will lose earned funds from 20Cogs due to this closure, and the inability to withdraw in time. A sad situation but a valid learning opportunity for making money online.

20Cogs Alternatives

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