10 Ways to Earn Online Daily Without Investment

10 ways to earn online with no investment

Earning online without investment has never been so easy. The amount of opportunities to earn via websites, apps and other services in your own spare time has grown to the point where you really are spoiled for choice.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 very best ways to earn money online every day without needing to pay a penny, a cent or whatever your local currency is!

1. Surveys

survey example

Surveys are the lifeblood of earning online and of course, require zero investment on your part. The premise is simple, you join a survey site, fill in your profile and respond to surveys that pay you for your participation.

If anything, the problem is that you have too much choice for survey sites so check out our complete list of paying survey sites below along with built-in earning guides to help you decide.

Some sites even offer a sign-up bonus such as Univox which offers $2 free cash.

2. Play Video Games

Yes, that’s right, you can actually get paid to play free mobile games without the need for any investment whatsoever. The two main contenders here are Mistplay and Appstation.

The premise is simple, you download the app and select the game you want to play. You will then be paid for the amount of time you spend in-game. What’s even better is that for the most part you don’t need to be that active, you don’t need to actually achieve anything in the game whatsoever, you just need to click around a bit so your playtime registers.

Each day there are more and more opportunities to earn by playing video games. Check out our always up to date list of the Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Playing Video Games – it even contains a larger database of even more ways to earn cash by playing games.

3. Watch Videos

Being paid to watch videos online does not only require no investment but is actually completely passive. All you need to do is start a video playing and walk away. Once each video is complete it will move on to the next one.

hideout tv videos
A sneak peak at Hideout.TV

There are again 2 major sites to look into here, Hideout.tv and Loot.tv. And by opening two browser windows you can double up on how much you earn by having them both run at the same time. Earnings aren’t huge at $1-$2 per day but over a year that amounts to hundreds of dollars for doing nothing.

Don’t limit yourself to just these two sites, as we have a bumper list of 9 Ways to Earn Money By Watching Videos Online!

4. Write Reviews

We’ve probably all written reviews online but did you know that you can actually get paid to write reviews? Writing reviews is a nice boost to your no-investment needed online earning routine.

SliceThePie for example is a great paying review site that is always packed with plenty of opportunities. There is no approval process so just jump straight in and sign up to SliceThePie or if you want to make sure you earn as much as possible check out our full SliceThePie earning guide.

5. Get Involved in Get-Paid-To Sites

Get-Paid-To sites are all-in-one online money making sites that cover a lot of the ways to earn on this site under one roof. Each has its strengths and none require investment. Depending on how you want to earn and how you want to get paid, there is likely a GPT site just for you:

6. Get Paid for Microtasks

Microtasks are as the name suggests very small, quick tasks often taking a couple of seconds to complete. You earn a small amount of money for each task you complete. These tasks can be anything from writing down a car number plate that you see in an image, to choosing which audio snippet sounds the best.

The big players in microtasks are Clickworker and Amazon’s own Mechanical Turk.

mechanical turk
Amazon’s Mechanical Turk example Microtasks and payments.

6. Write Articles

If you’re a native speaker or fluent in English, then you can earn good money online by writing articles on request. Sites like SteadyContent list articles that their clients want to be written, you write them and they payout. No investment is needed and you can write multiple articles every day.

Article writing is big business and because of that there are hundreds if not thousands of sites that will pay you to write for them. It’s a bit of a minefield though, so checkout our list of the very best article writing sites/content mills that pay, below:

7. Write an eBook

amazon ebooks
You can make it big with eBooks on Kindle

They say everyone has at least one book in them, and with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing you can get that book published for nothing, no fee, no investment.

You can play to your strengths and write a full-length novel, short stories, how-to or self-help books or anything in between.

With self-publishing now available at no cost, there really is no reason not to give it a go. If you hit it big, this will payout in sales daily. One suggestion though, make sure you have a nice book cover as people buy with their eyes on Amazon. Grabbing Adobe Photoshop or similar and creating something eye-catching can actually help sales more than a well written book.

8. Sell Your Data


Controversial… but did you know that you can actually profit by selling your own Netflix, Disney+, Prime video and YouTube viewing history? Programs like YouGov will pay you each week or each month depending on the type of data you share.

Just remember it’s likely that these companies already sell your viewing data, and the data you’re selling contains no personally identifiable information. Its down to personal choice but it’s a nice way to earn from something that’s already happening to your data.

9. Earn Money Just By Searching Online


The ninth entry on our list not only pays out with no investment needed, but it pays out for something you do multiple times a day anyway.

The previously mentioned Swagbucks incorporates this into their get-paid-to site, and even Microsoft is getting in on the action with Microsoft Rewards which pays you to search using their Bing search engine.

Our favourite is QMEE’s search extension which pops up beside your normal search results only a few times a day and pays you when you click one of their sponsored links.

10. Earn Money Online Your Own Way

The truth is that there are an almost infinite ways to earn online. Some of the above may suit you and some may not. Here at Earnologist, we collate all earning opportunities with a special focus on ways to earn online with no investment needed at all.

So what we’ve done is put together the big list of ways to earn online – just click below and discover our huge, fully filterable list of all safe, legit and no-investment ways to earn online today:

Check out the BIG List of Ways to Earn Online

Every money making opportunity that you could ever imagine at your fingertips, for free, right now.

Take me to the BIG List!

More Ways to Earn Online

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