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Sweatcoin Review

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to walk. Every step is converted into Sweatcoins that can then be exchanged for gift cards, discounts and now even cryptocurrency.

It is a legit way to earn money by exercising and requires no extra effort as it is all tracked automatically. Read on to learn about how Sweatcoin works and how to maximize your earnings.

What you need to know

  • Time: It tracks your steps in the background, so technically all day, every day!
  • Earnings: It is impossible to assign a USD or GBP amount as the Sweatcoin store offerings constantly change.
  • Trust: High trust, no issues found.
  • Payout Options: Gift cards, discounts, produts, cryptocurrency (SWEAT).
  • Country Availability: USA flag Canada flag United Kingdom flag European Union Flag Australia flag India Flag Japan Flag (Global)

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a free app for your mobile device that pays you to walk, exercise and generally move about. It tracks your steps and converts them into their in-app points called sweatcoin. It works by hooking into your Google Fit, Apple Health, etc. health apps so everything just works in the background without you really needing to think about it. Once you set it up, it will continue working in the background converting your steps into cash.

sweatcoin header

I rarely review my earnings – I just get on with my day knowing that it’s building up and earning me points as I do what I was going to do anyway.

You can go for a walk or a run outside, or even on a treadmill, and get credited for your steps. The only thing you need to remember is to keep your phone in your pocket or your wearable on your write. Because of this it is the ultimate passive earning opportunity. And it encourages your to exercise by paying you to do it.

How Does Sweatcoin Work?

As we’ve alluded to above, the process is very simple. If you don’t already have Google Fit, Apple Health, etc. set up on your phone, you should get it set up first to more accurately track your steps. Then you just need to download the Sweatcoin app from Google Play or the Apple AppStore. It will ask to access your step stats and that’s it.

Sweatcoin App Header
Sweatcoin’s interface is simple. It counts your steps and converts them into cash.

From that point on it will pay you real cash to walk, or rather pay you in discounts, gift cards, and crypto (but more on that below).

On the free tier, you are paid for your first 10,000 steps of the day which works out as around 10 Sweatcoins. Depending on how long your strides are, that works out as around 4-6 miles per day. Once you hit 10,000, you’ll have to wait until the next day to earn more, when your max paid steps are reset to 0.

You can opt to try Sweatcoin Premium, which comes at a cost but doesn’t limit how many Sweatcoins you can earn in one day. If you’re walking more than 6 miles per day this can work out as a good option.

Summary: Sweatcoin pays you to walk. Every step is converted into Sweatcoins or SWEAT cryptocurrency.

Sweatcoin Review: Pros & Cons

Sweatcoin is a brilliant concept. I think that nobody can deny that getting paid to walk is a positive thing for both your wallet and your health. But is it all so positive? Read on to understand all in our Sweatcoin review.

Sweatcoin Review: Pros

  • Totally passive.
  • A healthy way to earn.
  • Cryptocurrency payout option.

Sweatcoin Review: Cons

  • Earning is slow.
  • Gift cards sell out quickly.

Getting paid to walk is completely passive, and passive earning always gets a thumbs-up from me. Admittedly though, the rate at which you earn Sweatcoins is low. However, it is still fair considering that you’re earning by doing something you would have done already. You’re just monetizing an activity that you already do, so isn’t anything earned from this a bonus? I believe so.

If you want to grab some quick discounts, then you’ll be able to do so after just a day of walking. We’ve seen 60% off vouchers for only 5 Sweatcoins.

Gift cards and auctions are a longer-term prospect. You’ll need to wait a few months before you rack up enough to points to cash in. See this as a low-interest savings account that increases in value behind the scenes. But instead of being affected by interest rates, it’s affected by your own level of physical activity.

What has turned this Sweatcoin review on its head for me though is the newly introduced SWEAT cryptocurrency. This is NOT the same as Sweatcoins and is actually a fully functional cryptocurrency that you can earn via Sweatcoin, and more importantly, sell for real money. This is what has been missing up until now, the ability to convert your steps into actual, real money.

Sweatcoin SWEAT Earn Crypto

This game-changing inclusion of earning cryptocurrency is a big leap forward for Sweatcoin. If you want to learn more, we’ll discuss it in the cash-out options section below. 

So, reading a review is all well and good, but how do you actually make money with the app? We’ll discuss that next.

How to Make More Money With Sweatcoin

The obvious way to earn more money with Sweatcoin is unsurprisingly to walk more. The more steps you do in a day, the more money you will earn by walking. But, besides that, there are some tips that can vastly boost how much money you can earn.

1. Use the Daily Boost at the Right Time

On the main page of the Sweatcoin app, you will see that you have a “Daily 2x Boost” section. If you activate that, for 20 minutes your steps will count for double the amount of Sweatcoins.

So for example, let’s say you walk 1,000 steps. If the boost is on, it will count as 2,000 steps and earn you 2 Sweatcoins instead of 1.

Don’t waste your 2x Daily Boost. Use it when you are going to be most active and do the most steps.

You just need to remember to activate the boost before you go out for a long walk or a run. Admittedly, remembering this is not as easy as you might think. We suggest using an app that has the ability to notify/remind you when you leave the house for example.

2. Don't Forget Your Sweatcoin Rewards

Sweatcoin rewards daily watch ads
Get random daily rewards for watching videos in the Sweatcoin app.

You get 3 daily rewards available in the app that will reward you with a random amount of Sweatcoins. All you do is click the reward and you’ll watch a short 30-second or so advertisement. Then you will earn a random amount of coins. This can be as high as 1,000 but normally is between 0.4 and 5 in our experience.

So, don’t leave your Sweatcoin Rewards sitting there as you could get the equivalent of 400-1 million steps worth of Sweatcoins for free!

Spin to Win

A new addition is the spin to win minigame. Once you’ve watched all 3 videos for you daily rewards you get a free wheel spin. This wheel spin will multiply how much you earned from the daily rewards.

Sweatcoin spin and win
We managed to snag a x5 multiplier on our daily rewards with spin to win.

If you want to earn even more cash by watching videos and ads, check out our huge list of ways to earn by watching videos online below:

3. Join Challenges

Sweatcoin challenges are extra tasks that you can complete to earn a chunk of free Sweatcoins or even gift cards. You have to manually join these challenges, so make sure you click the “join challenge” button.

The most common challenges are the monthly 250K step challenges. If you hit 250K steps, then you will earn an additional 25 sweatcoins on top of what you earn for those steps anyway. Anyone that completes it is also automatically added to a prize draw to win $100 gift cards, products like Amazon Kindle, and more.

It costs nothing to join a challenge, so you may as well. If you hit the target you get rewarded, if not then no big deal.

4. Referrals (Invite Your Friends)

There is another way to earn free Sweatcoins in the form of referrals. All you need to do is share your referral link with your friends. When they sign up, you will earn 5 free Sweatcoins.

Our advice is to share the link with your friends, and also online to maximize your reach and how much you earn from your referrals. If sharing online, make sure not to spam people. Give them some value with your referral link – offer them help with signing up or link them to our guide so they can see how to boost their earnings.

Sometimes they even offer additional incentives such as being entered in a prize draw to win gift cards, coins, products, and more.

5. The Super Secret Sweatcoin Offerwall

We’re not joking about the offerwall being “super secret”. It is legitimately hidden deep, deep within the app to the point where most users have no idea that it is even there. It’s actually mind-boggling that they don’t push their offerwall more.

Sweatcoin hidden offerwall
The hidden offerwall is worth finding!

How to find the hidden offerwall:

  1. Click the “Friends” icon at the bottom of the app.
  2. Click your profile image or initial at the top left of this page.
  3. Click the settings cog icon at the top right of this page.
  4. Click Sweatcoin Bonuses.
  5. Click Partner Apps.

5 clicks to get there! 5 clicks! But regardless, we now have access to the offerwall. It works much in the same way as offerwalls on the likes of Swagbucks and Freecash.com. You download an app, complete some tasks such as “reach level 20” and then you’re paid by the offerwall. In this case of course you’re paid in Sweatcoins.

We’ve seen offers that pay up to 4,000 Sweatcoins. That’s the same amount that you’d earn by doing 4,000,000 steps!

Offerwalls are a great way to earn by playing games. Check out our full offerwall guides for a ton of games now.

When you see people bidding 24,000 Sweatcoins on an auction and you wonder how they got so many. This offerwall is how. It’s the only reliable, legit way to get huge amounts of Sweatcoins.

Earn SWEAT Crypto With Sweatcoin

As we noted earlier, you can actually use the Sweatcoin app to convert your steps directly into SWEAT cryptocurrency. So let’s take a small step to the side to investigate this other way to earn. This is a brilliant addition for anyone who is interested in earning crypto. Once activated, it means that your first 5,000 steps of any day will be converted into crypto. Anything over that will still be converted into Sweatcoins as normal.

Opt into SWEAT

On the main page of the app, you’ll see an opt-in button for earning SWEAT. Click that and you’ll be prompted to download the SWEAT Wallet. 

Opt into SWEAT Crypto
We suggest opting into SWEAT as soon as possible.

Once you’ve downloaded the wallet and worked through the steps, you’ll be prompted to link your existing Sweatcoin account.

Next, you’ll be sent an email with a code. Keep this code safe because it is the only way that you can recover your wallet and SWEAT if you somehow lose access in the future.

SWEAT Earnings

As mentioned, your first 5,000 steps will convert into SWEAT. There’s nothing else you need to do as this will happen automatically.

This is where it gets a little complicated. How many steps convert into 1 SWEAT will change over time. The earlier you start earning, the more valuable your steps are.

Steps to SWEAT Conversion
Over time, you’ll need to walk more to earn 1 SWEAT.

Clearly, the sooner you opt in, the more each step you take is worth. So don’t snooze on this one.

In the wallet app, you can keep track of how much SWEAT you’ve earned. The conversion is pretty quick, but occasionally we’ve had to wait an hour or two for our earnings to show in-app.

Grow Your SWEAT With Jars

Many cryptocurrencies have the concept of staking, or earning interest. With SWEAT, they handle this using “Jars”. When you add SWEAT into a Jar it will earn interest. While in the Jar you don’t have access to your crypto (temporarily).

The longer you lock your crypto into a Jar, the higher the interest rate you earn:

SWEAT Jar Staking
Staking will earn you extra SWEAT.

The minimum amount of SWEAT that can be staked and added to a jar is 10. You should be able to earn this much from a week of mild walking at the time of writing.

Learn to Earn

The SWEAT wallet includes a learn to earn section just like Coinbase Earn. Both give you free crypto for learning and answering a quiz.

New quizzes can be added over time so make sure to keep checking back.

You simply need to read through a few small paragraphs of text and answer the quiz questions correctly to earn your free SWEAT.

SWEAT Learn to Earn
Free SWEAT for answering a few questions.

SWEAT Rewards

Finally, you can also enter prize draws within the SWEAT Wallet. The prize draws are only open to people who have a certain amount of SWEAT stored in jars (see earlier discussion on staking and jars).

This doesn’t cost anything and can earn you $100 in gift cards or products like game consoles. So while not guaranteed, it is worth getting involved.

What is SWEAT Hero?

SWEAT Hero, which is in closed beta at the moment now in open beta and accessbible to all, is a game similar to the Guitar Hero games. It uses a combination of the steps you’ve walked, any “NFT legs” you have in the Wallet, and how well you do by playing the game.

You’ll be matched against another player and whoever wins, earns some free SWEAT. A really cool addition that will be increasing in functionality throughout 2023 and 2024.

Currently the earning potential is relatively low, but the more you play, the more your NFT legs, level up. So we suggest that you get in on this early and get ahead of the crowd. When this does become a more feature-rich and profitable part of SWEAT Wallet, you’ll be leveled way higher than most and reap the rewards.

How Much is SWEAT Worth?

As with all crypto, the cost of 1 SWEAT changes over time. It typically hovers around $0.01 per SWEAT. So you’re not going to be earning a load of money here, but it has the potential to gain value over time.

Check the current SWEAT to USD conversion here.

And now back to Sweatcoin itself:

How to Cash Out on Sweatcoin

One of its failures (in my opinion) is that it is difficult at first to understand how to cash out on Sweatcoin. In fact, if you look online, you’ll see that question raised again and again. Part of the problem is that it doesn’t work in the same way as most other get paid to apps or sites, and Sweatcoins have no direct conversion to cash. So, how exactly do you cash out?

Cashout Options on Sweatcoin

Whether you have a free account or a premium account, then you have a few different options for how you can cash out. You can cash them out to:

  • Gift Cards.
  • Discounts/Voucher codes.
  • Bid on products in auctions.
  • SWEAT Cryptocurrency (More on this below).

Premium subscribers will also have access to some extra gift cards that are not available to free members. 

You can’t directly earn real money but using the gift card or SWEAT cryptocurrency options means that you can convert your Sweatcoin into cash in a roundabout way.

1. Gift Cards

Cashing out via gift cards is easy enough. Just click the shopping bag icon in the app and scroll down to the bottom. There you will see any gift cards available in your country. The problem here though is that these gift cards sell out very, very quickly. That’s right, there are a limited amount of Sweatcoin gift cards available each day.

If there are no gift cards left, you’ll need to wait until 8 AM EST the next day when the available offers are updated.

2. Discounts/Voucher Codes

The discounts and voucher codes are available in the same location as gift cards. They’re in the shop and (if they’re being replaced) will update at the same time as gift cards (8 AM EST).

3. Bid on Auctions

In the shop, you will find an auction section. There will also be a running auction, normally for a physical product. It works just like an eBay auction where people will bid against each other.

Sweatcoin auction example
An example auction. The bids can get crazy high.

When the auction ends, whoever has the highest bid will win the product.

You’ll need a lot of Sweatcoins to stand any chance of winning – several tens of thousands. The best way as we mentioned above is to use the hidden offerwall in the app.

4. SWEAT Cryptocurrency

As we’ve described above, Sweatcoin has now released its own cryptocurrency called SWEAT. This is NOT to be confused with the in-app points, “Sweatcoins” that we’ve discussed so far. They are two different things. SWEAT is a crypto that can be bought, traded, and sold.

This works very differently from the above 3 cashout methods.

You’ll need to set up SWEAT earning:

  1. You need to first activate it by clicking “Opt into SWEAT” on the main page of the app.
  2. It will explain the concept to you and ask you to download the SWEAT Wallet (where your crypto will be stored).
  3. You will be prompted to link the account in your Sweatcoin app (single click).
  4. You will also need to enter a code sent to the email address associated with your account.

From here, your first 5,000 steps a day will be auto-converted to SWEAT and placed in your wallet.

As with all crypto, SWEAT can be traded or sold for “real” money.

At launch, you earned 1 SWEAT for every 1,000 steps, now as of writing it is 1 SWEAT for every 3,000 steps. They estimate that in 1 year it will be 1 SWEAT for every 10,760 steps. So, it’s important to start using this now.

Sweatcoin to PayPal?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to convert Sweatcoin to PayPal. The options we mentioned above are your only real options. It is possible that some countries may from time to time add PayPal gift cards in their offers, but I have not personally seen this in the several months that I’ve used the app.

Converting into PayPal is doable with an extra step though. Swap Sweatcoin for a product or gift card, then sell that for PayPal funds.

Is Sweatcoin Legit & Worth It?

Is Sweatcoin Legit?

Sweatcoin is absolutely legit and has been a nice, albeit small source of side income for us for several months now. We’ve always had steps counted and converted accurately and when redeeming for discount codes, gift cards, etc. we’ve always received what we paid for.

Media attention on Sweatcoin is also high, which gives more backing to it being legit. News outlets hire people to research and check the legitimacy of stories, so you can rest easy knowing the research has been done.

If you still need more proof of its legitimacy, check out their collaboration with the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK.

Finally, we’ve found nothing online to suggest that Sweatcoin is a scam, or that it is not legit.

Is Sweatcoin Worth it?

As discussed, Sweatcoin is not going to make you rich. It does have its problems but when you consider that it pays you to walk or exercise it’s hard to complain. I feel like it’s worth it solely because I’m being paid for something that I would be doing anyway, walking. It’s a free way to let me monetize my walks and I’ve not found any other options that come close to matching it.

For me, someone who walks only around 6,000 steps a day, it is very much worth it.

Gift Cards on Sweatcoin Out of Stock

The big problem that I have with the app is that gift cards are out of stock frequently. We’ve covered that the shop refreshes at 8 AM EST but often within minutes, any good offers are sold out. Gift cards are almost always the first to become out of stock because it’s the closest way to transferring money from Sweatcoin into real cash.

Gift cards out of stock Sweatcoin
It can be hard to grab gift cards before they go out of stock.

All I can say is keep trying at 8 AM EST. It is not easy to catch gift cards before they sell out, but it is possible. It’s worth holding off until you are finally able to grab them.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to earn money while you walk, Sweatcoin is pretty much the gold standard. This is passive earning in its truest form. You go about your day, walking as usual and in the background you get rewarded for it.

Sure, it has its issues such as difficulty to grab offers (before they’re out of stock) and no direct way to transfer money from Sweatcoin into PayPal, Cash App, etc. but I can forgive this just by how effortless it all is.

The addition of being able to earn SWEAT, their cryptocurrency that actually holds real value has bumped this from a maybe-try to a must-try way to earn money online.

Check out Sweatcoin today and start earning while you walk.

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