How to Earn Free Crypto on Reddit: Complete Guide​

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Reddit has launched its vault which allows you to earn and store cryto simply by contributing to subreddits with comments or posts.

Currently only 2 subreddits provide this earning capability but hopefully more will follow suit in the future.

Earning Methods: Cryptocurrency
Payout Options:

Available on: Website, Android (app), iOS (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Earn Free Crypto on Reddit: Complete Guide Japan



  • Very quick.
  • As long as it take you to write a post or comment.


  • Completely dependant on your interaction with Reddit.
  • Withdrawing as cash possible but still complicated currently.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

It may surprise you but you can earn free cryptocurrency, specifically Reddit Moons, and Reddit BRICKS simply by posting and commenting on the Cryptocurrency Subreddit and the Fortnite Subreddit. It’s not particularly well advertised and there is a little bit of set-up but we’ve taken the confusion away for you with our complete guide below.

Both Moons and BRICKS are primarily for community kudos, unlocking features etc. on Reddit but they do have a financial value associated with them and can be sold.

Moons & BRICKS are a very exciting concept and allow you the opportunity to earn an up and coming Crypto for absolutely nothing!

How to Sign Up to Reddit

Signing up to Reddit is incredibly straightforward. Just head over to Reddit and sign-up as you would with any other site. Just choose a username and password, enter your email, and confirm it. Then you’re good to go. There’s nothing else to it.

But before you start earning, you must open your Reddit Vault.

Set-Up Your Reddit Vault for Moons and BRICKS

Before you start earning Reddit Moons and BRICKS, you need to open your Reddit Vault. Luckily the process is very simple. 

Just download the Reddit app, create a Reddit account if you don’t have one, or sign-in if you do. Then just click the small “Snoo” (Reddit’s mascot/logo) in the top left. You will see a menu, click on “Vault”.

Reddit Vault In Mobile Menu

Then click create a new wallet, and follow the instructions such as noting down your recovery phrase.

Reddit Create Vault

If you do not see the Vault menu item, go to Reddit Community Points on your phone, scroll through to the end and click “Create my vault”.

Note: It is very important to note down your recovery phrase in case you lose access to your phone at some point!

How do I Earn Free Crypto with Reddit?

Earning free crypto on Reddit, or rather free crypto tokens in the form of Reddit Moons and Reddit BRICKS, is easy. Simply post or comment on either of the two below subreddits:

Things to be Aware of

Although you earn Moons and BRICKS by posting and commenting, the amount you earn will depend on how many upvotes you get. So, quality posts or let’s face it memes/funny posts will gain you more upvotes and therefore more free crypto.
Don’t spam the subreddits, try to naturally integrate with posts and comments that fit the general theme of the subreddit.

I’ve Posted on Reddit but Don’t Have any Moons/BRICKS

Moons and BRICKS are only distributed into your vault at the end of each month. So keep posting and commenting throughout the month and at month-end, you should see your crypto tokens in your Reddit vault.

How do I Cash Out Moons & BRICKS?

Currently, it is very complicated to cash out Moons and BRICKS. We recommend simply “HODLing” until the process becomes more straightforward, and hopefully the value of your crypto increases.

If however, you are determined to cash out right now, we recommend this Reddit Moons cash-out guide and this Reddit BRICKS cash-out guide

Are Reddit Moons & BRICKS Worth Anything?

Absolutely! As of now, they are worth:

Reddit Moons & Reddit BRICKS are still in their infancy, meaning that turning a profit and actually selling them is hard. But in the world of crypto, getting in early is crucial to take advantage of the gains as the price of the coins/tokens increase. For now, we suggest posting and building up your Moons and BRICKS and then cashing out once they’re more mature and the process is simplified.

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Earn free crypto just by using Reddit normally. Simply post and comment in the Cryptocurrency or Fortnite subreddits and earn free crypto each month.

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