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Appen Overview

Appen is a microtask and project platform. It allows you to earn online for completing small, repeatable tasks such as search engine evaluation, image tagging, data collection etc.

It also hooks into Bing/Microsoft’s UHRS platform which further enhances earning opportunities.

Earning Methods:

Payout Options:
Bank, PayPal, Payoneer

Available on:
Country Availability:
USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money Online with Appen: A Complete Guide Japan

What you need to know:

  • Time: Variable, you can dip in for a few hours a week or work part/full time.
  • Earnings: High if you put the hours in, up to several hundred $/£ a month.
  • Trust: High trust, no issues found.

What is Appen?

Appen is a microtask platform that consists of workers and requesters. Requesters will set-up projects (groups of microtasks), and you, the worker will complete those tasks in return for money.

Microtasks themselves are small, repeatable tasks such as evaluating how good a search engine result is, tagging an image, transcribing audio, or validating an AI’s output. Generally, no skills are needed, just time and an ability to follow instructions.

Each task within a project will typically take seconds to complete, meaning that you can build up a rhythm to earn more money, more quickly.

Appen also hooks into Microsoft’s UHRS system which provides even more opportunities (more on that later).

How to Sign Up

Appen Header

To begin, simply navigate to the Appen sign-up page, and begin filling in your details. 

Unlike most earning from home opportunities, you’re not just signing up, you’re actually applying. So in addition to the usual details, you will be required to fill in an online resume/CV. You’ll be asked to fill in information related to:

  • General personal information.
  • Languages spoken.
  • Location
  • Education
It is very, very important that once you reach the section on “Prior Experience” that you answer as below:
Appen Signing Up
Do NOT select the option that you “currently work as a search engine evaluator”.

The reason for this is that some microtask providers, especially those dealing with search engine evaluation tasks do not permit you to work for multiple providers.

Once you’ve filled everything in and submitted it, you simply have to wait. The approval process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or months. Generally, though you should hear back in around 2 weeks.

How to Earn More Money With Appen

Once you’ve been accepted as a worker, you’ll be able to access the project page where you can then apply for specific projects. Each project is different, some are worth your time, others are not. Some will have specific requirements and even entry exams, while others will be fairly generic and open to you immediately.

Most projects will have hundreds of small tasks that can be completed in only a few seconds, or at most minutes.

Appen’s complexity means that there is a lot of room to earn extra money with the points below:

1. Always View the “All Projects” Tab

This may seem like common sense, but due to the way the Appen project interface works, it can be easily overlooked.

Whenever you open Appen to look at the jobs available, it will always default to “Suggested projects”. This section contains at most 2 or 3 projects and if you’re not eagle-eyed enough you could miss out on the 50+ available projects in the “All Projects” tab.

Appen suggested projects
Always select the “All Projects” tab before beginning.

Whenever you go back to the main page, it will always push you back to “Suggested”, so make sure you don’t miss out on valuable projects!

2. Check Project Requirements

Before you apply for a project, make sure that you can meet the requirements.

Appen Project Requirements
Always check the requirements before applying.

As you can see above, this project requires:

  • An iOS device.
  • An Apple ID.
  • English language proficiency.
  • 10 hours per week.

If you cannot meet all of the requirements, then you’re wasting your time with the project application process. Your time would be better spent applying for a project that you meet the requirements for or even spending time to earn on the hundreds of other money-making sites/opportunities available elsewhere.

3. Take Your Time With Entry Exams

A lot of the projects on Appen will need you to read a set of instructions and then answer questions based on them. The purpose of this is to make sure that when you are accepted that your work is correct and that you do not receive rejections. Of course, failure on the exam will also mean that you are not accepted onto the project, meaning fewer opportunities to earn. So, take your time!

It’s beneficial to you to read the instructions carefully. Fully understanding the rules of the project means fewer rejected tasks and therefore more money in your pocket.

This advice is especially important when it comes to the big money maker which is UHRS. We’ll discuss UHRS and the extra income it provides below.

4. How to Apply for UHRS with Appen (The Big Money Maker!)

As mentioned, UHRS is Microsoft’s system for validating the quality of Bing search results. If you look at the projects available to you, you won’t find any mention of UHRS or Bing.

So, how do you apply to UHRS on Appen?

For reasons that I’ll never understand, UHRS is hidden behind a project called “Crescent Data Collector”.

Appen UHRS Sign-up
How to sign up for UHRS on Appen.

Don’t be worried by the $0.01 per task which sounds awful, because as you get going with UHRS and find your rhythm, you’ll be completing tasks every 2-3 seconds in some cases. And in others, the actual pay per task will be $0.02-$0.05. It will work out at around minimum wage, but you have freedom on the number of hours you work – and it sure beats a part-time job with travel costs and other expenses.

Point 3 above applies even more here. UHRS has extensive instructions, and each type of activity within the project has its own separate set of instructions.

It is intensive to learn and pass the exam, but it really is worth it due to the large number of extra tasks and income that it will generate for you.

Appen is not the only partner that you can sign up to UHRS with. Clickworker, Lionbridge (Telus), OneForma, Teemwork and more all give you the ability to apply for UHRS. So, if you fail your exam, just sign up with one of those partners and try again!

5. Apply and Re-Apply For Every Project

The advice to only apply for projects that you can meet the requirements for still stands. But, additionally, make sure to apply for everything that you are qualified for. This goes for the standard Appen projects, and projects within the UHRS project.

It can take time after you’ve applied for a project to be accepted, sometimes weeks or months. So, you need to constantly have a full list of applied-for projects.

These applications will stay on your list for 6 months. If you have not been chosen within 6 months, re-apply! Starting out on Appen is a long game, but once you have this process in place you should have a constant stream of active projects.

How to Get Paid by Appen

Because when you use Appen you function almost as a contractor, you have to log your hours worked/number of tasks completed on a specific project through the Appen portal.  From there, payment will be made within 30 days. Your options for payout will be determined by where you live, and sometimes by which projects you’re working on. Payment options are typically bank transfer, PayPal or Payoneer.

Is it Worth it?

If you’re wanting a decent chunk of extra income that is effectively the same as a part-time job, then Appen or other similar sites are made for you.

You can set your own hours and work as little or as much as you want. If in a particular month you need extra cash, then you work extra hours. If you don’t need the cash you can take a few weeks off. It is a part-time job with ultimate flexibility. You don’t need to travel anywhere, as it’s all from the comfort of your own home.


Sign Up To Appen Today

Many projects to work on microtasks. Generally easy, repeatable work, good pay (into the hundreds per month) and great flexibility.

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