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Business Name Idea Generator

Coming up with ideas for a business name is tough. Depending on your industry you need to strike the balance between a business name that sounds professional yet approachable, fun and dependable, and just about every variation in between.

Whether you’re looking for business name ideas that are more traditional, or more modern we have the perfect business name generator just for you. We’ll also discuss what characteristics of a business name say to customers and how to use that to your advantage.

Business Names Idea Generator

To keep things clean and easy we’ve come up with our instant business name generator. All you need to do is put in some words or keywords separated by a comma or a space and the generator will use those to create 20 unique business names just for you.

And what’s more, click generate again and you’ll get another 20 completely different business name ideas. Keep going until you hit something that appeals to you.

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If you click on one of the generated business names above, it’ll even take you to see if the domain name is already taken for that business name on or not.

Business Name Ideas

Our generator should have provided you with a whole host of business name ideas already but with some clever positioning, you can take your business name to the next level.

So next up, we need to look at how to position your business name. Are you wanting to market it in a solid, traditional dependable way? Or do you want it to have a cute, homely, or even local feel to it? This kind of business name brainstorming will step you up from a random business name to a name that actively promotes your business.

Let’s take a look at keywords and phrases and then onto specific categories of ways to name your business.

Keywords For Your Business

A traditional, but highly effective way of naming your business is to use keywords related to your industry. A potential customer knowing what service or products you’re likely to supply just by reading your business name can be a great boon for demand, traffic, and recognizability.

There’s nothing overly complex at this stage. All you need to do is get a list of words and/or phrases that describe your business or are otherwise related to your business.

A very easy way of doing this is heading over to relatedwords.io. Let’s say you have a cleaning business. Put “cleaning” into relatedwords and it will give you keywords back such as:

  • Cleanly
  • Care
  • Light
  • Wight
  • Pristine
  • Pure

You can then feed these words back into our generator to produce a whole host of potential business names.

Some example business name ideas using the keyword examples above:

  • Carefully Clean
  • Lighter Cleaning Solutions
  • Wight Way Cleaners
  • Pristine Care Services
  • Pure & Simple Cleaning
  • Cleanly Sparkle
  • CareWise Cleaners
  • Light as Air Cleaning
  • Wight & Tidy
  • Pristine Touch Cleaning Co.
  • Pure Reflections Cleaners
  • Gentle Care Cleaning Services
  • Shimmering Lights Cleaners
  • Wight-Care Clean
  • Pristine Maid Services
  • Pure Essence Cleaners
  • Careful Hands Cleaning
  • Luminous Cleanly Crew
  • Wight Spotless Services
  • Pristine Homes Cleaning

Location Based Business Names

location based business names

Incorporating your location into your business’s name can work in a variety of positive ways. Firstly, you can use it to take advantage of the shop locally trend which sees people supporting local businesses rather than large conglomerates. Having a local town, city, etc. name as part of your business can give that homegrown, self-made “local person done good” feel to customers.

You also stand to gain in terms of local SEO. Having your location in your business name can act as a strong signal to serve up your business pages to people in your local area. Think of it as search engine signals built right into the name.

There are of course different levels of local-based naming. You can go down as far as a local town (generally for brick and mortar stores), up to a city or even a country. Some location-based business name ideas and examples to get you thinking below:

  • London Luxuries
  • Nibbles of New York
  • Traditions of Tokyo
  • Panache of Paris
  • Revivals of Rome
  • Sydney Sweets
  • Cape Town Crafts
  • Bliss Barcelona
  • Prague Pottery
  • Berlin Bistro
  • Savannah Soaps
  • Aspen Cleaners
  • Kyoto Knickknacks
  • Charleston Charmers
  • Lisbon Laundromat
  • Reykjavik Refreshers
  • Dubrovnik Decor
  • Santorini Scents
  • Bruges Brooms
  • Maids in Melbourne

Using a Person's Name in Business Name

In a similar way, you can also get that small local business feel by dropping your name into the business name. This can either be your real name or a pseudonym, it doesn’t really matter. The point is that it feels friendly and when someone has their name attached to it, people feel like it has some accountability. This kind of confidence in a business can have huge positive impacts.

Let’s take a look at some business name ideas that incorporate a person’s name:

  • Alex’s Sterling Solutions
  • Natalie’s Freshly Squeezed
  • Bold & Beautiful by Bella
  • Seraphina’s Serene Sanctum
  • Savor & Spice with Sebastian
  • Lily’s Brilliant Blooms
  • Ethan’s Tech Haven
  • Olivia’s Harmony House
  • Precision Cuts by Max
  • Twinkle Toes Dance Studio with Emily
  • Cloud Nine Bed and Breakfast by Hannah
  • WellFit Wellness with Benjamin
  • Sophia’s Sparkle & Shine
  • Thomas’ Green Thumb
  • Chloe’s Pet Pawsitivity
  • Inked Impressions by Marcus
  • Gear Up Gear with Carter
  • Sweet Serenade by Emma
  • The Book Nook by James
  • Grace’s Heavenly Bites

As you can see, you can take a business name idea and simply add a first name in front or as a suffix. Some work better than others, and as mentioned you can use a pseudonym if you prefer. This may be an especially good choice if your name doesn’t fit your business type – for example, a nursery owned by someone called “Butch”!

Clever Business Name Ideas

funny business name

If your business doesn’t need to be perceived as overly serious then puns as part of a small business name are a great choice. It will make your business name stand out, make it memorable, and will still keep the purpose of your business clear in the customer’s mind.

If you can grab a hold of something, especially funny, you may even see your business name go viral. Free marketing just based on your chosen business name? Yes, please!

Let’s take a look at some ideas in the pun based business name category:

  1. The Daily Grind (Café)
  2. Shear Elegance (Hair Salon)
  3. Lettuce Entertain You (Catering)
  4. Brewed Awakening (Coffee Shop)
  5. Pawsitive Vibes (Pet Grooming)
  6. Shell-ter (Insurance Agency)
  7. A Cut Above the Rest (Barbershop)
  8. Rolling in Dough (Bakery)
  9. The Codfather (Seafood Restaurant)
  10. Sole Mates (Shoe Store)
  11. A Bit Corny (Popcorn Shop)
  12. Knot Just a Hobby (Yarn Store)
  13. Let’s Taco ‘Bout It (Mexican Restaurant)
  14. The Write Stuff (Stationery Store)
  15. The Daily Scoop (Ice Cream Parlor)
  16. Flipping Fantastic (Pancake House)
  17. A Slice of Heaven (Pizzeria)
  18. Batter Up (Baseball Equipment Store)
  19. Brewed to Perfection (Tea House)
  20. Fit to a Tea (Fitness Studio)

We’ve included the business types above but as you can see, it’s clear in almost all cases what the business is instantly. That’s the beauty of a pun. It keeps the name interesting but also keeps that oh-so-important recognizability in your business name.

If you’re struggling a bit with coming up with some puns. Head over to “Pun Generator” which will do it for you. For example, if you’re wanting to name a new cafe, then you’d search for Cafe on Pun Generator.

Modern Business Name Ideas

Modern business names step away from the traditional and instead focus on concise and impactful names. Sometimes this can be a portmanteau business name (also known as a compound business name), a single word, or simply a name that sounds “punchy”. When words are combined, you will often see the second word capitalized mid-word. Some examples of modern business name ideas. 

  1. TechLinx
  2. LaunchMasters
  3. Craftify
  4. NexGen
  5. UrbanScape
  6. FoodFusion
  7. SparkGear
  8. GreenSprout
  9. StyleVista
  10. HealthSync
  11. BuzzWorx
  12. EventSphere
  13. SwiftServe
  14. Inspired
  15. DreamCrafters
  16. FreshGrove
  17. InnovEdge
  18. TechLinkage
  19. SourceIt
  20. SkyLift

The best way to generate something like this is to use our business name generator above. Let it throw a few words together for you. We have it set up so that some outputs will be in this “modern format”. But you can of course always just remove the space between the words yourself. Also, consider alternative spellings. Like in the example above “Links” has become “Linx”.

There is a nice additional benefit here too. Your name will already be perfectly formatted to become a domain name. Domain names of course have no spaces, and this prevents you from using spammy dashes or underscores, or removing spaces after the fact and running afoul of domain names that can be read in the incorrect way.

Foreign or Exotic Business Name Ideas

foreign business name ideas

You can even move beyond the English language in pursuit of your new small business name. This won’t work for every industry but anything related to food, creative aspects, and stores (both online and offline) will fit nicely.

The big warning here of course, is to make sure that name you choose is what you think it is. Verify it by translating it in Google Translate or better yet ask a native speaker.

The main advantage of this type of naming is that your business name gives off a strong vibe of luxury or high class.

  1. Luna Solis
  2. Amore Vita
  3. Zenith Luxe
  4. Aurea Terra
  5. Enigma Nexus
  6. Seraphine Elixir
  7. Mariposa Brillante
  8. Vespera Noctis
  9. Solis Aqua
  10. Harmonia Terra
  11. VivaVita
  12. Zephyrus
  13. Luminosa
  14. Solstice
  15. Amaraq
  16. Elixiria
  17. Mystique
  18. Aetheria
  19. Valoria
  20. Xanadu

If you still want to maintain some recognisability, that is so people know at a glance what your business is, you can use foreign words that have an obvious English analog. For example:

  1. Solis (Latin: Sun)
  2. Harmonia (Greek: Harmony)
  3. Luna (Spanish: Moon)

And remember, your business name isn’t bound by language. Combine a foreign language and English for a more quirky approach. Then you can benefit from having recognizability and that foreign/exotic flare for your business name:

  1. Bright Étoile
  2. Aqua Vita
  3. Serene Jardin
  4. Bliss Cielo
  5. Nova Café
  6. Luna Studio
  7. Harmony Sakura
  8. Solstice Boutique
  9. Tranquil Oceano
  10. Belleza Bakery

Traditional Business Name Ideas

Depending on your business type, you may want to go the very traditional route. This is especially popular for businesses whose customers are other businesses. Having a traditional name implies that the business has been around for a long time and that it has staying power, expertise, and industry knowledge. Some examples:

  1. Smith & Sons Company
  2. Johnson Brothers Ltd
  3. Wilson & Co.
  4. Anderson Enterprises Ltd
  5. Thompson Services
  6. Roberts & Partners Company
  7. Walker & Associates Ltd
  8. Greenfield Solutions
  9. Collins Group Ltd
  10. Harrison & Co. Services
  11. Turner Brothers Company
  12. Mitchell & Sons Ltd
  13. Wright & Associates Services
  14. Baker Enterprises Ltd
  15. Hall & Co. Services
  16. Clark & Wilson Company
  17. Hughes & Sons Ltd
  18. Foster Solutions
  19. Cooper & Co. Services
  20. Taylor Brothers Company

You probably won’t get a business name more simple than this which in many cases is a huge plus point. Simplicity and tradition can be very useful marketing tools.

How to Make Sure the Business Name Isn't Taken

Legally of course you should also be looking into whether your business name is already taken. You don’t want to be slapped with a law suit because someone has trademarked your business name already. Additionally, you don’t want people to get your business confused with another.

Most countries should have a listing of trademarked business names that you can search for. Once you decide on a name (or a few potential names) for your business, run it through one of the tools below to ensure that your business name(s) are not taken already.

Alternatively, if your country isn’t listed above, just do a quick search for “your country” + trademark search and you’ll be able to find your own country’s trademark database website.

And that’s not the only implication here. You should also check that the URL for your business is not taken. Don’t get relegated to having to use a less-than-ideal URL top level domain such as .info or .biz. You can very quickly check domain/URL availability for free over at Namecheap to make sure you don’t fall victim to this mistake.

Numerology & Business Names

Dice numerology numbers

Some people believe that numerology, the study of numbers can play an important role in choosing a business name. The concept is that the letters in a business name are converted into numbers, which are then compounded to create a single number. This single number can then be used to predict how well a business will do.

Depending on the number, the business is said to benefit from certain characteristics. The number 1, also known as the golden number is said to be associated with businesses that are innovative and forward-thinking. This numerology value of 1 is shared by the likes of Google, Adobe, and Coca-Cola.

It is an extensive topic, so why not check out our business name numerology value calculator and guide for a full breakdown of the process?

Online Business Name Numerology Calculator

Check our our automatic business name numerology calculator and learn what your business name numerology value means today!

business name numerology calculator screenshot

Business Name Numerology Calculator

Taglines for Your Business

So you now have your business name but what about a tagline, byline, or slogan? This is a much more difficult task and not one suited for generators. But there is a quick and easy way to generate a ton of slogans relevant to your business.

The answer is ChatGPT. If you’re not aware ChatGPT is an AI that understands your input and generates pretty much any piece of text you’d like. This is one of the business use cases for ChatGPT that you should take advantage of.

So, for example, I simply asked it “Create 10 fun slogans for a bakery business” and this is what it spat out in about 2 seconds:

  1. “Sweet Delights, Baked to Perfection!”
  2. “Baking Happiness, One Treat at a Time!”
  3. “Dough-licious Creations, Made with Love!”
  4. “Taste the Magic, Straight from Our Oven!”
  5. “Freshly Baked Goodness, Just for You!”
  6. “Bringing Joy through Baked Goodies!”
  7. “Bakery Bliss, Where Dreams Come True!”
  8. “Indulge Your Senses with Our Irresistible Bakes!”
  9. “Life is Short, Eat More Cupcakes!”
  10. “Creating Sweet Memories, One Bite at a Time!”

And of course, you can just keep asking it for more. Or you can be more specific and ask it to mention specifically cakes, or your hometown or whatever it is you want to be included in your slogan.

Take advantage of ChatGPT for business and while you’re at it find out how else you can use ChatGPT to earn some cash.


Using our business name generator and business name ideas above you should now have chosen your name (or at least have a final list). Make sure you check trademarks and ensure that the domain is still available.

We also recommend that you do a bit of minor focus group work with friends and family. Show them your business name, or a few options for the name and get their opinion. Ask for brutal honesty and keep working on that name until you find your small business name.

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