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Freeward Review

Freeward is a get paid to site with a good selection of offerwalls and other ways to earn some side income.

The stand-out feature is their rate of conversion with video earnings. Compared to most other GPT sites, their conversion rate is very high.

In addition, there are some excellent features such as the concept of achievements, lucky spin, leaderboards, and even a raffle.

What you need to know

  • Time: Variable, dependant on offer type. Can be minutes, up to several days (for app offers).
  • Earnings: Dependant on what offers you complete and can range from $0.05 up to $50.00. Low payout thresholds at $1.00.
  • Trust: High trust, no issues found.
  • Payout Options: PayPal, Crytpocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin and more), Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, Discord Nitro.
  • Country Availability: USA flag Canada flag United Kingdom flag European Union Flag Australia flag India Flag Japan Flag (Global)

What is Freeward?

Freeward is a get paid to site with a nice community feel due to their sidebar chat window and top feed that shows what offers others are completing in real-time. They also have an off-site community in the form of their Discord server.

freeward header

There are a wide range of ways to earn through third-party offerwalls and survey providers as you’d expect. They also have integrations with watch-to-earn video sites such as LootTV and HideoutTV. An important point is that their conversion from LootTV points is 82% which means that you’ll earn a lot more than from its competitors.

Freeward Review: Pros & Cons

Our time using Freeward has been enjoyable and that is in part due to the large number of options you have when it comes to offerwalls. We were even able to use some offerwalls that we’ve not seen elsewhere, notably Notik and Monlix. The usual, more well-known offerwalls were also present and most importantly all offerwalls featured a percentage earnings boost.

Freeward Pros

  • Huge selection of offerwalls.
  • Low minimum withdrawal ($1.00)
  • 82% conversion rate with LootTV.

Freeward Cons

  • Withdrawals must be manually approved.

Earning money via watching videos has become a stable of GPT sites in recent years and Freeward is no exception. The conversion rate with LootTV was especially good, with a rate of 82%. That’s a lot higher than other GPT sites which frequently hover around the 50% mark.

These earning boosts coupled with the low minimum payout meant that we were easily able to withdraw on our first day of using the site. So that’s another +1 for anyone needing to earn some cash quickly.

Withdrawals must be manually approved, but this only took around 6 hours from submitting the payout request to having the funds in our PayPal account.

How to Make More Money With Freeward

1. Achievements & Rewards


freeward achievements bar 2

As soon as you sign up for Freeward, you have access to achievements and can claim some free coins for being at level 1. This is 50 coins, which works out as $0.05. As you collect XP and rise through the levels as you earn, you can collect more coins. The amounts aren’t huge, but it’s free, extra cash.

Daily Rewards

Every 24 hours, in the same place as the achievements, you will see a button: “Claim Daily Reward”. Again, it’s just the click of a button so you should make sure that you do this each day to collect your free coins.

2. Offerwalls

As you’d expect, offerwalls take centre stage as the best way to earn. Make sure to head over to the offerwalls sections as this is where you will earn the most money from. On the sidebar, you’ll see a list of offerwalls that seem to have a permanent earnings boost of up to 40%. This shows the importance of checking the value of offers between multiple GPT sites. In this case, with Freeward you could almost double your earnings.

freeward offerwalls bonuses
Frequent bonuses can boost your offerwall earnings.

One thing that’s worth mentioning for those that normally have “ad click” or “watch ad” offers not appear due to their country location – it’s likely you will be able to access these in the Monlix offerwall. Personally, being based in the UK, I never see these kinds of offers in offerwalls. But with Freeward/Monlix, I do.

Monlix ads click freeward
Easy earnings for watching ads.

Although PTC earnings are always going to be low, they’re easy, quick, and can tip you over past the minimum cashout threshold.

3. Surveys

There’s also a good selection of survey routers available. You’ll earn between around $0.10 and $0.75 for each survey as you’d expect. Again, what stands out to me here is that there are constant percentage boosts for how much you earn on each survey.

Some you’ll recognise such as Pollfish and BitLabs, but yet again I’ve been surprised that there are survey providers that I’ve not seen elsewhere. This is a good opportunity if you’ve run out of surveys elsewhere. Custom Surveys and PrecisionSample are the two providers that are less common, so worth checking out.

Tip: An additional survey router is available, InBrain, once you’ve been a member for 30 days and achieved level 15 in the achievements.

4. Earn Money by Watching Videos

The major plus point that we’ve discovered during this review is their “get paid to watch video” offerings. You’re likely aware that you can earn money from HideoutTV and LootTV for watching videos. The concept is that you earn points on those sites and then transfer it to a GPT site. How much your points convert to depends on how generous the GPT site is.

Freeward is especially good with LootTV with an 82% conversion rate. That means that for every 1,000 points you earn on LootTV you get 811 (or $0.81). This is high when compared to other GPT sites, so we recommend using Freeward for your conversions.

5. Freeward Promo Codes

Next up we have Freeward promo codes. These are codes that you can enter on the site that will give you a spin on the Lucky Spin wheel.

To grab promo codes, you just need to visit their Facebook page or join their Discord server. These are the only locations where promo codes are published so there’s no need to look elsewhere online for them.

Once you enter the promo code you’ll get to spin the wheel:

freeward promo code from discord
Our win from using the Freeward promo code student23 (valid at the time of writing).

As you can see, we earned 52 free coins. Again, another low-effort way to grab some free coins, that of course convert into free cash.

6. Aim for the Leaderboard

Similarly to some other newer GPT sites, it also features a leaderboard. Or rather 2 leaderboards – the daily and the monthly.

The daily leaderboard can net you up to 2,000 points, while the monthly can net you up to 30,000.

Position Daily Monthly
2,000 points
30,000 points
1,500 points
20,000 points
1,000 points
1,5000 points
700 points
10,000 points
500 points
5,000 points

To have a better chance of hitting the top 5, we suggest that you start multiple offerwall offers at the same time but do not complete them yet. Wait until a few are close to completion and then complete them all on the same day. That way you will almost guarantee that you hit the top 5 and reap the rewards of that extra cash.

7. The Raffle

Next up we have the raffle. This is not guaranteed cash. It’s a gamble, and personally, something that I don’t take part in on any GPT site. However, the odds of winning are relatively high as not many users typically take part. So, if you’re up for a gamble, the option is there for you.

freeward raffle
The raffles can be a low-risk (but not guaranteed) way to earn some extra coins.

8. Referral Program

The referral program on Freeward offers you 10% of the lifetime earnings of anyone that you refer. The person that you refer also gets a nice bonus of 100 coins which is nice to see.

As always, just remember not to spam your referral link. Offer your potential referrals some value. Guide them, help them, or otherwise offer them advice.

Is There a Freeward App?

There isn’t a Freeward app but the site itself is optimized well for use on mobile. Because of this you’ll feel as if you were using an app, without needing to install anything. The only thing you may miss is notification functionality. But when it comes to GPT sites there is little value in notifications anyway.

Freeward no app mobile site
There’s no Freeward app but the mobile version of the site works very well.

Tip: You can add any site as an icon to your Android or iOS home screen, to get that “app feel”.

How to Get Paid by Freeward

In the intro, we mentioned that the site offers a good selection of payment options in their reward center. These range from PayPal to crypto (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more) and gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Freeward even offers Discord Nitro as a payout option which is great for anyone who regularly uses Discord.

The Payout Process

Once you have enough coins for your chosen payout method:

  • PayPal: 1,000 coins.
  • Crypto: 1,000 coins.
  • Gift cards: 1,000 – 16,000 coins.
  • Prepaid Visa: 12,000 coins.
  • Discord Nitro: 4,000 coins.

Just select your option and then the coin amount to redeem against.

You will then likely need to go through the manual approval process. This may include the need to verify yourself using a personal ID method. Once your earnings have been approved, your funds will be paid out to the method you chose.

The whole process took around 6 hours from us submitting the payout request to having the PayPal funds in our account. So, a pretty quick turnaround.

Is Freeward Legit?

Yes, Freeward is a legit site. We were able to earn enough in an hour to meet the minimum withdrawal, then requested our payout, which we received the same day. We’ve found nothing to indicate any issues with the site or how it operates.

As mentioned earlier, ID verification may be required to process your payout. This can be a touchy subject online for some people, but looking into Freeward’s process, they use a respected third party, Sumsub for their ID verification services. Sumsub itself gets a 4.5 star rating with Gartner Peer Insights (industry standard for enterprise technology reviews).

They’re very transparent with their in-site instant chat room side bar, and their Discord community. This kind of openness is great to see for any online earning site.

Finally, the Trustpilot review for Freeward currently sits at 4 stars with a rating of Great, which again should give you peace of mind that Freeward is legit, and safe way to earn online.

Final Thoughts

Freeward is a hidden gem of a GPT site that has flown under our radar until now. It has everything you’d expect from a get paid to site and has boosted earnings on all offerwalls, survey sites, and video-watching sites.

That combined with the very reasonable, low withdrawal limits and plenty of payout options make this one to watch, and one to join. If you’re out for a quick buck, this low withdrawal limit is perfect and going by our experience you should be able to cash out very quickly.

Because the site has this hidden gem status, it means that its not known by the masses yet. And this works in your favour as it makes it much more likely that you’ll be able to hit the top spots in the leaderboards and rake in even more cash.

Give Freeward a try today, and make sure to try out all of the earning opportunities mentioned in our review/guide above to maximize your earnings.

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