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GrindBux Review

GrindBux is part of a new breed of minimalist GPT sites that get you straight into earning online. You can earn via offer walls, primarily by playing mobile games and by paid surveys.

They also have a nice leaderboard which can top up your balance if you’re part of the top earners for the day/month.

But is this GPT site too “lite” or does it provide a legit way to earn? Find out all in the complete review below.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Get-paid-to site: Surveys, offerwalls, play games, watch videos.
  • Time: Variable and depends on your own activity.
  • Earnings: Moderate depending on the amount of surveys and offers you complete.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, no issues.
  • Payout Options: Cryptocurrency, Gift Cards, PayPal, Prepaid Cards.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia GrindBux Review & Earning Guide Japan

What is GrindBux?

GrindBux Review Header

GrindBux is a new breed of GPT sites that opt for a much more minimal approach. Instead of throwing many, often confusing different options at you, they focus on two things only. Offerwalls and paid surveys. Arguably these are the two highest-paying options that GPT sites provide, so not much is lost in this effort to streamline.

They also bring GPT into the modern age with an optional payout option in the form of various cryptocurrencies. But don’t worry, the usual options of PayPal, gift cards etc. are still there.

But is it worth your time? Let’s find out in our deep dive review and earning guide below:

How Does GrindBux Work?

GrindBux works in the same way as other GPT sites. They offer ways to earn via their party offerwalls and survey routers. With offerwalls, you will typically play a mobile game and complete certain tasks in order to be paid. With surveys, of course, you simply complete the survey to be credited.

You will earn diamonds on GrindBux, which can in turn then be converted into cryptocurrencies or traditional cash.

There are also a couple of somewhat hidden ways to earn extra cash that can help boost you over the withdrawal limits.

GrindBux Sign-Up Bonus

Grindbux does not make their sign-up bonus very clear but from what I can tell if you sign-up via a referral link like this Earnologist Grindbux link you should get 250 free diamonds. There is no real sign-up process, just a click of a button to auto-register using either your Google account or Steam account. If you have neither, it’s an easy process to set one up for free.

If your free diamonds are not automatically applied, you can go to Grindbux -> Earn -> GrindBux Rewards and enter the word “earnologist” without the quotes into the promo code box and click “Redeem Code”.

How to Earn With GrindBux

1. Offerwalls

The highest paying option on any GPT is the offerwalls and GrindBux is no different. They have a nice large selection of offerwalls available. The earnings are high and in-line with other GPT sites. The highest earning offer we found was for 175,000 diamonds which works out as $175, not bad!

GrindBux Review Offerwalls
A selection of the available GrindBux offerwalls.

The usual offerwalls that you’d expect are there, along with other lesser-known options. The more the merrier when it comes to offerwalls! Below is the complete list:

  • AdgateMedia
  • Adgem
  • AyeTstudios
  • MMWall
  • Monlix
  • OfferToro
  • RevU

As with any GPT site, make sure you compare GrindBux against other high-paying GPT sites, as some can earn you more for the same offer. Similarly, check across the offerwalls on GrindBux itself as some will have higher earnings on the same apps/games.

Earn More With GrindBux Offerwall Offers

GrindBux offers percentage increases on specific offerwalls from time to time. So, the smart thing to do is to wait for these special offers.

GrindBux Review Bonus Offerwall

10% may not seem like much, but if you’re going to complete an offer for $100, it does mean an additional $10 in your pocket. Don’t underestimate the increased earning potential of offerwall bonuses.

2. Surveys

Likewise, with surveys GrindBux has a decent offering. Not quite as varied as the offerwalls but a good selection of survey routers nonetheless. Again, the payouts for surveys are in line with other GPT sites, making GrindBux a good option to earn some side cash with paid surveys.

As of writing, the options available for survey routers are:

  • CPX Research
  • BitLabs
  • Polltastic
  • Timewall

Personally, we’ve had the best results with CPX research, but because surveys are dependent on your demographics (age, sex, country, etc.) it makes sense to try each and find what works best for you.

Earn More With GrindBux Surveys

General survey rules apply here as always. Be consistent with your answers. Don’t lie. It can be a temptation to do so to try and get qualified for more surveys but it will only hurt you in the long run. Survey routers check for consistency and if your age, sex, earnings, etc. keep changing then you may be banned.

Complete your profile in full for each survey router to ensure that you get access to more relevant surveys that have a lower chance of disqualifying you for not matching certain criteria.


  • A huge number of ways to earn.
  • Free daily cash.
  • Earn by playing games.
  • Earn with surveys.

3. Watching Videos

Like many GPT sites, GrindBux hooks into sites that pay you to watch videos online. In this instance it is LootTV which we have a separate in-depth guide for. The concept is that you link GrindBux to Loot TV via the main earn page. When you watch, or rather when you passively let videos play on Loot TV you will earn points.

These points can then be transferred to GrindBux and then withdrawn as cash.

What makes this especially lucrative is that it is an easy way to earn the minimum 500 diamonds a month which unlocks the free daily GrindBux rewards (more on this below).

4. Free Daily Cash: GrindBux Rewards

As we touched on above, GrindBux has a nice perk where you can claim between 1 and 100 diamonds daily depending on your level. In turn, your level is based on the amount of cash you’ve made on GrindBux in total.

GrindBux Review Free Daily Cash
Free daily cash with GrindBux is a huge win.

The other condition is that in order to claim the free diamonds/cash for the current month you need to have earned a minimum of 500 diamonds in that given month. This is easily achievable with passive video earning with Loot TV.

To claim these free diamonds you need to go to the semi-hidden GrindBux panel which is in Earn -> GrindBux Rewards.

5. Daily and Monthly Contests

I love the new trend of leaderboards and contests on GPT sites and GrindBux doesn’t disappoint. It has both a daily and a monthly leaderboard/contest. Your position in the leaderboard will be based on how many diamonds you’ve earned from offerwalls, surveys, and videos for the current period.

There’s nothing extra you need to do which I love. You’re automatically entered into the leaderboards simply by earning on GrindBux.

Monthly Contests

The monthly contests are a great source of extra cash. The way to game the system is to make sure that you complete multiple offerwall offers in the same calendar month. The top spot earns you a nice $50 reward. The full monthly leaderboard is shown below:

Position Reward
4th - 10th

Daily Contests

In the same vein, we have the daily contests, which, as you’ve no doubt guessed reward the highest earners for the current day. Again, try to complete multiple offers on the same day to boost your chances at the top spot. The rewards here are admittedly low, but it’s free cash for doing something that you were doing anyway.

Position Reward
4th - 10th
$0.25 - $0.10

7. GrindBux Promo Codes

GrindBux also releases promo codes from time to time on the official GrindBux Twitter account. They’re usually limited to the first X amount of people that claim it so make sure you check out the page regularly.

Promo codes give free diamonds and are claimed by going to Earn -> GrindBux Rewards and then you simply enter in the promo code.

Their social media is the only place that the codes are available from so don’t waste time scouring the web for more.

8. Referrals

GrindBux also has a referral program but curiously they provide absolutely no information on it whatsoever. They do not even make a mention of what percentage of earnings you get from your referrals.

Mentions online refer to 5% earnings for life, but this is not mentioned anywhere on GrindBux itself.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As with all GPT sites, the amount of money you can make with GrindBux is purely based on what offers you do and how many offers you complete. There is a potential to earn hundreds of dollars a month if you go for the big-ticket mobile game offers.

Generally speaking, GrindBux is a moderate to high-paying GPT site so your time will be well spent here. Once you factor in the daily free cash and the leaderboards you could be making a nice amount of extra income each month.

Overall GrindBux members have earned $144,000 from offerwalls and surveys.

Note: It is always worth comparing the same offers across different GPT sites as some will earn you more than others for exactly the same tasks.

How to Get Paid by GrindBux?

Grindbux offers a whole host of withdrawal options. These range from PayPal to crypto (Bitcoin, Solana, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin), to a variety of gift cards.

The gift cards themselves have some uncommon options such as Discord Nitro and Roblox. But also the more expected gift cards such as Amazon. One major point of note is that Amazon gift cards are region-locked to North America. However, you can contact support and ask them to get a gift card for Amazon in your specific country, which is a nice touch.

One of the great things about GrindBux is the low payout threshold for cryptocurrencies. You can withdraw a minimum of 250 diamonds ($0.25) which is amongst the lowest payout thresholds we’ve ever seen.

Other options (gift cards, PayPal, etc.) range from $5 – $10 for minimum withdrawals.

GrindBux states that whatever your withdrawal method you should have the funds within 1-2 business days which is a pretty quick turnaround.

More Ways to Earn

Is GrindBux Legit, Safe and Real?

Yes, GrindBux is a legit way to earn extra cash online.  It is safe to use, not a scam, and actually a pretty profitable way to spend your time online. We have found no indication online of any major problems or scam-like behavior. You can rest easy knowing that the site is safe to use.

You do however need to be aware that GrindBux may temporarily freeze your account when you make your first withdrawal. They state that this is to perform manual checks to ensure no suspicious activity is occurring. If this happens to you, don’t panic. A quick email or chat message to the support team will speed up the review process and remove the hold on your payout.

GrindBux Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Very low crypto withdrawal threshold.
  • Available worldwide.
  • Leaderboards & daily free cash.


  • Temporarily unavailable withdrawal methods.
  • Referral program unclear.

GrindBux is new breed of GPT sites that focus on streamlined earning. If you’ve used or Freecash before you’ll know what to expect. No bells and whistles, just pure cash earning from offerwalls and paid surveys. And that’s no bad thing. It removes the distractions that aren’t really that profitable and allows you to focus on what does matter. The big ticket earning opportunities.

That being said, it does have a couple of additional nice features such as the monthly and daily leaderboards. There’s no extra effort here. If you end up on the leaderboard you get extra cash. It’s that simple.

I also love the ability to claim free cash daily. Sure it’s only 100 diamonds ($0.10) but that’s $36.50 over the course of a year for clicking a single button.

The only two real downsides are the lack of clarity with their referral program. I struggled to find any information about it all on the site. More importantly, what I’ve found though is that certain payout methods can become unavailable for short periods of time. Not a show-stopper but a bit of pain if you want to withdraw using that method of payment.

A big boon is the inclusiveness. Often you find that earning opportunities are limited to the USA or at best the USA, Canada, and the UK. But GrindBux is available worldwide, with no restrictions that we can see.

To top it off, the wide range of payout options, withdrawal limits as low as $0.25 and the quick 1-2 day turnaround on payments make it a quick way to get cash when you need it.

GrindBux FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full GrindBux review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

Unfortunately, there is not a GrindBux app. However, the website is mobile-friendly so it is not really an issue.

GrindBux is available worldwide with no restrictions. It does not matter what country you live in, you can register with and earn money with GrindBux.

Final Thoughts

 GrindBux is a fantastic and, currently not very well known GPT site. It is very similar to and Freecash, two of the fastest-growing GPT sites. The fact that it is a hidden gem means that getting onto the leaderboards is surprisingly easy, meaning that you can snatch the top spot (and the prize) with relatively little effort.

It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s high earning and the payout process is fast and beneficial for you as a member.

We suggest you jump on board before this well kept secret becomes known to the masses.

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