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Pureprofile Surveys is a very well put together survey site that shows all available surveys in a nicely presented endless feed.

The major benefit is that even if you get disqualified from a survey you still get paid a small amount for attempting it, removing the usual disappointment of DQs.

Pureprofile Australia & New Zealand have additional ways to earn with Pureprofile Perks. More on that below.

What you need to know

  • Time: Variable, 1-30 minutes per survey.
  • Earnings: £0.05 – £1.00 / $0.05 – $1.00
  • Trust: High trust, no issues found.
  • Payout Options: Bank Account, Gift Cards, Flybuys Points (AU/NZ)
  • Country Availability: USA flag United Kingdom flag Australia flag (+ New Zealand, Singapore)

What is Pureprofile?

Pureprofile is a streamlined, paid survey site where you earn by simply giving your opinions. There is a constant stream of new survey earning opportunities on your feed each day which will help you to earn online with Pureprofile.

One of the greatest benefits of Pureprofile is that you get paid even if you do not qualify for the survey.

pureprofile surveys header

The site is one of the cleanest, most straightforward survey sites available. How much you earn from Pureprofile for each survey and how long the survey will take are always clearly displayed before you even click to begin which is a fantastic feature.

It’s available in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, and Singapore.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the Pureprofile review and find out whether it is legit, safe, and worth your time.

Pureprofile Australia & New Zealand

Pureprofile surveys is a bit of a unique case because, unlike most online survey sites, it is actually more profitable if you live in Australia or New Zealand. This is because it is headquartered in Australia.

Joining Pureprofile from Australia or New Zealand will net you more surveys, which means that you’ll make more money than those joining from the USA or the UK.

This is great to see as most other survey sites target those from the UK or USA. Being a member from Australia or New Zealand also comes with even more perks:

Pureprofile Perks (AU & NZ Only)

In addition to the extra surveys, Pureprofile Australia and New Zealand offer users an additional way to earn online with what they call Pureprofile Perks. You still answer surveys, but instead, you’re rewarded with Flybuys Points.

This collaboration between Pureprofile Perks and Flybuys means that you can earn points in your existing Flybuys account. From there you can spend your points on products and gift cards.

You’ll need a Flybuys account to link up:

It takes around 2 weeks for the points to be transferred into your Flybuys account though so be aware of that.

Pureprofile is targeted towards Australian and New Zealander members, but still don’t sleep on this if you’re in the UK, USA, or Singapore.

How to Sign Up and Login to Pureprofile

There are no sign-up bonuses available as such so just sign-up to Pureprofile directly via their website.

When you login to Pureprofile after signing up, just make sure to choose the members login and not the corporate login!

One thing to note is that as soon as your sign-up you will get a free £0.50 simply by filling in your profile via the first survey.  You may also then get a very short secondary test survey for an additional £0.10. Not bad for a start!

Sign Up Cash Pureprofile
Free sign-up cash with Pureprofile

How to Make More Money With Pureprofile

Once you’re logged into Pureprofile surveys, just jump in and click the items that now appear in your feed. Answer the surveys and you get paid for your time.

How much money you can earn on survey sites is a direct result of how much time you can put in and Pureprofile is no different. So the more time you commit, the more you’ll earn; as simple as that.

However, Pureprofile has earning benefits that set it ahead of the competition:

1. Answer Every Survey

Normally on survey sites, if you don’t qualify, i.e. you get DQ’d, you do not get paid. But with Pureprofile, even if you get turned down for the survey you still earn £0.05/$0.05. So you may as well attempt everything as you know you will at least earn something no matter what the outcome.

2. Filter Your Feed by Profile

As you probably know, survey sites will open more surveys up to you, the more complete your profile is. One poor aspect of Pureprofile is that you can’t edit your profile directly, meaning without our tip here, you could be missing out on earning more with Pureprofile.

On your feed on the left-hand side, select only the profile checkbox:

Pureprofile Fill in Profile
Pureprofile: Select My profile in the menu to show the profile update surveys in your feed.

The profile filling questions appear as if they were surveys. Note, you don’t get paid for these directly, but by filling them in you will be offered more, higher-paid surveys than if you just ignored them.

Make this your first area of focus and then hit the surveys to start raking in the cash.

3. How to Get More Surveys on Pureprofile

As with all survey sites, in order to get more surveys and to qualify for more surveys, it is crucial that you’re honest and consistent with your responses.

It can be tempting to lie in an attempt to get more qualifications and this may work in the very short term. But this will lead to fewer qualifications very quickly and may even lead to account bans.

Simply put, to get more surveys on Pureprofile, you just need to be honest. It’s that easy.

And remember, that survey sites typically have ebbs and flows. Sometimes there are a lot of surveys available, sometimes not. When there is a downswing in available surveys on Pureprofile, just jump to one of the many other legit survey sites online.

4. Figure Out Pay vs Time

In your feed, for each survey, you’ll be shown a few pieces of information that will help you determine which is the best earner.

You’re shown:

  • Payment (For DQ, and for completion)
  • Average time taken to complete the survey
Pureprofile Review & Money Making Guide
In this example, you can see 15 mins for completion, $0.05 for being disqualified, and $0.75 for survey completion.

So, just divide the amount you earn by the number of minutes to find the highest per-minute rate for the surveys that they’ve offered to you.

Sites Similar to Pureprofile

Remember, you don’t need to tie yourself to a single survey site. Check out the best-in-class survey sites online that will also pay for your views. Join a few different sites and multiply your earnings.

How to Get Paid

It’s a simple process but one thing you should do as soon as you sign-up, to avoid payment delays is to go into your profile settings and update/verify your mobile phone number.

For cash, you can withdraw at £10/$10, and for gift cards at £20/$20.

You will not be able to cash out for 48 hours after verifying so it’s best to get this wait out of the way straight away.

Once the 48 hours are up, you can cash out directly to your bank account (also needs to be added in your profile settings), as a gift card, or if you’re in Australia or New Zealand, as Flybuys points.

How Long Does Pureprofile Take to Pay?

The one downside is that Pureprofile can take quite a long time to pay out depending on your withdrawal method. Cashing out to gift card is the quickest, with a bank transfer being the slowest:

  • Bank Transfer: 30 business days.
  • Gift Cards: 5 business days.
  • Flybuys Points: 2 weeks.

That being said, they often pay out quicker than this, but this is Pureprofile’s official guidance on payout timelines.

Is Pureprofile Legit?

And now to the finale of our Pureprofile review – are they legit, will they pay out and are they safe to use? As you can see above, they are a perfectly reputable company that does pay out. We can 100% confirm that yes Pureprofile is legit and a valid way to earn money online with surveys.

What’s more, on top of Pureprofile being a legitimate survey site, they’re also a very fair survey site. As mentioned, they even pay you a small amount for surveys that you don’t qualify for. That’s a breath of fresh air and nice to see a company that actually values your time.

Final Thoughts

During our Pureprofile review, we’ve become quite attached to the site. The simplicity of how they present their surveys and the transparency of telling you upfront how much you will earn from answering them is fantastic.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, it’s even better as you get priority surveys and more cash-out options. So, if that’s where you live you need to jump on Pureprofile as soon as you can.

The fact that Pureprofile surveys are a legitimate way to earn online should be clear by now, but I think it bears repeating. Take a look and join Pureprofile today.

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A nicely presented, professional survey site with good payouts for your efforts.

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