How to Make Money with Gift Hunter Club: Complete Guide

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Gift Hunter Club is a great, simplified GPT site that allows you to jump straight into high paying surveys and offerwalls.

They also run a nice daily & weekly bonus scheme to regularly top up your earnings. 

Earning Methods: Get Paid To, Survey, Offerwall
Payout Options:
PayPal, Gift Cards

Available on: Website, Android (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money with Gift Hunter Club: A Complete Guide Japan



  • Variable.
  • Every survey has a time estimate ($0.06 – $3.50).


  • Variable.
  • Dependant on the time you put in.
  • Minimum withdrawal $5.30 via PayPal.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is Gift Hunter Club?

Gift Hunter Club ($0.75 sign-up bonus) is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that allows you to earn online with high-paying surveys, offerwalls, and a daily/weekly bonus scheme.

It also features a nice low payout of just $5.30 directly to PayPal, or depending on your location you can also opt for gift cards instead.

The site is pushing for international earners to join up after becoming popular in Spanish-speaking countries. It is now open internationally and fully translated into English – although you may notice a couple of mistranslations here and there. Don’t let the mistranslations put you off though, this is a great GPT site and due to the low amount of international members, being a non-Spanish-speaking earner may be beneficial in terms of the number of surveys targeted towards you.

How to Sign Up to Gift Hunter Club

The first important step here is to sign up with our Gift Hunter Club link to get $0.75 free on signup. And just follow through with the sign-up process as normal.

After that, you’re free to start making money with Gift Hunter Club, but before you jump in check out our earning-boosting tips below

How to Earn More Money Online With Gift Hunter Club

Gift Hunter Club, while being a relatively simple GPT site does have ways to boost your profit instead of just going in “Blind”. We’ve tested and run through the earning process ourselves to save you time and earn you more cash:


1. Fill in Your Profile to Access Targeted Surveys

To make sure you can access the higher paying surveys, and to avoid missing out on extra cash, fill your profile details in. Click the profile icon in the top right and then settings (see below). There’s not much here, just a few fields such as date of birth, gender, etc. so take a few seconds and fill them in honestly. This is important as they cannot be changed after you click submit.

gift hunter profile
Gift Hunter Profile (Under Settings)


2. Answer Surveys Honestly (And in line with your profile)

Answering honestly and consistently is crucial with any survey site and will lead to higher earning and fewer disqualifications long term. Gift Hunter Club gives an even more stark warning, that the info you added in your profile MUST be the same as you enter when answering surveys otherwise it may lead to the cancellation of your Gift Hunter Club account.

3. Pick the Correct Surveys

Gift Hunter Club gives you two ways to do surveys. The standard “unique” surveys and survey routers that offer you unlimited surveys. Both are worth doing and you can increase how much you earn in both cases.

Standard, “Unique” Surveys

These surveys are shown at the top of the survey page and are ordered by the time it takes to complete. You may be tempted to go for the longest surveys as they typically pay more, but quite often you will earn more per minute by selecting shorter surveys.

The calculation is simple, just divide the value of the survey by the number of minutes to get your per-minute earning amount and whichever survey has the highest per-minute amount, provides the most profit for your time.

For example:

  • 12 minute survey @ $2.00  = $0.16 per minute.
  • 8 minute survey @$1.50 = $0.18 per minute.

So in this case, the shorter survey that pays less is a more profitable use of your time.

Typically you can figure this out at a glance without the need for calculations.

Gift hunter club Surveys Value
Make sure you pay attention to survey earnings and time.

Obviously here you would absolutely not do a 10-minute survey for $0.06 when you have another 10-minute survey for $1.33!

Unlimited Survey Routers

These surveys can be accessed by scrolling way down to the bottom of the surveys page. These routers allow you to do an unlimited amount of surveys and will vary in length.

The advice here is different than the standard surveys. Here you are looking for which surveys have been completed the most times.

Survey routers Gift Hunter Club
Focus on survey routers that have been completed the most times.

The reason for this approach is that if a router such as TheoremReach above has been completed hundreds of thousands of times you know that the qualification rates are high and that 324,231 thought the survey length was acceptable to push through to the payment amount.

Conversely, looking at the Sample Cube router, only 3616 have been completed, so something is wrong here. Perhaps lots of disqualifications or overly long surveys that people dip out of before completing. So avoid those with low completion amounts.

4. Shop-around for Offerwall offers

Gift Hunter Club has a huge range of offerwalls with various offers available. We usually recommend offers that involve downloading a mobile game and reaching some defined milestone. These typically pay the best and are a good use of your time to earn max profits.

However, offerwalls will often have the same app, with the same milestone but with a different $ reward. So simply by looking between the different offerwalls you can find the best price and earn a few dollars more for exactly the same task.

You can take this even further because the same offerwall on a different GPT sites can also have a different dollar equivalent reward. So make sure you sign up to a few different GPT sites and compare the rewards for the same apps, even the same offerwalls there.

View Our Filterable List of GPT Sites

We recommend signing up to a few GPT sites so you can compare the offerwall rewards and pull in the highest profit.

Check out the GPT Site List Now

5. Take Part in the Daily & Weekly Bonus Scheme

Gift Hunter Club offers two bonuses, the daily and the weekly.

Gift Hunter Club Bonuses
Your bonus progress can be found at the top of every screen.

To get the daily bonus, you need to make sure that you complete 4 surveys or offerwall offers that have a value of $0.08 or more. Once you do this you will get a 10% boost to your earning for that day.

The weekly bonus is actually easier to achieve than the daily bonus. All you need to do is earn $0.01 each day of the week and you’ll get a free $0.10.

5. Use Google Opinion Surveys to Boost Gift Hunter Club Income

This tip applies to all GTP sites with offerwalls. If you haven’t already, sign-up to Google Opinion Rewards. You earn Google Play Credit for surveys that take only a few seconds.

Some offerwall offers will be to make a purchase in a mobile app. With Google Opinion Rewards earnings, this effectively allows you to convert your play points directly into cash by using it to make the purchase in-app, then getting rewarded within Gift Hunter Club.

Just another angle to think about, and shows the need to branch out to multiple earning opportunities as they can often benefit each other.

Minimum Payout & How to Get Paid

The minimum payout is $5.30 direct to PayPal, which will actually only give $5. For this reason, we actually suggest holding out until you earn $10, which will give you the full $10.

Depending on your country you may also be able to cash out via gift card. We generally never recommend this option because you’re tying yourself to a specific site or store and of course you cannot save a gift card as cash.

Is it Worth it?

Gift Hunter Club is a great, straightforward get-paid-to site that in our opinion is definitely worth your time. With high-paying surveys and a ton of offerwalls, you’ll have no trouble quickly reaching the minimum payout.

That added to the free $0.75 via our sign-up link (see below) should see you reaching that withdrawal threshold in a day or two.

Sign Up To Gift Hunter Club Today for a FREE $0.75

A simple but very profitable GPT site with a ton of surveys and offerwalls to pull a good profit from.

Sign Up for $0.75 FREE!
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