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QMEE offers surveys and cashback as it’s major online earning opportunities. But what sets it aside from the others its browser extension that allows you to earn as you search normally day-to-day.

Has a unique boost for surveys in the form of a streak – 5 or more surveys a day nets you 10% increased earnings.

Earning Methods: Get Paid To, Survey, Cashback, Offerwall, Paid to Search, Quiz
Payout Options: PayPal, Gift Cards

Available on: Website, Browser Extension, Android (app), iOS (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Australia 



  • Very quick, dependant on earning opportunity.
  • No time for search based earning.
  • Typical 1-30 minutes for surveys


  • Moderate: $10/£10-$20/£20 a month.
  • More if you put more time in.
  • Minimum withdrawal just $0.01/£0.01


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is QMEE?

QMEE is a get paid to site that offers a selection of ways to earn online. QMEE offers primarily surveys, but also a small offerwall and cashback sections. 

However, the most interesting, effort free and unique way to make money with QMEE is their browser extension which allows you to make money while you search as normal on Google, Amazon, eBay and more. 

If you use our link to sign up above, you get a free £0.50 to start you off!

How to Sign Up to QMEE

The really crucial step is to sign-up to QMEE using our link to grab your free £0.50 just for joining. The rest of the process is standard, filling out your details, email address and PayPal address to make sure you get paid!

Only after you’ve signed up and claimed your bonus, to make sure that you increase your earning potential, download the QMEE Chrome browser extension to earn for searching, and their app (QMEE on iOS, or QMEE on Android) to earn by doing surveys on-the-go or at home.

How to Earn More Money Online With QMEE

QMEE offers several ways to earn, from surveys and cashback to the much more interesting and passive ability to earn while you search online. We’ve amassed a list of profit boosting tehniques to make the most out of your QMEE earnings:

1. Earn by Searching Online as Normal (Sort of…)

Once you have the QMEE Chrome browser extension installed, you will see that as you search on Google, Amazon, eBay, Bing and even country specific sites such as Tesco in the UK or Walmart in the US, a sidebar will appear with clickable links that will add money to your QMEE “piggybank”.

How it Looks

qmee ebay
The QMEE sidebar as shown on eBay. Once it shows, click the link to earn the displayed amount of cash.
QMEE Google Integration
Similarly, The QMEE sidebar as shown on Google.

The tip here from QMEE themselves is that these earning sidebars will pop up in search more if you search naturally. That may be true but we’ve found that certain searches trigger the sidebar much more regularly. Such searches include:

  • Electrical items such as TVs and laptops.
  • Video game consoles and video games.
  • Clothing.

We would never recommend that you try to game the system but if you are not seeing the sidebar frequently, looking up information in Google, Amazon etc. for the above topics will almost certainly trigger the sidebar and your ability to earn. A disclaimer here, do not overly do this as it may affect your future earning potential with QMEE.

2. When Searching Choose the Highest Earning Link

Perhaps a no-brainer, but make sure you click the link with the highest-earning amount shown next to it.

This is important as you’ll only be shown a limited amount of links per day, so make sure you click the highest earner before it disappears for the day.

3. Fill Out Your Profile to Get More Surveys

Go to your QMEE profile and fill out all details. The more complete your profile is, the more surveys you will receive, and the less likely you are to be disqualified.

Once you’ve finished your profile you should see the below:

QMEE Profiles
QMEE 100% profile completion gives extra, more directed surveys.

In your survey area, you can then choose the surveys that you know you’ll be qualified for based on your survey as they have a small “fire” icon next to them:

Surveys Mapped To Profiles
QMEE surveys that are directed to you based on your profile.

4. Keep Your Survey Streak for 10% Increased Earnings

QMEE also employs a boost program that rewards you with 10% extra for every survey as long as you have completed 5 surveys in a day. These are known as Oinqs in QMEE terminology!

Survey Streak QMEE
Keep your streak going for an extra 10% boost in survey earnings.

It makes sense to keep this going otherwise you’re leaving money on the table.

You can also keep your stream going by doing the daily (unpaid) poll if you run out of time to do full-paid surveys. Our experience is that sometimes, the daily poll adds an Oink to your streak but sometimes doesn’t, so make sure to not rely on this too heavily.

5. Take Part in the Pop Quiz & Prepare!

QMEE offers a daily pop-quiz which is a simple question that you only have 15 seconds to complete.

QMEE Pop Quiz Earning
Pre-Open a Google search as you only have 15 seconds to get the right answer!

Just make sure to prepare beforehand. Open up Google on another device or another browser window and search for the answer once you see it. You have 15 seconds which in most cases will allow you to quickly grab the answer.

6. As With All Survey Sites, Be Honest & Consistent

There is always a temptation to answer surveys in a way that you think will avoid disqualifications, and while this may work for an individual survey, this behavior leads to fewer surveys and in some cases even account bans.

Answering honestly and consistently will always be the best long-term strategy, and the more you build up these honest, reputable answers, the more surveys and less disqualifications you’ll experience.

7. Don’t Pass on the “Hidden” Offerwall

Most get-paid-to sites feature an offerwall and QMEE is no different, however, they have inexplicably hidden it deep within the Cashback section of the app.

To find the app install/gaming offerwall you need to:

  1. Click the cashback tab
  2. Click Filter
  3. Choose Gaming

Now you will see a list of apps/games that will earn you money simply by installing and reaching a pre-defined goal such as reach level 10 etc.

QMEE Hidden Offerwall
QMEE Hidden Offerwall

As with all Offerwall offers, make sure that you crosscheck against the major GPT sites such as Swagbucks,, or the other GPT sites in our huge GPT site money making guide list. The idea here is that each site will offer a different amount of money for completing the offer. So, simply pick the highest-earning offer from one of the GPT sites. 

8. Don’t Rule Out QMEE for Cashback

Most people stick the big-name sites for cashback, but in the same vein as with offerwalls, it always pays to “shop around”. If you find a cashback offer on Swagbucks, TopCashback, or Quidco, don’t immediately assume this is the best offer available.

Simply having a quick check on QMEE in addition to the above-mentioned sites could result in a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

Minimum Payout & How to Get Paid

The biggest plus point of QMEE above similar sites is that there is no minimum withdrawal. As soon as you earn £0.01 or $0.01 you can cashout immediately to PayPal.

They also offer cashout via gift cards but generally recommend against this as you’re restricting yourself and obviously gift cards cannot be added to your savings or used for day-to-day life outside of the gift card provider.

You can withdraw via the app, via the website, or even via the extension which is a nice convenience.

Finally, if you’re feeling generous you can even choose to give some or all of your earnings to charity.

Is QMEE Worth it?

QMEE is a hidden gem in the online earning world and it’s a surprise that it isn’t better known. It truly is a fantastically diverse earning opportunity. Surveys pay well, and have a vastly reduced disqualification rate. The paid-to-search aspect is a unique and almost passive earning opportunity.

And it has everything you’d expect from a GPT site in the form of cashback and offerwalls, even if they inexplicably hide them!

Finally, the fact that you can withdraw as soon as you earn £0.01 or $0.01 is a huge boost to QMEE’s already high reputation.

Sign Up To QMEE Today for a FREE £0.50

A hugely diverse range of earning opportunities. Get paid to search, boosted survey payments and fantastic, sneakily hidden offerwall offers.

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